Nokia Lumia Live augmented reality event in Sydney

With the launch of the 800, we've been anticipating Nokia's upcoming marketing strategy in Australia with what the manufacturer can do to maintain the standards of promotion we've witnessed in other countries (think back to London with Deadmau5). With the recent announcement that will see Nokia holding Lumia "Live events" in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney this month, we now have more details surrounding the first one on the calendar - Sydney.

As one can probably guess from the above photo, the live event in Sydney sports Nokia's largest augmented reality experience. The public can step up on the Nokia mat to witness an interactive experience powered by an Xbox and Kinect. The video from the console is displayed on a massive 12 metre screen for everyone to enjoy.

Should you choose the Nokia Music tile, you'll be able to compete with Australia’s Got Talent and now local recording star Timomatic in a dance-off. But if that's not your cup of tea, and you're feeling slightly adventurous, then the Nokia Drive tile will produce a random character next to you on-screen; be it an Angry Bird or kangaroo.

Timomatic said the following when asked about his experience working with Nokia on this stunt:

"I was pumped about working with Nokia on this project.  I loved the idea of combining cutting-edge technology like Augmented Reality with my passion for music and dance. The footage was filmed in a studio and we experimented with a range of dance moves, both free-style and choreographed.  It's pretty amazing to see it all come together like that on the big screen."

Are you interested in giving this event a looking? Be sure to head on down to Martin Place between 7am - 7pm (16th March). 

Source: WPDownUnder

Rich Edmonds
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  • What is this lol I can only imagine what ther doin here in America
  • Is ther gonna be a concert event like in France?
  • I mean London lol
  • We probably shouldn't call it a concert, it only lasted half an hour... Still awesome though
  • I've spent most of the morning at the event here in Sydney; it's been pretty fun. I think one of the highlights was a small crowd of asian tourists trying to dance along with Timomatic - hopefully this surfaces on YouTube because it gave me a good laugh!
    The weird mat thing was essentially if you stand on the 'marketplace' tile, you can kick some of the Angry Birds characters; standing on the music tile gave you the dance stuff and the 'Drive' tile would make a kangaroo appear that you could pat, followed by some directions and arrows telling you to turn left and right etc.
    Shame they're not giving out any free phones, though. :P