Engadget had some leaked photos yesterday of supposed Nokia concept-phones for Windows Phone 7. Today, those images were verified along with a new shot of similar (but subtlety different) devices. A slide of the above shot was shown during today's Nokia talk at Mobile World Congress.

Some of the tiles are interesting: for instance the analog clock is new as wel as the "maps" icon, leading presumably to some of Nokia's mapping technology. Who knows if those are in fact proposed tiles or just fillers.

Of course none of these phones have been made yet, but it looks like Nokia is fast-tracking to have a device out before years-end, a goal which we think is achievable. Question is: how do you think they look? To us, they seem a lot like the Samsung Focus with the addition of bright colors. Then again, we're still early in the game for this long, strange trip with Nokia.

Source: Nokia