Nokia Lumia 925 image leaked (Updated)

@evleaks has built a reputation on providing new device images in advance of the "official" releases. This go around, they have leaked an image of what may be the Nokia Lumia 925, aka "Catwalk".  It's a low-res image but you get a hint of the thinner form factor the Lumia 925 will offer.

The good news is that we won't have long to wait with Nokia's London event just around the corner where we expect the Lumia 925 to be announced. The Lumia 925 is expected to be fairly identical to the Lumia 920 but with a thinner, lighter body and an advanced camera.

We'll be at the press event tomorrow morning and keep you updated on all that develops.

Update: evleaks has also released a profile image of the Lumia 925.  The image not only shows the thinner form factor but also the slight raise in the camera.

Lumia 925

Source: evleaks (opens in new tab); Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

George Ponder

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  • My phone feels old Now 920 :(
  • I still think Lumia 920 is best. Lumia 928 has only one advantage, xenon flash, but I frequently use my 920's LED flash as torch. and this catwalk's camera bump makes it ugly. similarly, Lumia 928 has speaker grill at the back...bad!
  • 920's design is perfect. They should've improved that design and make it aluminum. Anyway, I still dig this 925 and I'm waiting for HTC's new flagship windows phone
  • 928 has better speaker, stereo audio recording, better flash, OLED display, and it is lighter and thinner.
  • This is why I hate two year contacts.  I want phones and service to be separate. This way... phone manufacturers can put out devices without relying on companies to approve updates or whatever, and providers can concentrate on service improvements and pricing to entice subscribers. T-Mobile is heading in the right direction... if only they had better service where I live.
  • If only tmobile had better selection and prices for their WP devices where I live.
  • Often you might be able to use the high end Verizon devices on T-Mobile. As long as you buy them outright. I know that the Verizon iPhone is unlocked and I believe that Lumia might end up being too. 
  • The 928 also has an LED that can used as a flashlight, and it has a better speaker, and it's thinner.
  • The 920 can't feel old its still the best phone out
  • These new devices are all great but this by no means makes the 920 obsolete. 920 is still the BOSS.
  • +920
  • +925
  • Everyone's been complaining about the thickness and weight of the 920 so they did this, aluminum construction to make it lighter... and everyone's still complaining... lol I love yellow 920
  • Yep, still prefer my yellow 920
  • What if I told you... different people complain about different things.
  • I have no regrets about getting my 920 two months ago.
  • I'm kinda happy they are moving away from the carved bar of soap design. The metal looks great.
  • I still love my 920...Ill be happy with this phone for 2 yrs. By November of 2014 the new Nokia phone will be mind blowing! lol
  • Hey man, this is how I see it. L920 is the original while L925 & L928 are simply prototype's. So we have the best all rounder!
  • That makes no sense because a prototype (L920 in this case) comes first. So 925 and 928 are refinements of the prototype. (Even though I like the L920's design best).
  • I used to feel that way until i got the 920. This is undeniably MY phone ...and no shiny new devices are gonna peak my interest this time!! The 920 will continually be updated and in two years, IF I even see the need to upgrade, I will, until then, im gonna bleed Nokia red and proudly shout from the mountaintops my love for my 920 has not yet faded ...its only grown...
  • hey, that bump in the back doesn't look sexy at all. plus what happened to the wireless charging technology? step back?
  • I think if you add an optional cover for wireless charging, the camera will flatten 
  • Any sort of a case, shell or cover should make it flat. Perhaps that was the thinking. Only those who use it naked will have a protruding camera.
  • No wireless? Weird - thought they would implement it to all 920 & up.
    The hump... Can't say it looks sexy but the pictures better make up for it
  • Same. I wish they implemented the wireless charging inside this beast... but I think the wireless charging plate add bulk to the phone... makes it thicker
    The hump on the camera is not that pronounced than HTC One X imo
  • I've read articles that say it's still in there and there's no wireless cover needed.
  • If that's the case... 1+
  • I prefer exterior wireless charging. 1) the shell takes all the abuse and it is much less expensive to replace a shell 2) not everyone wants to add the bulk 3) you can swap out different colors 4) I'm a bit concerned about what the heat does to the battery over its lifetime.
  • Using HTC Titan now, I have no problems with its camera bump. Primarily, because it sits in a protective CaseMate case and camera does not even touch the surface anymore.
  • Ooooo I like. Nokia is the leader of design for sure. A Smokey aluminum would look sick too.
  • This will be my next phone if it comes to T-Mobile.
  • My understanding is that it is coming to TMo. In fact, TMo may be the only major carrier in the US with this device.
    I think what we're seeing is AT&T's exclusivity window on the 920 closing, so Verizon and TMo are now receiving their variants while AT&T will continue to carry the 920, with a pending price reduction.
    The big question is what will happen to the Lumia phablet (L1000?) and the EOS this fall/winter. Will they both be exclusive to AT&T?
  • I love to see a Nokia Phablet but I'm saving for Windows 8"  tablet.
  • "My understanding is that it is coming to TMo. In fact, TMo may be the only major carrier in the US with this device." And that is my worry right there. Given how T-Mobile appears to shamelessly dump Windows Phones devices, I am not so sure I am happy about a carrier exclusive. One would think they would not abuse their flagship windows phone, but one can argue that for a while the 810 was tied as their flagship Windows Phone, and we can see how they kicked that to the curb....
  • TMo is a very price-sensitive carrier, especially now that they're moving from implicit to explicit device subsidies. They were a significant source of Lumia sales 18 months ago with the 710, and I expect the 520 to be HUGE there as a $150 device with LTE.
    If the 925 hits TMo @ $450 off-contract, like the 920 did on AT&T, Nokia & WP could become a very powerful pair of devices on a carrier that's really poised to rise, IMO.
  • heelo,
    You very well may be right in your analysis and in your information.   However as an 810 owner and given I know the same history LinkArt is refering to in the below comment, T-Mobile has not done themselves a favor with their quick EOL of the 810 or their abanding phones like the 710 or the Radar.
    What I think would be wise for T-Mobile to do is, if they want to be a rising carrier and stop continued customer churn they need to change their customer service paradigm and stop yanking their customers around.   Given the 710 sold quite well according to your post, I bet I can go on their site and see people still asking if the 710 will get the 7.8 update (an update AT&T is still pushing out). If T-Mobile does not treat their customers with respect, then we will continue to mistrust them.
  • Sorry heelo,
    Just looked at the T-Mobile forum for the 710.   There's people asking about the 7.8 update for the 710 as recently as last week.

    Given you said They were a significant source of Lumia sales 18 months ago with the 710" one would hope they would have reason to continue to support the phone and keep their customers satisfied.   However one can also search the forum and see people stating that not supporting the phone was a manipulative move to get people onto a new Window Phone 8 device.   Now just for a moment pretend that you were a 710 owner and you did take the bait to be updated to lets say the 810.   How do you think that person would feel at this point??   I'm going to suggest the feeling would be akin to rage..... Succesful companies encourage brand loyalty.    T-Mobile has not encouraged brand loyalty for their Windows Phones customers.   We rightly think they often f*ck us.  
  • The 520/521 does not support LTE.
  • My bad. I was tricked by the description "runs on T-Mobile's 4G network," which includes the "faux-G" HSPA+ 21 bands.
    At any rate, I still maintain that the 521 and the 925 (if priced at $450 off-contract) are perfect for T-Mobile's new "un-carrier" business model. On AT&T / Verizon these savings would go straight into the carriers' pockets. On TMo the customer will get to realize those savings, and the 521 in particular should destroy the competition on price.
  • heelo,
    Given the 925 comes in at $450 and the 521 is only $150, you are right, those are great prices.   Also given the new Simple Choice plans and their release of the iPhone 5 they are poised to move forward.   I also know about their absorbing metroPCS.   However there are alternatives to their low prices, and I understand that Verizon is thinking about following suit with the no subsidy idea.    T-Moble will tick up...   However that advantage may not last for long.  Furthermore, even though customer service is absymal across the entire cell phone industry, I think T-Mobile would be much better served at addressing their relationship with their customers.   It's one thing to say that you are providing excellent customer service, however their customers can see through that facade easily. I was a T-Mobile prepaid customer for almost a year (and for longer than that some time ago), and just moved to their new plans on 4/1.    However given their stunt with the 810 I will cancel my service and shove the 810 back in their face (thank you Washington State Attorney General).   Their piss poor customer service paradigm means I will leave them just out of spite alone...
    The 810 owners are very unhappy with T-Mobile's inability to clearly specify what their plans are for supporting the 810.    I think that nothing shy of a NDA should prevent a company from communicating clearly with their customers (and if there was a NDA, I would specify that).
    So at one point cheap phones does not trump being treated like a chump.
  • I think that AT&T has supported WP very well in the recent past due to their close relationship with Nokia & Microsoft.  However, I think that other than AT&T your experience with T-Mobile is pretty representative of what you'd experience with Verizon and Sprint.  Neither of those carriers have been very good about Android updates, and in fact Verizon even managed to delay the 4.2 update for the Galaxy Nexus by more than 6 months.
    None of the carriers are going to tell you anything about support for future updates.  In fact, they hate it so much they even prevented Microsoft from discussing their plans regarding updates for specific models and carriers.
    I've been with T-Mobile for more than five years, with half of that time being with an HTC HD7.  I found the support to be adequate (still have never managed to get visual voicemail working on my phone, though).  If you have burning concerns about future support plans, but still want the cheap T-Mo rates, maybe you can get an unlocked device?  That way you'd be able to get updates directly from Nokia.
    I was looking at the new rates for my wife a couple days back, and she could get unlimted talk+text+2gb data for $60/month.  Same thing costs $90/mo at AT&T.  You'd be able to buy a brand new device every ~18 months with the savings.
  • Hi heelo,
    I actually jumped from Virgin to the T-Mobile 4g montly plans and bought a HTC HD 7 from Cowboom about a year ago.   I saw no indications that Virgin was going to get a Windows Phone and figured that T-Mobile would allow me to bring my own Windows Phone at a reasonable price.   So that worked for a while.   However I was on their 30 dollar 100 minute plan and did not like running out of time.   So when they came up with their new plans I decided to jump at the unlimited 50 dollar plan and get an 810.   Of course pretty much two weeks after I get the 810 (4/1) I heard they had let it go EOL.   If they would actually communicate in a real fashion with their customers about how they would support the 810 I would keep it and likely stay with T-Mobile.   But I really don't like the standard we don't know anything about nothing coming up type of communication that the carriers and manufactures spew.   It ends up feeling either like they are incompetent, uncaring, or just manipulative.   That is not how you want your customers to feel about one's company.
    So there are alternatives to T-Mobile and I should be able to unlock my old HTC HD7 tomorrow....
  • If T-Mobile really wants to be the big dog of the playground, no contracts are only half the story.   The other side of the coin is a contract with the customer.  "We at T-Mobile will coordinate with the manfacturer and provide support and updates for the typical period of a contract (two years) for any product we sell.   We stand behind our products and besides our customers." Instigate a contract like that, introduce real communication with customers about updates and such and watch customer churn drop through the floor.
  • Agreed. I really want this device, but the lack of support for WP from magenta (no WP 7.8; and ditching NL810 and HTC 8X) makes me want to purchase it unlocked 
  • LInkArt,
    I fear that locked or unlocked doesn't really matter if the phone is a carrier exclusive to T-Mobile, it still leaves us at the problematic mercy of T-Mobile.
  • Man this is just sexy. Looks super thin and the feel of the cold metal will fulfill my soul.
  • +1
  • Judging by how hot the 920 gets you won't have cold metal on your catwalk very often...
  • Lmao
  • I need to make more money...
  • Haha!
  • The design is getting worse and worse... Remember the N9? What happened Nokia?
  • agreed :(
  • N9 desige is gone?
  • Did you think they were gonna use it till the end of time?
  • Of course not. But we expected them to build on that design and refine it. Or come up with something new, that is even better. This is neither.
  • Beautiful but I'll miss the striking colours 
  • Same here. The colors made the 920 pop. Made people curious & they would ask "what kinda phone is that" or "cool cover"
  • How do you know there are no colors in the back?
  • Looks amazing; evleaks also posted a pic of the side; very thin phone
  • Side pic
  • Wow!  I really like that profile pic of this device.  Looking forward to the full reveal tomorrow!
  • Here's the side view
  • My 920 also feels old and heavy now. I wonder how much it will cost on att off contract. $449?
  • AT&T will prorate for the year that you had the 920 so you won't have to pay the full price but more than you would if you were up for a 2 year deal. Sell your 920 on and that will subsidize most if not all of your new phone. Today they are offering $115 for a flawless 920.
  • Or sell it on ebay, current prices in the US show the price from $250-$330 for a used lumia 920.  Don't waste your money sending it to gazelle.
  • Don't waste your money on fees with eBay or Gazelle. Use Amazon.  :)
  • Most likely won't come to ATT. This is rumored for T-Mobile and internationally. you will probably be spending full price off contract for this if you are on ATT.
  • There is absolutely no reason to upgrade from a 920 to this if you're on AT&T. Much better devices are just five months away. The Nokia phablet and the EOS should be monsters.
  • unfortunately, the specs leaked for this phone (I'm not sure or not if they are true though?)  But this phone is going to be a beast in itself...supposedly.
    The following is what was said from a pronounced Nokia employee today on MyNokiaBlog: multilayer graphene sensor of 27mp in size of 1/2.46″ with a
    variable aperture lens ranging from 1.6 to 2.6 and a specialized camera
    software for low- and high-light situations. 925 features an AMOLED
    screen in resolution of 1280×768. Other specs excluding battery size,
    material, size and weight of 149g are similar to 920. It by somehow these are, just wow. 
  • yep, linked to the MNB site from the Catwalk forum here in Rumored devices forum on WPC.
    I wonder if he is referring to the EOS, but that large opening could well be for the variable aperture, and that is a larger than "norm" sensor size, albeit dwarfed by the N8 and 808 Pureview - but they had fixed apertures...
  • Yea that got me wondering as well...maybe they decided to incorporate the variable aperature in the Catwalk as well?  -as it was only rumored for the EOS to have a variable aperature?
  • that ugly HTC-like nipple on the back is just ew. though alumium is nice. my 920 is stilll million times better looking.
  • Boring. All these freaking slabs are functionally the same. All you weirdos will discuss whether or not a curve at the top or the materials used or whatever are "sexy."  I want some substance.  Give us new functions, say, I dunno, a FUCKING KEYBOARD PERHAPS?????
  • i lol'ed!
  • Get the Q10 then. ;)
  • +1
  • Let go of the past.
  • I'd be happy to if the future was BETTER. I would love to send this Quantum into the sunset, but only for something better, not merely newer.
  • Butt ugly WTH Nokia!!!???
  • I will be rocking this out on T-Mobile soon enough. 
  • Same here!
  • Dafuq , is now following Samsung......same design ....dame it....there should be a difference between models that can be distinguished
  • Yes, that looks exactly like the 920 and 928.....
  • Come to T-Mobile please :)
  • As a former N8 owner, I can't help but go meh with this. I like the HTC One, but the alloy has given up to scratches easily, as does my former N8 (even when I baby it in a case). So far, judging from a design perspective, I like the 928 more. I guess I will wait for the Eos before I consider replacing my 8X and 920.
    Still more choice is good. 
  • As a former N8 user, and still an N8 owner, I disagree with you.  My Blue N8 looks fantastic - I've carried it in a case, but currently it has a GelaSkin.
    Just depends on how you handle your products.  I would welcome another aluminum body Nokia.  Hopefully, the Lumia's that they release in Q4 2013 for ATT will be aluminum.  I would definitely purchase it at full price/off contract.
  • No Instagram highlighted in the Lumia 925. So, no Instagram tomorrow... :(
  • Omg perfect!!! Just in time for my upgrade, patience always pays off unless you have the cash.. Hahah nice
  • So what are the chances of this phone magically appearing on Sprint??  UGH...I really hate Sprint...
  • Ugh. Cool. But I wont be interested in anything until my contract is up. I played this game with Android. I am glad Nokia is releasing incremental upgrades, but even the next gen one will not interest me.
  • Can't wait very excited my phone seems obsolete know and that phone has not been released yet.
  • Hey I will take this on T-MO US
  • Woof. That side view sealed it for me. . .unless this thing can perform miracles and look COMPLETELY different in person than in pics, we're looking at one ugly phone. Fingers crossed for some of that Nokia magic.
  • WHat's wrong with the side?
    Personally I think it looks amazing and we are finally getting metallic phones again. Wont touch plastic phones. 
  • Four different colored/textured materials in one view is too much for a single phone, I'm sorry. Especially since the back plate looks like an add-on rather than a cohesive piece of phone design. Way too busy. Nokias do have a tendency to look a lot better in the plastic than on the 'net though so I'm holding out hope somehow this one comes through. . .
  • I agree. I prefer unibody designs (polycarbonate or metal) as they look sleeker. This is the reason I'll pass on catwalk and wait for the next gen of Lumia hardware.
  • Hope this has a faster shutter. Right now the 8x is quickest in snapping a photo.
  • Again new lumia
  • It doesn't look ugly to me. But it also doesn't have as much personality as the colored phones. I guess we'll find out soon enough if there are colors.
  • I actually like the look. The hump doesn't seem to be as pronounced as the early leak looked. I'm hoping there are some colors available.
  • Can't be anymore plain than the L810.
  • Hoe about everyone wait till tomorrow and wait for the facts..
  • This guy gets it! ^^^
    But too bad the cry babie, and nay sayers can't STFU and stop with the BS.
  • its an ok design
  • Yum
  • Looks like back cover is removable.
  • This looks so ugly.
  • So nokia going away with colors?  that would suck
  • I assume the T-Mobile variant of this will be call Lumia 925.1
  • I love it! Can't wait to get it! On T-Mobile!
  • The design isn't bad, but a bit on the generic side. I don't know if there's a specific reason for going with aluminum beyond it being the current fad but it's lost most of the character of the 920. Then again, the way the media gushes over aluminum phones I can't blame them for trying. I don't think the HTC One looks all that good, the design is way too busy, but the press endlessly gushes over that phone. The big problem here, however is that Nokia is dilluting the brand. The 920 hasn't even been around a year, is still featured in marketing and Nokia has just introduced a slew of phones based around that aesthetic. Now here they are announcing a new successor and doing so prematurely. If history is any indicator the 925 won't be available until the fall. So in the meantime watch sales plummet as everyone waits for this thing to hit the market. I appreciate that Nokia is trying to keep momentum going, but I can't help but think there are better ways to approach this.
  • This would be the first Lumia design that I'm unimpressed with. It's looking like something HTC would make, i.e. ugly. 
  • Still lovin my 920 to death! Only I noticed some dust build-up in front of the front facing camera lens (behind the glass)... I can't remove that! I hate dust!
  • Nokia Care will fix that for free. They have identified the issue and will install a small sealing aroung the FFC.
  • That is one golden tip, thank you sir!
  • I will see when it comes in the market.
  • T-Mobile had to end the 810 cause this will be higher end Lumia to get. 521 will serve as the low/mid range device
  • So...I thought this was coming to AT&T...Any news on a new Nokia to AT&T in the near future? My contract is up in July! Love my 920 anyway...
  • If indeed the phone has a little hump for camera then Nokia should introduce the phone with "My hump, my hump, my hump, Lovely little lump" lol. It would be funny as hell. LMAO With awesome pic/video quality I might like this hump too ;)
  • I would've preferred a thicker phone with a flush bezzel and a larger battery. Still not complaining though. If this comes to T-Mo, I will most likely get it.
    I'll hold final jusdgment till AFTER the official announcement though...
    Black aluminum would be slick. ;)
  • If it comes with wireless charging i would be very tempted to sell my 920 and get it.
  • A little unsure about that ridge around the screen and breaking up the outside edge. Is that to avoid Antennagate? If it really is a ridge, I'm afraid it'll be a terrible dust collector. Are we going to get colors nonetheless, and colors that don't disappear with scratches?
  • Those people with old 920... I'm taking donations!
  • Haha!
  • It might not be as colorful as some of the 920 variants but since the internals probably are not that much different it just means you will have more choice. Some pick the Ativ S for the low-profile looks. The only other Nokias in that category are the black variants.
  • I'm a T-Mobile customer. Count me in baby!!!
  • Will this be coming to T-Mobile?
  • If there was windows version of n8 would be more than a blessing
  • Hopefully, wireless charging is intact without a thicker back. You don't appreciate how great wireless is until you don't have it. I've got the wireless charging plate and all of the headsets I buy are Bluetooth. Plugging something into a phone feels so backwards now.
  • Nokia's latest device releases have so far been as lackluster as gets. Seriously hope they'll release something this fall that is on par with their falgship, is aesthetically pleasing, and not a huge brick made of polycarbonate. Imho the best looking phone they ever did was the n9/L800. It's basically been downhill ever since then.
  • anyone else notice the top row of tiles is closer to the time and signal, so the bottom row of tiles is completely exposed instead of cut off like on the current windows phone 8 os?  i love my lumia 920 as is, so for some reason this is more enticing to me ha ha.... maybe an announcement of an os update is coming too?
  • I'll admit that I'm slightly jealous of the thinner design, but I'm thinking that the 920/928 should be less prone to scratches than the aluminum of the 925. I'll be content with Verizon's version (can't leave due to cheap rate on the family plan) but I'll still check out the announcement tomorrow.
  • This better have Qi Charging or I'm not interested.
  • Uh, ugly ! 
  • the design of the 920 is much more beautiful!
  • +1
  • Really don't get why so many people are complaining about the look of this phone. If you ask me, it looks like a thinner, metallic version of the 920. Very nice looking, IMO. One of my friends may end up getting it if it does indeed get to T-Mobile.
  • The bump might be an issue for me...I often look at my phone while it's sitting on a table, especially during conferences, etc. Scrolling/touching the screen with a bump on the back would probably make it move ... just have to wait and see.
  • I like the 920 and the new one as well, both very cool devices.
    I don't get people need to bash something to "prove" they're happy with something else.
  • I'm really becoming convinced that the vast majorit of you ll are lemmings. If one of the first 5 comments call it ugly others come along and repeat it because they are afraid to be "different".
    I won't call it "ugly" because, for one, I haven't actually seen it. And I still don't know what makes a F'n mobile device "sexy".
    But I do remember reading that part of the reason the 920 is as 'thick' as it is has to do with the camera's sensor, and the parts that help with OIS.
    Could it be possible that they took the same parts and put them in the *bump* part, as opposed to making the entire body the same thickness?
    Who knows. All I care about is whether or not it comes to T-Mo.
  • Well said.  The funny thing is is that many of the people calling this device ''ugly' probably drooled over the Focus, Quantum, and Surround ;)
    I'm actually surprised how some of these comments are coming from current Lumia owners - I mean, is not necessary to put down the aesthetic of another device, made by the same manufacturer as your current one, just so that you can 'still' feel good about your device.
    Just embrace the change and evolution of the designs, people!  At least Nokia is actually designing attractive, stylish phones, instead of the pumping out boring slabs like some of the other oems (for those other OSes).
  • Generic comment about how ugly the phone is, how the 920 is the best ever, how I prefer the additional weight, and how lack of integrated Qi means this phone is worthless. C'mon people. Wait for the announcement, hold one, then make a decision and express an informed opinion.
  • That's asking way too much of some of these people... :-/
  • Jesus christ, god bless my 920... i thought, it was a mistake, not to wait for this device, but if this is the end product design... i am very satisfied now :)
  • I'm sure a better one will spawn soon, you're bound to have buyers remorse sooner or later, if you need to bash new devices to justify your acquisitions, that is.
  • Hes just critiquing the design of this said phone. Which is pretty awful!
  • Sounded awfully like insecurity.
  • Interested to see how the 'catwalk' looks with coloured 'clothes' on. It'll have to have some cool camera tech too to unseat my 920 though! Here's hoping for some reveals from Nokia.
  • Im waiting to see what the storage options are, if its 16GB .. I wouldn't entertain it!
  • It should be an improvment over the 920 not missing ANY of the features the 920 has i.e. built in wireless charging Unless it has a removable door cover or some type of stylish shock resistant cover with wireless charging.
    T-Mobile should be treated as a major player and stop making these low end deals
  • Camera bump means there is probably a larger image sensor in there! (larger sensors require more distance between the lens and sensor for the same fov). Looks too thin for the huge sensor in the original pureview but maybe they managed to get a 1/2"-2/3" sensor in there, that would be awesome!
  • according to a Nokia is a  multilayer graphene sensor of 27mp in size of 1/2.46″ with a variable aperture lens ranging from 1.6 to 2.6 and a specialized camera software for low- and high-light situations. 925 features an AMOLED screen in resolution of 1280×768. Other specs excluding battery size, material, size and weight of 149g are similar to 920.
  • Yup, just as I predicted. Ugly as hell. And if this isn't the 41MP one, that camera hump just makes it unnecessarily worse. This just looks as vulgar and cheap as any Samsung monstrosity.
  • Totally disagree with you.  And not sure why you (or anyone) would expect Nokia to reveal a 41MP camera in May.  A 41MP device is 'Flagship' and the next flagship wont be revealed, if history repeats, unitl Nokia World.
  • The only reason I would consider this being 41MP is because of that God awful camera hump. Nothing else. If this doesn't bring the 41MP, then the camera hump is an unnecessary ugly design. Of course some people will like this. Other won't. I personally find this an horrid phone. It picks up the awful design of the 928 and makes it even worse. So for me, no thanks.
  • I think it looks great, the hump is not as pronounced as I thought it was going to be. I'm just happy I can get a high end Lumia on TMO soon.
  • Maybe WP/Nokia should concern themselves more with correcting the stability issues,features,
    and quality control problems, rather than overall looks! That's what makes a phones' experience great.
  • It seems logical that the Instagram WP8 app will be released tomorrow along with the 925 anouncement... At least i hope so!
  • How much storage do you think a high end WP device needs? Vote!!
  • I feel bad for Nokia :( But I like the design
  • Meh
  • I would love to upgrade from my 8S to a 928/925. Hope both are compatible on the aws frequency.
  • Stupid 928 only in black and white colour
  • I like it. If it comes to T-mobile I'll take it!!!!
  • Does it look like the glass is flat like the 900?  If it is, I'll stick with my 920 for a while longer
  • Rumored specs from a Nokia employee: multilayer graphene sensor of 27mp in size of 1/2.46″ with a variable aperture lens ranging from 1.6 to 2.6 and a specialized camera software for low- and high-light situations. 925 features an AMOLED screen in resolution of 1280×768. Other specs excluding battery size, material, size and weight of 149g are similar to 920. Good thing...we don't have to wait long to find out if this is true or not.
  • I am hoping it will have a Bang & Olufsen aesthetic. I love satin black and aluminum in particular.
  • Stiil looks like a great phone but im happy with my vanilla lumia 920 XD
  • What's up with the black lines around the top edges? And it looks like it has a pretty obvious bezel around the screen which is what I hate about the 920. I don't know, it may look good with a wireless charging case, but other than that, not a fan so far.
  • The bezel is what makes the experience good. Screen size is big enough. Sufficient space to hold the phone comfortably. There's a reason why there aren't any borderless phones. 
  • if these are only slight upgrades to the 920, i still think the 920 is more distinctive. Liking the specs of the newer ones too though. Can't wait to see where Nokia will be in 2014. 920, 925, 928 are all great. 
  • What's everyone moaning about? :P
  • These kind of incidents may be due to the neglience of security or adding some extra people some how these kind of incidents have to stop. Its like if a printer having  some problems and before its launch you leaked about its then thousands of people will effect.