Nokia releases official concept photos of proposed Windows Phones

Engadget had some leaked photos yesterday of supposed Nokia concept-phones for Windows Phone 7. Today, those images were verified along with a new shot of similar (but subtlety different) devices. A slide of the above shot was shown during today's Nokia talk at Mobile World Congress.

Some of the tiles are interesting: for instance the analog clock is new as wel as the "maps" icon, leading presumably to some of Nokia's mapping technology. Who knows if those are in fact proposed tiles or just fillers.

Of course none of these phones have been made yet, but it looks like Nokia is fast-tracking to have a device out before years-end, a goal which we think is achievable. Question is: how do you think they look? To us, they seem a lot like the Samsung Focus with the addition of bright colors. Then again, we're still early in the game for this long, strange trip with Nokia.

Source: Nokia

Daniel Rubino

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  • All I am saying is where is the tilt kbd, Carl Zeiss lens camera, magnetometer, digitizer, etc...
  • Agreed. That's where this will really matter for Nokia on differentiating their product...
  • Looks like the surface of the screen is very exposed ... don't put these phones down face-down.I have a focus and a E71x ... my first and only Nok ... impressed by build quality and sturdiness of buttons ... Focus is a little less hulky, but nonetheless still sturdy.Samsung Focus - a great job engineering a low cost build - like a high-end Honda (I love the screen and the performance is great -- but the feel is a B+, not an A).Nokia E71 - well built - like an AudiBut I guess I am not the first to say that!
  • Integrating all the Nokia EU localization with maps/search/carrier billing will give WP7 and by extention bing a huge boost. Finally it'll get out of the US only and be of good use to all us WP7 owners in Europe.
  • Bing...ha ha don't get me started. Check out the Garmin Forums @ They replaced Google maps for their Garmin Connect product with Bing, and all hell has broken loose. People are especially upset in Europe where Bing coverage maps are not all that good - and I am not even talking about the satellite view. Bing has a long way to go internationally. In the US is is actually a great map/local search companion.
  • Nokia once had a phone where you could change back covers and the OS UI theme would automatically change to suite whatever back you put on.i think it was N79. something like that would be c00l and unique these days against other modern smart-phones.
  • The "What's new" page from the People Hub now includes a backgroundEXCELLENT!
  • Wow didn't notice that.Microsoft is letting slip a couple of changes with these Nokia renders (if you look at the other render, there's a new clock tile and a new compass/Ovi Maps tile).
  • Nice, although I like the backs on the 'concept' phones better - they looked as though they were made of metal and looked more stylish and sleek; also it looked as though the flash was a little more pronounced. But these are not bad at all. Regardless of the design/form factor, Nokia and Microsoft need to get the phones on the shelves like now!
  • And Microsoft needs to add some essential features ... stop jawing about how great it will be to have cut-and-paste, which should have been there in the first place!Flash video supportAbility to send videos from phone via email, youtube, or facebook (what's the point of shooting video)Support for hidden networks (minor point, but annoying and senseless)
  • It's lucky its just concepts, there are a few flaws as there is no sound button up to the left and the search, home and back buttons are touch buttons. Thats the worst problems on both the HTC and Samsung models. Please don't build the real one like that!