Nokia Maps 2.9 for Windows Phone 8

We have heard much about Windows Phone 8 and the coming apps but there is a set of apps which we have only had glimpses of. Today I was able to get a good hands on with Nokia Maps 2.9 running on the Lumia 920.

Some interesting functionality is visible, notably and options to download maps and even update those maps within the app itself. I was very keen to see how things were progressing with maps read on to hear what I found out..

About Screen

About Screen Nokia Maps 2.9..

Nokia Maps on Windows Phone 7.5 has recently introduced the synchronisation options but map performance hasn’t been the best. The Nokia Maps running on the Lumia 920 exhibited excellent performance, very very smooth and lacked the issues with drawing the map that can sometimes be seen in Windows Phone 7 version.

Downloads Nokia Maps

There are those downloads...

Clearly taking full advantage of the underlying “where” platform that Nokia embedded into Windows Phone 8 to enable these features it’s a great example of what we can expect from apps that leverage these abilities. Synchronised favourites combined with offline maps that can also update whilst on Wi-Fi is going to catapult the usefulness of mapping on Windows Phone.

Settings Nokia Maps

Settings Nokia Maps 2.9

In the brief time I had with the device at the launch event the maps experience with the large responsive screen on the Lumia 920 was quite stunning. If this is final software then its looking compelling indeed and I look forward to seeing what else is in store for the Nokia Exclusives.

Excited about the coming improvements to Windows Phone, love your mapping and want to tell us about it? Please let us know in the comments below..

  • Cool
  • Is Nokia Maps coming to all phones or just the Lumia's? 
  • All.
  • Yet still not a peep from Microsoft, HTC, or Samsung about Nokia Drive on any of those devices.  I think Nokia spoke too soon - perhaps it won't come until sometime in 2013; or perhaps it's just the Nokia brand - Nokia Maps (instead of Bing Maps) that the other oems are getting.
    It's just been really quiet on this front...
  • I heard not Nokia Drive though so no voice turn by turn:-(.
  • Yeah also interested. Wondering if the 8X will get the Nokia maps with the Nokia Turn-By-Turn directions.
  • Engadget WP8 review mentions Nokia maps yes but not turn by turn:-(.
  • Nokia Maps is in all.
    Though Nokia will retain Nokia Drive +.
  • To all those claiming turn-by-turn won't be coming to WP8 handsets:
    Microsoft seems to disagree. Today, Microsoft just closed this feature suggestion on windows phone user voice, confirming turn-by-turn will be available in WP8.
  • Will all phones get offline maps? Or only lumias have offline maps?
  • Is there any truth to the rumor that only Nokia phones will get vocalized turn by turn directions?
    That would be one out of the box area WP8 fails to provide that all of its competitors do.  WM6.5 had better turn by turn voice directions than WP7, are they regressing even further with WP8?
  • Maps is for all platforms but only nokia gets drive, which is their in-house turn by turn system
  • But WP7 maps did a sort of voice turn by turn (tap the screen, anyway).  So far it doesn't look  like WP8 will have even that.
    Bing Maps on WM6.5 had all the functionality of the modern Google Maps on Andoid, complete with turn by turn and a sort of cashed offline.  Why didn't MS ever port this one over?
  • Hope maps is better than bing maps...many times, i was directed to the wrong place. 
  • So you guys got hold of a black AND a white Lumia 920? Nice!
  • I was a bit suprised that the method of updating Nokia Drive for example was to delete the maps and uninstall then reinstall the App. Pretty long winded to say the least so this will be a good improvement in itself.
  • It looks like this will finally bring Nokia Maps on WP up the standards see on Symbian Belle - that (together with the great camera) is one of the things I miss about my old Nokia N8.  I should say there's lots I don't miss about Symbian too!
  • @rich-leeds...Lol!  I won't miss my N8 either.  I would like a 'Profile-like' functionality as well as a FM Transmitter on WP8, but I think I can live without them :)
    Did you use the Nokia drive app? Can you post a SS of the app in landscape mode during navigation? one thing that stops me from using Drive on my Lumia 900 is the HUD is on the same side as the notificatin pop up and if your on the phone hile navigating you can click on pop up call notification. I hope they moved it to the right side in landscpe mode.
  • offline map, sweet.
  • Anyone know what happened to 3D nokia maps? I thought I heard something about that a while back, wondering if that is still going to be implemented.
  • Question: so are only Nokia Lumia devices getting the turn-by-turn navigation? I've seen in all of the reviews that the HTC 8X hasn't had that capability. I was under the imperssion that all WP8 devices would be getting that in addition to the offline maps and Nokia providing the backend service. Have the changed?
  • Hi guys, this is Pino from Nokia, let me clarify this for you. Nokia is delivering the backbone for all location experiences on all Windows Phone 8 devices. What does it mean? Apps by Nokia (e.g. Nokia Drive), by Microsoft (e.g. Bing Maps) or any 3rd party developer run with API created by Nokia and working on the Nokia Location Platform. Offline maps is one of the features delivered by the Nokia Location Platform. This is why you find this option in the Settings of all Windows Phone 8 devices. Again, all location-based apps for Windows Phone 8 can make use of this feature. Nokia is offering Nokia Drive, hence voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation, to all Windows Phone 8 partners. Each manufacturer will decide whether and where it will be included.
  • If this means OEM can decide to add voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation or not then that's not a good thing
  • Could you still download it from the marketplace?
  • You mean Nokia Drive? If it's made available by your OEM in your country, yes. Otherwise you won't see it even on the Windows Phone Store.
  • Alright, thanks for the clarification!
  • Thanks, but we need clarifications on point 3 ^^'
  • Unfortunetly this is a question that only the other OEM can answer to. Nokia, as I said, is offering Nokia Drive to all of them.
  • Ok, bad news :-(  ...then I will probably get a Lumia
    Thx again for the answer.
  • I just had a chance to try the Lumia 920, 820, HTC 8X, 8S, Samsung Ativ S with final builds on them at a big Microsoft event here in Denmark today. The weird thing i noticed is that the Lumia's has Nokia Drive and Nokia Maps, but no Bing Maps, the normal buildin "Maps" in WP7 was completely gone on the Lumia's. On the HTC and Samsungs the Bing Maps application was there like on WP7 but no Nokia Maps or Drive (atleast not preinstall).
    What i don't understand is why is Bing Maps gone on the Lumia's? Does anybody know anything about this? Is Nokia Maps replacing Bing Maps if it's installed? I don't see features like "Show Traffic" from Bing Maps in the Nokia Maps app.  
  • OK just talked to a Microsoft representative, all Lumias will not have Bing Maps as it is replaced by Nokia Maps.. All others like HTC and Samsung will still use Bing Maps
  • I can also confirm that the default mapping application on Nokia smartphones with Windows Phone 8 is Nokia Maps ;-)
    If you want to activate the traffic view on Nokia Maps just tap on the map options button in the lower right corner.
  • Maybe this is new for WP but we had this all along on Nokia Symbian phones.
  •   OCTOBER 30, 2012 7:24 A.M. caleb23 wrote: Morningstar today about Nokia:
    Share price assumption at this moment: 2.40 euro (Nokia share is in Helsinki right now 2.06 euro, in New York 2.56 dollar)
    Best scenario (if WP8 phones go well): the stock price will go to about 7.70 euro per share)
    Worst scenario: no bankruptcy, because Nokia would be sold in parts before that.
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  • will it comes for lumia 7.5?
  • Can't wait for my 920, the maps was one of the reasons I'm going with it over the 8x
  • This guy seriously needs to learn the importance of proof reading articles before posting. Pretty much every one I read has a bunch of mistakes.