Nokia re-launches Weather Channel App for Lumia Windows Phones

The Weather Channel app re-imagined by Nokia

In what has to be a surprise continuation of Nokia’s commitment to their Lumia line of Windows Phones, they have gone ahead and re-imagined the Weather Channel App (which is simply called ‘Weather’) by bringing new features and a re-design that greatly enhances the experience.

The app is at version 2.0 and only found in the Nokia Collection meaning regular Windows Phone users won’t be able to use the supplied link below. This may also be a US-limited feature...we're trying to confirm now. [Edit: UK is confirmed]

So what’s new in Weather 2.0 from Nokia?...

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New Augmented Reality weather feature (cat not included)

First off, the biggest new feature is an Augmented Reality section whereby it launches your camera and shows you local weather photos around your area. These are photos that people have submitted via the iWitness program form the Weather Channel. That iWitness works now because you can enroll, sign in and then submit photos directly from your Lumia to share with others. In our case, we saw a downed tree from a recent storm and some other interesting tid-bits.

Other features include ‘my friends’ weather’ which allows you to track current conditions around the world but tied to your companions. Your friends’ info is pulled via the new Facebook and Live connection that can access your friend list for easy access. You can even see their weather alerts.

The ‘my amazing day’ is a method by which you can set up custom alerts for pollen, sunscreen, sailing, pollen and running and then you can pin those to your start screen.

Finally, the whole UI design has been changed with smoother transitions, a new look for the icons and of course a slightly new layout. Of course there are still ads present but the app itself has had new life breathed into by Nokia and we really like it.

We’ll have a full review of the app coming up shortly but for now, if you’re on a Nokia phone you can go here to grab version 2.0 of Weather and try it yourself. Region restrictions may apply e.g. this may be US-UK only for now.

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