New Nokia RM-877 caught on AT&T’s network, destined to be new flagship Lumia?

There’s not too much to go on with this story but evidently a new Nokia phone, RM-877 (RM-877_nam_att_205) with a 1280x768 display has been caught in the web of AdDuplex.

As to what RM-877 is exactly, we cannot discern. The good news is that being 1280x768, it can only be a 9xx series or higher phone (Lumia 8xx have 800x480 displays, as does everything else below it). From there we can speculate that this is either a Lumia 920 refresh or the anticipated ‘EOS’ phone with a high megapixel camera akin to the Pureview 808, which will be sold alongside the current Lumia 920.

Either theory makes sense as clearly Nokia is focusing on thinner and lighter devices with their next refresh of Lumia phones, including using aluminum and thinner polycarbonate materials to reduce some girth. We can’t imagine that Verizon, T-Mobile and international carriers will all get a new, thinner Lumia 9xx while AT&T sits twiddling their thumbs. In fact, the US carrier has been one of the biggest supporters of Nokia Lumia phones since the 900 came to market.

Aluminum Lumia fan concept

Likewise, speculation that a 41MP camera phone aka ‘EOS’ is inbound have been circulating since Nokia first showed off its Symbian 808 over a year ago.  Some recent news has suggested that we may not get a chunky 41MP sensor though, but solid information is lacking at this point and we’re not prepared to declare this that device just yet.

The stars are aligning?

Possible Nokia Lumia EOS 41MP phone

One thing that is becoming clear is Microsoft is planning a Windows Phone 8 refresh mid to late summer—both for new hardware and the OS. With the HTC Tiara bound for Sprint (summer), CDMA ATIV S, Nokia Lumia 928 (Verizon), Lumia 9xx/Catwalk (T-Mobile) and more, it all coincides nicely with Microsoft’s BUILD conference at the end of June.

That event is expected to be the first introduction to Windows and Windows Phone Blue, an OS recharge for all of Microsoft’s major platforms and we can envisage a big second push coming from carriers, Microsoft and OEMs starting around that time. These devices should launch with Windows Phone 8 GDR2 and be upgradable to Blue later in the year.

Source: @Ailon (AdDuplex); via: NokiaPowerUser; Thanks, riffraffy, for the tip!

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