Lumia 620

Nokia Moneypenny, as it's known by codename, could well become the Lumia 630 and Lumia 635, according to reliable leakster @evleaks. All Nokia Windows Phones follow the familiar Lumia branding and the first dual-SIM smartphone from the manufacturer for Microsoft's mobile platform would not be an exception.  

The Lumia 630/635 ties in with the rather low specifications of the unannounced smartphone, which are believed to be in the same area of the Lumia 625, but with a smaller screen - believed to be just 4.5-inches. Evleaks notes in a tweet that the two Lumia phones will vary in configuration. We'd imagine that one supports a signle SIM setup, while the other has full dual-SIM support.

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Evleaks Nokia Moneypenny

The Lumia 630/635 (or just Moneypenny for now) will be Nokia's first dual-SIM Windows Phone. The device has been spotted in India for testing and evaluation and while we're still uncertain as to when we'll be able to expect the release of the device itself, we can't imagine it being too far into 2014. We'll keep our eyes open at next year's Mobile World Congress (MWC).

Source: Twitter (@evleaks); cheers, FlagzTV, for the tip!