Nokia Lumia 928 in White for Verizon gets a peek, has prominent rear speaker

Well, at least we know this is real…or at least a real render. The Nokia Lumia 928, destined for Verizon, was imaged on Friday via the Twitter feed @evleaks. Now, the same source has posted a render of the phone in all white, revealing a few more details

Granted, we can still peep the Xenon flash on board, which should help improve imaging on the device but now we can see the rear speaker. It appears that in order to make the phone thinner, Nokia moved the bottom speakers on the 920 to the back, allowing the edges to be more curved. We’re pretty certain that will also result in a better speaker phone and maybe even better game play (less blocking of the speakers by your hand).

The Lumia 928 is expected to be announced on Verizon sometime this month and with the numerous leaks we’re seeing of late, we’re confident that this is real close.

Source: @evleaks

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • Looking forward to this phone!
  • I just got my Verizon HTC 8X in February too...
  • Cory. My roommate just got that too in February. Signal sucks and yesterday just got the manager to get her iPhone back until this one comes out.
  • If you kept up on this site you'd know it was coming in march/April. Im still getting an 822. I need that extra storage (unless I see this has it too)
  • inb4 someone complains about something
    Looks great in white!
  • I hate exclusives!
  • I hate that the phone has an evleaks ad on it.
  • DANG you barely beat me!  :p
  • BOOM! haha
  • :D
  • What does that even mean? Is that taking the place of the Verizon logo?
  • I was being Sarcastic, and EVLeaks is the 'company' that got the photo and tweeted it out, they added the watermark so when other sites reported on the leak they would give credit.  Not surprising, other sites (unlike WPCentral that always gives credit where it is due) would try to take information like this and submit it as there own to try and get clickthroughs (ad money).
  • Uhhh I hate that @evleaks decided people want their Twitter handle emblazoned on the back of the device!    ;)
  • Speaker makes it look fugly...
    My 920 is sexy
  • Buy a black one, you won't notice the speaker. Obviously, it doesn't look as good as the 920 but at least owners of this one will probably not have the problem of speakers being blocked while playing or holding the phone in landscape.
  • It can be thinner with the speakers on the back.
  • ^agreed...with a phone like that, you probably get a free bowl of soup...
  • Oh man I cant wait for this desperately need a upgrade from my dated trophy
  • This. I'm so ready for an upgrade. Now I just need to know the storage configuration. Is there and SD slot or not?
  • You and me both pal...
  • At least you still have your Trophy!  I am using an ancient android phone after I fatally dropped the trophy last fall. 
  • That must have been some drop. Say what you want but Trophy is one tough phone. Mine has survived some massive ones.
  • Its sad that I went to their site last nite $hopping for windows phones and they are still trying to sell that trophy at 179. Why would anyone burly that when you can get the 8x for 99 or 822 fo fwee? You'll love your upgrade. I do. But I may swap my 8x for that 928
  • This!!
    So they got rid of the Droid DNA already, but not the Trophy? I mean, who would still buy that?
  • Ditto
  • I'm still using a trophy. Upgrading this week to an 822. I can't wait. I need that expandable memory. Camera doesn't bother me, I'm still upgrading either way 5MP to 8MP. Maybe if it was free then yeah. But it won't be.
  • Reminds me a bit of iPhone 3GS.  Cant wait to get this phone!  Wish it had the aluminum chassis though
  • More like 8X IMO.
  • If the FCC images and these images are the same device than this will look nothing like an 8x.
  • I'm going off the pic from this post not the FCC. If I was I would have said that under that post a few weeks back.
  • How does it remind you of 3GS? I normally don't pay attention to these looks like comments but I really don't get this one.
  • Lookin good!
  • The cam plate actually says pureview, they should've done that with the 920.. :(
  • Me too. I really like how it looks with the word pureview on there.
  • Wonder if I could trade my 8X for it...
  • I agree; I got the Blue 8X at Christmas but wish I would have waited.  I may have to find one online.
  • Same boat as you guys. If their is a yellow 928 I will most certainly trade my blue 8x in.
    Wonder how much it is off contract.
  • Me too...
  • The logo at the bottom is ugly!!
  • At least it isn't as bad as the z10...
  • The @evleaks is not actually on the phone... Or are you referring to the 4GLTE part?
  • The 4g lte. I like the back of my phone blank
  • A Rubino post without the word 'evidently'?
  • mark it on your calendar
  • mark it on *which date" ? :)
    Thursday? or Today ? :)
    Thanks for the info as usual Daniel - looking forward to the next podcast!
  • I wish the buttons were black to create the same contrast that the white 920 and 822 have...but that doesn't keep me from being uber excited for this phone!!
  • I agree. That contrast just looks really slick on the white 920.
  • It's a good looking phone.  I'm happy for Verizon customers who will finally get a high-end Lumia device.  Since the specs are so similar, I'm not really jealous and am completely happy with my 920. 
    Having been a Windows Phone user since the day the HTC Surround WP7 came out, I have always loved the OS.  The support for the WP8 phones is leaps & bounds over what I saw on the 7 and it gets better daily. 
    I really wish Microsoft would get the word out more about their phones.  The more users, the more apps we get.  The more apps we get, the more users we attract.
  • The white is gorgeous. :D
  • Loo at the speaker!!.. This device will be LOUD!!!
  • Yeah but I hate speakers on the back of the phones.
  • That xenon/LED flash is quite unique looking.
  • take a look at the PureView 808 - has that dual flash, the LED is used for focus assist and also as a video lamp when activated.
    Cant beat using a Xenon flash :)
    yes, i have the 808 and the N8 :D
  • Yes it is unique looking - like 'un aligned'.  To me it looks as the the flash is slightly about the top level of the Carl Ziess strip.
    It just looks 'off' to me; I guess I'm just used to the alignment of Xenon on my N8.
  • I'm excited and I'm not even on Verizon. Its just good to see other carriers get some high-end love from Nokia.
  • I like the speakers at the bottom you can put the phone either way
  • Or they could made use all that bezel and put them on the front, stereo style. Like the HTC One.
  • I wish every OEM would take this approach. The most logical pace for speakers is in the front so the sound goes toward the user.
  • totally agree. Even better, my LG Quantum has front & back speakers.
  • I'm getting this one.
  • awww come on xenon flash I wanted that on my 920
  • You have no idea how good the speaker is. We're talking dual mic stereo!
  • Is it just me or this lumia doesnt feel like lumia at all? I dont know, something was wrong with the design.. Dont get me wrong im happy for verizon costumer! I know that feeling when 920 land on indonesia :D
  • Can someone help me out here?  Other than Xeon Flash and a few minor adjustments, is this phone still basically a 920?  I'm just worried for its success when it seems to be such a minor upgrade over the 920 that was released half a year ago (millions of years in the tech world).  Don't get me wrong, I'm sure its a great device and I hope it has awesome sales.  But won't it be going up against the next Samsung Galaxy, HTC One, and the next iPhone?
  • I'm kind of disappointed in that as well.
  • Still better... :)
  • It will do well as a lot of us that got the 8x or 822 as IMO ATT sucks we had to settle. Now we will upgrade.
  • I have had better reception at my work and home on ATT compared to Verizon, I'm glad I switched
  • If ATT worked everywhere we would all be customers :) att doesn't work for me. If they did I would have had the 920 a long time ago.
  • Maybe you will, but I highly doubt a large number of 8X or 822 owners are going to upgrade from their only 5 month old device.  Especially from the 8X, which putting Nokia vs HTC bias aside, is a very nice WP8 device.
    Besides, I want to see NEW windows phone customers, not just the repeat buyers.  And when your average Joe walks into a Verizon shop and sees "OCTO CORE! 1080P! WIRELESS AC!" Galaxy 5 and HTC One, I'm not sure they are going to be swayed by a 6 month dated 920, err, sorry, 928.
  • I'm an 822 user who bought his phone off contract to 1) keep my unlimited data and 2) save my upgrade for a Lumia 92x model. I'm upgrading when it hits stores!
  • Why do you need other people to buy WP to affirm your own purchase?
  • I don't. I was referring to people that wanted the 920 but wouldn't sacrifice the move to att. Now we can have the phone we wanted on from day one.
  • Ask a Palm OS fan that question.
    Edit: I meant WebOS.
  • There are a couple things you missed. One, the L920 was released on AT&T and not Verizon. Although a phew people left Verizon for the 920 BUT a vast majority who wanted a high-end WP stayed on Verizon. Two, not everyone cares about the latest hardware specs, the 822 outsells the 8x on Verizon. Three, it's freaking Verizon! They have a lot more folks folks to sell to than AT&T!
  • I get all that.  And I hope those factors help it sell well.  But realistically, I see a 6 month old rebranded 920 launching along side the new Galaxy 5, the new HTC One, and the next iPhone.  I'm not trying to troll or anything, I really do hope it sells well.  But unless there are some new specs or features I don't know about, I don't see this doing well outside the already converted WP fan base.
  • The next gen WP devices come out in the fall. That's just how the timing works out.
  • Ok sure.  But the next gen Androids are coming out now, and the next gen iPhone is rumored to be in a few months.  So if that is how the timing works, then any WP phone released right now is going to have a rough time.
  • Could you be more specific what you were expecting/looking for? Adding ram or faster processor would be pointless until MS and developers up the anti, and do something useful with the HW(ofcourse that would lead to more fragmentation with the apps). Everything works very fluently with dual-core and 1gb ram, and until WP OS or the apps developed make any use of the faster HW there's no point OEM's to design such WP phone.
     Lumia 920 has one of the best(if not the best after SW tweaks) cameras in it. And video and audio recording blows out all the competition. I haven't seen any specs from Lumia 928, but it looks like it's packing the same 8.7mp PureView camera added with Xenon. Does it have SD-slot? Probably not. Personally I couldn't care less, until you can install apps or offline maps on it. But it would be great if it had 64gb or even 128gb versions. I hate micromanaging my space and my 32gb is almost full without any big media files.
  • Please don't get me wrong. I fully believe quad/octo core is a gimmick, 1080p on small screens is a waste, and stuff like wireless AC at this point is useless. But specs works on users and is what drives sales. I'll just put it this way. Joe Schmo walks into a store not caring about WP vs Android vs iPhone. Is he somehow going to buy the underdog WP phone when it doesn't even match the specs listed on the other phones? Sure I'd like to think the beautiful WP interface and Lumia uni-body design would be all that is needed to convince customers. But up to this point, it hasn't.
  • People are starting to hear from their friends about windows phones. So people are more likely to walk into a store wondering about windows phone. All they're told by their friends are good things. Hopefully sales people won't be turning others away from this beauty!
  • Man at this point anything is better than ny trophy and the best part about windows phone is you don't need to latest high end specs to run the os
  • Will go against Galaxy 4 and HTC One, not the next iPhone. That's a job for the next Lumia in October with WPBlue. This one is just a refresh.
  • iPhone 5s is just a refresh and people will buy it ;)
  • All iPhones are the same to me.
  • Wow... That is absolutely gorgeous!
  • I would be in line for this if i found out that it would be global unclocked for GCM frequencies so that i could use it when travelling...
    The black is very nice - this white is even nicer, the facebook page by PhoneDesigner has some red renders of what he thinks it looks like... very nice too!
  • i really like the design L720 and L520 have a big brother now :D
  • I hope the specs are impressive and better than the 920 with the S4 and Z10 going around. Also hope there will be unlocked versions. If this is the case, I might soon upgrade to a wp8 :)
  • The speaker with those holes looks realy ugly
  • SO DAMN SEXY. All my desire for a white Z10 just flew out the window. Got dam
  • It will most likely look like this in RED (hot as hell)!
  • Oh wow that's so hot. Looks better than white. Still can't match the 8x side portfolio which gives razor thinness illusion.
  • Drool....
  • this looks exactly like the phone in the picture. and it looks like a physical phone lieing on the table. Are you sure this is not the phone?
  • That is so sexy!!!!!!! It looks like the actual thing!!!!! If it looks like this in red I expect to see these out in the public. (Because it'll be a hot seller)
  • Also look how better it is WITHOUT the big ass Verizon logo and 4G Logo
  • Oh man I think that is compelling me to not get a black one. It looks nice in Red.
  • I like it...I want a white one anyway (was going to get a white one aready if i was going to buy it).... too bad if it does not have a MicroSD slot, I wont buy it.....
  • I bought a 820 because I wanted a MicroSSD, but realized now I barely use it, I do all my music through cloud services.
  • Funny thing, I have a 8X now and always out of space. I want to take music and videos with me, it's not possable with my 8x and a bunch of apps.. I can carry Music and videos on a MicroSD card and maybe even podcasts (that I subscribe to 4-5 HD ones). I dont want to worry about space and now I do.
    If you have unlimited data like I do, it's ok for cloud services but, most people dont and that 2gb limit is a major limit.
    I could really see myself using a MicroSD card, and even a 64gb, I could fill with content...and it would be epic....
  • ugh... stupid. i WAS excited for this phone until i see it has a rear speaker. how much sense does that make? put the speaker in the front and let the sound come out from microslots or something. good god. HTC Trophy had the most sense in this regard.
  • I'm not sure what you mean about the Trophy. It has it's speaker on the back, just up at the top by the camera.
  • Looks really good. Super cool phone.
  • Omfg! Sexy phone!
  • It appears to have less Verizon ugliness than usual. The speaker isnt all that bad as it has the same shape as the round corners match the camera. But I wouldnt hold my breath. For some reason each Verizon version of a Windows Phone has been uglified.
  • You do realize this phone is only available on Verizon? So there can't be any other variants which is already one from original 920.
  • That's what I mean. This is likely the Verizon version of the 920. And like the 822 I fear it will be an uglier version of a worldwide available Lumia.
  • But if the phone is laying on the table and you're playing music, won't that muffle the sound?  When i had my blackberry and held the phone, the sound sometimes got muffled because of my palm.
  • Now all I need is a release date so I can get this puppy preordered! My Trophy has been a trooper, by I'm ready for something new.
  • Anyone know where I can find spec of the "928"??
  • You cant ! They have not been released yet, anything you find is pretty much rumor right now...
  • Like DavidinCT said, the phone is not release yet, but you can expect it to have ver similar specs to the Lumia 920.
  • Thanks for the post Daniel, I work for Verizon and will be very happy to inform my customers of this phone and it's beautiful OS.
  • The speaker is the least complaint I'd have about the 920. Mine sounds like a friggin boom box. Loudest phone speaker I have ever had.
  • You've never had an HTC Titan...
  • Wow!! This phone looks awesome. Totally like the Xenon flash. And Nokia should incorporate the front speakers like the HTC One. That will be truely awesome
  • I have the 920, but this is hot!
  • T-Mobile??? :[
  • Verizon only as of now but, TMO is getting the Catwalk...should be better...
  • BTW. What is that small hole looking thing in the cover, about 1cm up from the Xenon flash? Anyone figured out that one?
  • Noise cancellation microphone i suppose
  • Ew. My white Lumia 920> that thing.
  • This comment makes no sense lol.
  • I forgot to add the '920' part.
    Either way, this is very ugly and my white 920 looks 100x better than this.
  • Don't know why people want to trade the 8x its a nice piece of hardware besides indoor pictures
  • Well.. Lumia 920 has bunch of other things over 8x besides good low-light pictures. Apps, video/audio recording quality and storage would be my first reasons especially if I had the 8gb version of 8x. I general people just want to have the latest/coolest device available.
  • please realease in red, please release in red, PLEASE RELEASE IN RED
  • Supposedly this is a render of the red one. Even if it's not real, I hope it does look something like this. I think it's gorgeous.
  • The Red is nice but I was thinking Gun Metal (Black Chrome) or the old Metallic Crimson Red on the old MOT KRAZR!
  • Hopefully it will ship with sandpaper to remove all the Verizon skin cancer blemishing an otherwise good-looking device. 
  • That is a nice looking phone
  • A quickly made color mockup of how it would look if it happened to get some different colors and international, non-branded, release. Cyan looks really nice...
  • How do I convince someone to get this phone? Over the iPhone.
  • Show them the picture, enough said
  • Wow sweet phone. just wondering who's service is better att or Verizon as for lte that is?
  • It looks beautiful with color. I thought since they brought less glossy phones to the 720 I thought it would be the same for the 928. Oh well. I hope it has a bigger battery then the 920. Since the 822 and 810 had larger batteries.
  • Am I the only one still rockin the HTC surround? I love the kickstand on back.
  • Am I the only one thinking there's just too much shit happening on the back of that phone.
  • Man I can't wait to rock this phone even though it's a late release of the 920 but it's all good
  • So... about this unlocked version...
  • Hmmm, I might shelve my Droid DNA for a try at this!
  • Speaker is FUGLY and FAIL.
  • Can't speakers be put on the side edges without adding width? It seems like you could have more speaker area and stereo sound.
  • I cannot contain my excitement for this phone!