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New Nokia RM-877 caught on AT&T’s network, destined to be new flagship Lumia?

There’s not too much to go on with this story but evidently a new Nokia phone, RM-877 (RM-877_nam_att_205) with a 1280x768 display has been caught in the web of AdDuplex.

As to what RM-877 is exactly, we cannot discern. The good news is that being 1280x768, it can only be a 9xx series or higher phone (Lumia 8xx have 800x480 displays, as does everything else below it). From there we can speculate that this is either a Lumia 920 refresh or the anticipated ‘EOS’ phone with a high megapixel camera akin to the Pureview 808, which will be sold alongside the current Lumia 920.

Either theory makes sense as clearly Nokia is focusing on thinner and lighter devices with their next refresh of Lumia phones, including using aluminum and thinner polycarbonate materials to reduce some girth. We can’t imagine that Verizon, T-Mobile and international carriers will all get a new, thinner Lumia 9xx while AT&T sits twiddling their thumbs. In fact, the US carrier has been one of the biggest supporters of Nokia Lumia phones since the 900 came to market.

Aluminum Lumia fan concept

Likewise, speculation that a 41MP camera phone aka ‘EOS’ is inbound have been circulating since Nokia first showed off its Symbian 808 over a year ago.  Some recent news has suggested that we may not get a chunky 41MP sensor though, but solid information is lacking at this point and we’re not prepared to declare this that device just yet.

The stars are aligning?

Possible Nokia Lumia EOS 41MP phone

One thing that is becoming clear is Microsoft is planning a Windows Phone 8 refresh mid to late summer—both for new hardware and the OS. With the HTC Tiara bound for Sprint (summer), CDMA ATIV S, Nokia Lumia 928 (Verizon), Lumia 9xx/Catwalk (T-Mobile) and more, it all coincides nicely with Microsoft’s BUILD conference at the end of June.

That event is expected to be the first introduction to Windows and Windows Phone Blue, an OS recharge for all of Microsoft’s major platforms and we can envisage a big second push coming from carriers, Microsoft and OEMs starting around that time. These devices should launch with Windows Phone 8 GDR2 and be upgradable to Blue later in the year.

Source: @Ailon (AdDuplex); via: NokiaPowerUser; Thanks, riffraffy, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

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  • Might just be selling both of my Lumia 920s soon!
  • i will buy it for 50$! if its unlocked ofcourse :D
  • No offense, but who would sell it for that price if it is in good condition?
  • ... it was supposed to be funny but you killed it...
  • Then you should have said, "I'd buy that for a $1." - remember the commercials in the first Robocop? I think they're funny.
  • Nah I wont sell it for that.. Lmao I just sold a Lumia 900 for 202.00 to some dumbass
  • Um...
  • He was very dumb. That's about what the Att 920 goes for on Craigslist / eBay. When I got my Rogers unlocked off eBay for $450 the most I could get for my ATT white 920 was $225 on Craigslist.
  • I'm looking a Rogers one to replace my ATT Lumia 920 or trade for Verizon HTC 8x. Anybody interested or can recommend any suggestions?
  • Lmfao trade a 920 for the 8X? Are you on rocks??
  • on T-Mobile...and can't get my Lumia unlocked. 8x is way easier to get unlocked than my 920. I don't wanna do it but I want a high end WP.
  • Oh ok.. My apologizes then..
  • Just wait three more weeks. They get unlocked by may 9th by request. I don't know how pple here do it, I got mine used for $300 32GB was lucky it has no scratches on the white polycarbonate sheen...
  • I just sold one 920 for $275 via Craigslist and have another selling for $250. The key is to tell them no no to anything less
  • That's a prime rate for your att 920. Supply and demand places it at $200-225 on Craigslist or eBay.. If you got more your extremely lucky.
  • Which eBay and craigslist are you use? AT&T 920 is worth far more than $200-$225.
    Plus it'd be stupid to sell a AT&T 920 now. Just wait a month until it's unlockable. Its value will surely go up once unlocked.
    I bought an AT&T L920 with wireless charger a month ago on craigslist for $230 (where every other listing was $300+, this guy was dumb), got it unlocked, and sold it on eBay for $510.
  • How did you get it unlocked? I still have a locked att 920 that's being used as a really nice paper weight at home.
  • Ebay click on the auction only tab. New in box 264. Used like new around 180 right now eBay USA
  • I sold my Focus for 200. For a Lumia 900, that's a good price.
  • So, you're saying you screwed someone over? Why is that funny and why are you telling people about it?
  • Because some people think being a jerk and taking advantage of another person's ignorance is funny even though it isn't. In all honesty though, I think some people sell their old 920's so cheaply because they got it cheaply themselves, what with all of the new contract deals at&t offered. The person selling might very well have doubled what they personally paid for it.
  • Y would u say ther a dumbass??
  • That's why I have two. I sold my 900 and just got another
  • Sweet
  • so excite!
    Although I'll probably be skipping this round of devices and going for whatever comes september/october. My 920 us holding up just fine.
  • +1
  • Same here.
  • Right, right!!
  • Why American exclusive -.-
  • Not once in the article did we use the word "exclusive" so I'm unsure how you drew that conclusion?
  • Lol Daniel his color blind he can't help it the text swash together and it looks like something else xD
  • What has being color blind to do with anything you said? -.-
  • It may have been the part where you mentioned ATT getting a new device to counteract the other carriers new devices (all of which are based in North America)... Just sayin'....
  • I'll stick to my 920 until 2014.
  • Agreed
  • Yes, agreed.. But this is great for new users, and those with a L900
  • +1
    Although, I would like a thinner aluminum one like "Catwalk". Just on T-Mobile though?
    Still VERY satisfied with 920 though.
  • I love that thing. If it has OIS it will be unstoppable!
  • at almost 300 grams, unstoppable indeed.
  • I'm glad that yellow EOS concept phone is just a concept, cause it's so freaking ugly!!!
  • Ugly!? How could you say its ugly? That thing is disgusting. >_<
  • The 2nd concept is a pure view 808 device. Its real and released like last yr
  • Noooooo!!!! It's worse than I thought, lol.
  • No that is not the 808 pureview, look it up before you comment.
  • Thanks for clearing that up, lol.
  • Please take no offense zenny boy, I was actually referring to dkp23 's comment just in case you were wondering.
  • And none taken friend. I figured it was at him.
  • Yeah, it looks like a remote control!! Lol!
  • 1280x763?
    You mean 1280x768?
  • LOL!!
  • I'm guessing you don't want to fix this Daniel...
  • What is 5 pixels between friends...
  • 5 pixels is fine, but 1280 x 5 = 6400!
  • Dan's been saying 763 since the first leaks of the 920.
  • Second concept is terrible...
  • ^^
    That sensor is too big. The 920 is big enough.
  • Does this mean that we will be able to upgrade our current windows phone 8 to Blue?
  • Yes!
  • Phew that's good to know im newbie to windows phone but already a fan. I have tried all the other OS devices out from ios to Android and i prefer windows phone prettier to look at and is not boring.
  • Microsoft stated when WP8 came out that from then on, all phones will get updates to the latest OS (for 18 months if I remember correctly). WP7 was more of a beta of sorts.
  • They said WP8 would be supported for up to 18 months. But if the phone can upgrade to WP9 than it shouldn't matter.
  • A beta that I'm still happily running today, on a quantum. Best beta release ever! :-)
  • Awesome choice you made! And don't worry. Your Lumia still has a long life of updates to go.
  • You're a smart guy. We'd probably get along well.
  • Yeah, opposites attract (door too wide open) :-)
  • Should I wait for the new Luminas? Or just upgrade to a 920?? Right now I have a Focus S and its seen better days.
  • Wait for the new ones, you'll be happier in the long run
  • I know they leaked some stats for the new "cat walk" phone but that's only 16 gig.. The 920 32 gig sounds better for my needs. Then again, its nothing official yet.
  • Thats true, maybe the "laser" is better
  • Isn't the laser only for Verizon? I am with AT&T.
  • Oh lol, welcome to the 920 club then :)
  • Last fall I would've said get the 920, it truly is a great phone. But now we're so close to summer it probably would be a good idea to wait and see what's coming. If nothing else, maybe the 920 gets cheaper! :)
  • True. My focus s is really showing its age. The 920 is free at the Microsoft store. Lol. That's already an awesome deal. Im just excited for some new phones!!
  • How can it get cheaper than free w/contract?
  • I agree with the others to wait. It won't be long now, although I am a former Focus S owner as well and feel your pain. You could also sell the Focus S and pick up a used L900 or L920 and not be out a ton of cash, yet still have your upgrade available for later this summer. I got rid of my Focus S when the 900 came out and still love it
  • Heaven help me... I have an awesome 920 and all these new high end phones are coming, but I still want a 620! I love the idea of a smaller phone as a secondary device... if only it wasn't such a pain swapping SIM cards I would buy one for my at&t account.
  • getting mine 620 on monday :) my first windows phone! cant wait. already new high end phone or only camera phone like 808?
  • I preordered a 720 and 520.:).. never been so exicted.. For my sis and me.
  • You're not alone, I have a 920 too, but I want a 520 for some strange reason! Nokia's magic must be working!
  • This is gonna be what mango phones were to wp7. I'll pass and hold on to my 920 for now.
  • Huh? Lol
  • ?
  • We'll see first if I'm gonna add another line soon. No 1080p, no line. Just not sure if upgraded camera is gonna cut it as my L920 already have a good cam and will get the refresh as well. Add to that, I'm ready for a WP phablet. I'm ready to do more on my WP than just using it as a phone.
  • Could be part of the 800 series as specs do increase. Specs that would have been considered mid-range for WP7 (such as the 710's specs) would now be a low-end (such as the 620's specs).  And the 720's specs blow the original 800 out of the water while stil being considered mid-range for a modern phone.
    Considering whats out there to compete with the 800 series should be the one with 1280 pixels and some of the 900 series should go beyond that (once WP8 allows it).
  • My thoughts too, 720P screen resolution on its own doesn't make it a high end phone, it might be a Lumia 920 without the pureview camera.
    That would make good sense for a new mid range (or a upper mid range) phone.  I do wonder if the current IOS sense could start to be seen on mid range phones too with something like the 41MP one appearing on the next high end, it would make the mid range compete directly with other companies high end devices (like the S4).  It all depends on whether there is another development beyond the current pureview ready to go into production I guess.
    And I do kind of like that EOS concept phone, it looks very organic, although I guess we'll never see something like that appear (if it did then the screen had better be flat :) ).
  • seeing as how i have an upgrade on one of my three lines in June this works out great for me.
  • Christ, that yellow phone looks like a beyblade gone wrong(er)
  • Why can't the HD screens be making their way to the 800s?
  • I really hate carrier exclusives, I hope they don't do that, Making it available to all carriers only helps Nokia and Microsoft get their numbers and profits up.
  • So another f-ing flagship that is exclusive, and offers the best specs available in 2011. 
    This exclusivity thing is terrible for WP.  What's more, I am looking for the best specs available in the market with Nokia's camera and the WP OS.  Apparently, nobody is interested in pursuing anything beyond mid-tier compared to the GSIV and HTC One. 
    Come on and step up the game here.  1080p or bust.  Windows Phone should not be the "good enough" platform or try to convince consumers they don't need the specs offered on other platforms.  . 
  • Exclusive? They have to register another phone for US as they don't share the global freq.
    There' being another RM version tells nothing about it being exclusive, if anything Catwalk is the global phone. 
  • Seeing how much faster everything runs on the 820 than the 920, I'd take 720p over 1080p any day.
  • Sigh. What specs do you want in a Windows phone besides 1080 (even though I'm firmly in the camp that such a high resolution on such a small screen is ridiculous)?
  • It should match the GS4 on every spec, quad core, 1080p etc and add Nokia's pureview camera technology to best it.
    If Windows Phone wants to lecture customers on why better specs like 1080p are not necessary, they can continue lecturing from 3rd or 4th place.  Good enough is inadequate.  HTC already had their plan to make a 5 inch full HD device shot down; that should never happen.  The other massive problem is exclusivity, which means VZ is offering a Nokia 2012 flagship in 2013, and T mobile has nothing other than a rumored 2012 flagship (again in 2013) which is vaporware at this point.  Samsung didn't pass Apple by telling customers specs don't matter, they passed Apple by doing the opposite of that. 
  • I have said this before:
    My son works for MS, enterprise sales. One of the other guys that keeps up with phone development said AT&T was coming out with a new flagship Nokia phone this summer. This one could be it.
  • That third image for a possible EOS WP8 Nokia pureview phone better not be the final product. It veers away from Nokia's "candybar" slab design language and the curvature is just plain horrible, leaving one to wonder how it would fit in a pocket. Also, that camera sensor bulge.....need I say more?
    The second design is much better, but is it just me or is the power button on the other side of the phone, separated from the volume rocker and hardware camera button? Also, the aluminum exterior would suit well with the phone and actually accentuate its exterior, but knowing the delicate nature of aluminum, you'd probably do well with an expensive full-coverage case.
    Nonetheless, I can't wait to see what Microsoft and Nokia have in store for us WP users!
  • The second concept phone looks ugly. The guy who designed it must be totally stonned at that time. ;)
  • This is spectacular news! Go Nokia Windows Phone!
  • That Nokia Lumia EOS looks FUGLY!!!
  • It's a concet, not EOS...
  • Funny how this might be a complete replacement of the 920 where Verizon is barely getting its own variant of 920
  • Of course we won't be getting a 41 MP camera. I have no idea where you people are getting this. If Nokia says they're making phones thinner then 41 MP will not be on the list of the new flagship. Get over it.
  • Ths is an insult to any reasonable person's intelligence.  It does not even constitute a rumor.  It is just idle spculation about nothing more than an undefined reference. WPCentral is in rare form today....
  • Maybe you read a different article than the rest of us?
  • I'd rather they make the battery larger than keep it the same pathetic size and make the phone smaller. Actually I want both. It's hard to use my L920 over my Galaxy Note 2. The battery is just so bad and doesn't last the whole day. 
  • hey Daniel, stop using that FUGLY year and half old leaked EOS render. that just DESTROYS all my desire to get the Nokia EOS! PLEASE :)
  • Still waiting impatiently for 7.8 & some love for my Lumia 900!
  • already have 7.8 on 900.. which one are you talking about?
  • As a Lumia 900 owner with 7.8. I can tell you that it will make your phone lag so much you would think Microsoft replaced the OS with Android.  The only good thing is the resizeable tiles, because if you have a lot of things pinned to your home screen, it makes it easier to get to.
  • what build number do you have?  .8862 on a custom rom doesn't make my Titan lag.
  • I have .8858  
  • This looks cool. I'll be eligible for an upgrade in the fall, so this might be my next device.
  • Contract ends in September...will be looking for a upgrade then. Maybe black Friday will bring good deals on new or newer devices???
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  • today on navifirm i have also noticed a RM-913 which is shown as a WP8 device but no package attached to download yet.
    Has anyone got any more info on this device????
  • If my memory don't fail me the RM-913 is the Nokia Lumia 520T (the chinese Lumia 520).
    The only difference between this one and the regular Lumia 520 is that it supports China Mobiles network.
  • It's interesting to see how some comments just mysteriously go missing in these threads.. ('o')