Nokia is offering free Xpress-On covers for your Lumia 710!

If you've purchased a Nokia Lumia 710 Windows Phone from T-Mobile, you've got a free gift to claim. Nokia is offering a free Xpress-On cover in the color of your choice to anyone who has purchase a 710 from a T-Mobile retail/dealer store in the U.S., Puerto Rico or District of Columbia (don't shoot the messenger).

All you need to do is go to (opens in new tab) and choose the Submit Your Request option in the top banner. Claiming your cover is a painless four step process and when completed, you should get your cover in 4-6 weeks. You can even check the status of your request through the Color Cover website.

Oh... and the free cover offer won't last forever. You'll need to claim your cover by March 31, 2012.

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  • That's nice since the European version cam with 2
  • You guys have all the luck, its kind of unless though, it wants the barcode from the box and T-Mobile wants that for you $50 rebate card. You have to pick one or another. Its nice but I love my Bodyglove hard cover with belt clip, it keeps it right in reach:)
  • My 710 from HK doesn't have the Nokia apps and came with just one cover. No love for one of their more loyal fanbase.
  • Can't you just download the Nokia apps from the marketplace?
  • No, it is not available in the marketplace here in HK.
  • I'm in for one! Cyan, thanks Nokia!!!
  • I hate that I can't get one... I work for t-mobile and my Nokia lumia 710 was giving to me be a windows rep for having the most sales in my district.. So technically I didn't purchase the device.. I don't think it's fair that the covers are not on sale for purchase and I can't even get a free one.. I mean granted I didn't pay for the device but it's was still earned through hard work on my part.. Nokia needs to get these covers out so everyone can get them!
  • Expansys has them for sale.
  • Yeah how come I don't get free covers from tmo
  • There's a lot on ebay
  • @anson.wrong25 thanks so much I am ordering my cyan cover right now.. Yay!!