Nokia Pure: A new font for a new era

In light of recent move to partner with Microsoft and Windows Phone 7, Nokia has revealed a new typeface, dubbed Nokia Pure.  Working with well-known typographic designer, Bruno Maag, the aim was to to create something distinct and recognizable, while allowing for sharpness and clarity at various font sizes.  Here is the result:

Here is a comparison of Nokia Pure, Helvetica and Nokia Sans:

We knew that the Nokia's new relationship with MS would bring the ability for them to add some of their own features to Windows Phone.  This looks like it could be the first step in doing just that.  Let's hope that their next additions to WP7 are just as slick.

Source: Nokia; Via: Gadgetell

Seth Brodeur
  • looks cool
  • Looks quite nice, I prefer Pure to Nokia Sans.
  • Something is wrong with the i
  • Wow, Nokia Sans is an awful font! Glad to see that is dropped. I am surprised they are not going with MS new favorite font Calibri
  • And segoe.
  • Eh. Not too keen on the idea of having a different font. I always felt that Segoe WP was an important part of WP7's identity, given that the OS has a heavy emphasis on design and typography.
  • Although I love fonts and typography, I would rather see Nokia showing us how fast they can release WP7 *as is* on their devices. (With the latest OS updates pre-installed, of course.)