Nokia Pulse Beta updated: Windows Phone gets a look in

Nokia have had this one baking in the labs for some time but there still seems no sign that it’s about to leave beta and be made publicly available to all. The app and accompanying service bills itself as “Messaging, now with location”.

Nokia Pulse and its documentation do not seem to have been updated with any changes but essentially it looks as though the bump was to bring it to Windows Phone, as was previously reported.

Nokia Pulse Beta – Now works with Windows Phone 8

Here is what the folks at Nokia have to say about the app and its capabilities

Nokia Pulse is smarter messaging, letting you easily send private messages that are automatically tagged with your current location, so syncing up or letting people know where you are is as easy as a few taps. Or you can suggest a place to meet up, with rich information like reviews and directions contained in the message. Whether you’re making plans, changing plans, or on your way, a single Pulse message gets everyone on the same page. Key features:* Share your location and send messages to your friends and family, no matter what phone they use, with Windows Phone or the mobile web.*Pulse automatically adds your current location to each message you send.  Suggest a place for your next gathering or simply say “I’m here,” and Pulse adds the rest.* Suggest a place to meet and share rich details that everyone can access with a tap—ratings & reviews, map, directions, and more—without ever leaving the app, thanks to Nokia Maps integration.* Create live tiles for the Pulse app, a specific conversation, or even the Compose message screen.The Pulse live tile notifies you of any new messages while the conversation live tile tells you of a new message for that conversation.* Send your message to only the people you choose—no complicated privacy settings needed. * Start entering a friend’s email address, and we will auto-fill it if it’s already in your contact list.* Share your Pulse message to Facebook or Twitter when you want to let more friends know where you are.

It’s hard to know what to say about Pulse, we have so many ways of meeting and using instant messaging we don’t quite know how to fit this one in. For apps and services like this to be more useful we feel the need to integrate them into the messaging hub is needed. We could say the same thing for other messaging services too. Still, that doesn’t mean its not interesting or worthy of your experimental attentions.

Still if you want to have a go and give Nokia your valuable feedback you can grab the app from the Windows Phone Store here or scan the QR code below.

Source: SymbianTweet

QR: Nokia Pulse Beta

Robert Brand