Nokia, Qualcomm and Verizon assemble to move Wireless Power into the mainstream

Nokia, Verizon and Qualcomm look to shake things up during a power conference at the beginning of November The International Wireless Power Summit 2012, set to take place on 1-2 November, will involve industry heavyweights discussing furthering the cause of moving Wireless Power into the mainstream. We have recently seen Nokia go forward and incorporate Qi wireless charging into its new Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 smartphones. A bold move but it is just the start...

The event, which will last two days, will also see Daimler AG, Phillips, Powermat Technologies and the Wireless Power Consortium all presenting.

We saw Nokia bring some real innovation to their new smartphones by including the ability to wirelessly charge through inductive technology. Nokia in fact have adopted the Qi specification for standardizing wireless charging. Nokia of course will be presenting and we’re sure they will be showing off their new devices to the assembled industry leaders in this field.

The summit sets out to discuss wireless charging in the automotive industry as well as things such as wireless power being incorporated into packaging. Why include power in packaging? Well that’s likely for things such a shop displays, allowing toys to come to life without the need of a battery to power it on a shelf for instance. It’s certainly not just smartphones that will be getting all the attention as the applications for this technology are significant.

Conferences like these get these innovative technologies into the hands of people like us. In that sense, we’re excited to see it getting so much traction. We are certainly looking forward to a time when simply placing our smartphone on a coffee shop table will mean it’s simply charging. As we demand more and more from our gadgets and battery technology refuses to advance at a quicker rate, ubiquitous wireless charging solutions could mean the end to ever having to worry about charging your device. Sound good? We think so..

Let us know your thoughts on wireless charging. Is the Nokia wireless charging enough to get you to buy into their new devices?

Source: Bloomberg

Robert Brand