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Nokia Music+ subscription goes live in Norway for music lovers

Nokia is slowly rolling out it optional Music+ upgrade in a number of markets, the latest being Norway. We've received word that the company has indeed pressed the big green button and Nowegian consumers will be able to upgrade their account within the Nokia Music app on a Lumia Windows Phone.

We'll expect to see Nokia continue to launch the service in other markets across Europe and beyond, especially in areas where access to other music services is either limited or non-existent. As with the other launches, there's a free trial available should you wish to test everything out before parting with your hard-earned cash.

Nokia Music+

As illustrated in the screenshots above, the service upgrade will set consumers back by 30kr (approximately $4.50). You can download Nokia Music from the Nokia Collection of apps on the Windows Phone Store. Thanks, Ronny, for the tip!

QR: Nokia Music

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Canada next!
  • If you really want it you can switch your region to US and download the app, then switch it back to Canada and you'll still be able upgrade. I've been using the trial of + and it works fine. Here in Ontario.
  • I know I can. I just shouldn't have to.
  • Sure, that works for the trial but if you want to subscribe your payment methods from your presumably Canadian MS account won't work. And if you try to add one for purposes of payment you'll see that they need a US address and ZIP code. I don't know if they check the card number to ensure that it is a "US" account, but that wouldn't surprise me.
  • I'll try it once the trial runs out, but you may be correct.
    I do agree that us Canadians shouldn't have to resort to these methods for this app and many others.
  • I tried switching countries, but apparently your MS account is tied to the sign up country (seems insane, but I was unable to switch in the end). I even tried adding a US card (a prepaid Mastercard: which allows you to enter in any address). Never worked for me (hat tip to anyone that writes up a full tutorial on making the switch, if it is indeed possible)
  • its also available in Poland from one week ago
  • I have a Lumia 920. The app in the link requires a phone with 480x800 resolution it says. I still have Nokia Music installed and could upgrade from that. But now that Spotify is available, I doubt this will tempt many people. I personally found the old Nokia Music disappointing and with most people here using Spotify and having a lot of friends to share tracks with through it, this doesn't seem that relevant.
  • I hate spotify. That opinion!
  • I did sign upp for Nokia Music + yesterday Mars 4th in Sweden.
  • Nöjd med tjänsten då? Värt att betala menar jag?