Nokia reveals new camera algorithms for Lumia 925 & forthcoming Amber update

Last time we spoke with Juha Alakarhu we were left with a ton of information about Nokia’s cameras. We learned things like whether or not the Lumia 920 has an anti-aliasing filter and gained hints about the future. That future is partially here with the Lumia 925 having recently been announced. The head of imaging technologies at Nokia sat down with the Conversations blog to give more insight into the 925.

The camera in the Lumia 925 is more or less similar to that in the Lumia 920. Sure, there are differences, like the Lumia 925 having six lenses versus five in the 920. But the biggest differences according to Juha are more on the software side. They took all the new technologies and algorithms from the Lumia 920 and improved them for the 925 to give greater improvements in how software and hardware work together. Here are the four big areas that benefit from improving the software:

  • Natural details
  • Low light performance
  • Color reproduction
  • Advanced brightness control

Lumia 925 Sample Image 2

This time around Nokia improved photographs by reducing the grain you get from artifacts in images. Users should see better results for photographs taken during either day or night. Low light performance was already stellear on the Lumia 920. So how did Nokia make it better on the 925? By taking the maximum ISO from 800 to 3200. If you’re familiar with digital/film cameras you’ll understand why having a higher ISO would be good for low light situations.

Color reproduction has been improved in the 925. The team claims that the latest Windows Phone from Espoo is better at reproducing natural colors in images. Obviously this is something you would need to see firsthand to experience. Lastly there have been improvements in how the software is able to handle tricky light situations. Specifically shooting a subject with the light source from behind. The new camera software is better equipped to handle how it exposes in those situations.

Is anybody else excited to see some more sample photos from the Lumia 925? We can’t wait to get our hands on one. And if you have a Lumia 920 (Clarification: Yes, and other Windows Phone 8 devices from Nokia. Go read the link a few words right of here), don't be worry, you'll get it these improvements soon enough.

Source/Images: Nokia Conversations

Sam Sabri
  • HURRY THE F UP!!!!!!!
  • Patience is a virtue. 
  • This^
  • Yeah but life is happening now and my phone camera could be better now!
  • there is beauty in waiting :D
  • no way dude, it cases insanity!
  • how come "hurry the 'F' up" can't be a virtue??? hahaha...
  • Will the ISO 3200 option come to the 920?
    I assume it should considering how ISO restriction is largely a software function.
  • My body is waiting
  • Don't worry, the Fs are coming.
  • 928 gets gimped before its even released
  • 928 has xenon flash with motion freeze. 'nough said.
  • 928 is getting the update too.
  • ^this...
  • i'm assuming the 928 gets this update as well..........?
  • Or if the 928 already has it...
  • Pretty sure these are just updates coming in amber as 925 comes with amber preinstalled so all wp8 lumias should get these updates
  • As we reported yesterday: ALL WINDOWS PHONE 8 LUMIAS GET AMBER   Hope that's clear enough :P
  • Maybe you should make the top half of your homepage just that message in all caps for the 'tards.
  • hahahaha this should really be done, for just 1 day :D lets GAG a bit (pun intended)
  • Reading is hard.
  • Daniel will the amber update also increase the ISO limit on the limia 920 to 3200 or is that part hardware related and not software?
  • The software makes them all better than they already are. Sigh.
  • What jmart1 and markk132 said. I'm on Verizon and planning on eventually getting the 928. Will it be getting these updates as well? What about other Lumia hardware other than the 920?
    Not that the 928 looks like a slouch at all, but specifically noting the 920 and leaving out the second-newest flagship just seems ominous to me.
  • If you read the comments from the source post, Ian Delaney from Nokia is asked if the 928 is getting this and he replies in the affirmative.
  • Ah! Good good. Now if only Nokia could show some pity for me and send this update to my Trophy. This camera is pretty awful. Ha.
  • Come on it's not that bad lol.
  • Looking forward
  • The 928 is shipped so it doesn't have amber. The 925 is coming in a monthish so it'll come with amber. The 920 is launched so they reference it. Though vze is usually slower at rolling out updates im optimistic that you don't have to worry about the 928.
  • Yes I'm excited. No more complaining about storage compromises. The design is sexy and the camera and not having to unlock the phone is all I wanted. I wanted mine in black but because my hands are quite oily, I'll have the white one. Can't see the fingerprints easily on the white version. Can't wait!
  • LOL! Are you sure no more complaining about storage? :-P
  • Ha ha you again! Yes I promise but one more gripe, when will the 925 come to T-Mobile. If it's after June like some of the reports I read then I will most definitely get a red/yellow 920 and really not have anything to complain
  • A sales representative told me to check on the 21st of this month. She's not 100% sure, will let you know if it comes. I love the design of the 925. I saw this video comparing Galaxy S4, HTC One, and Nokia 925 and S4 is the ugliest, and cheapest looking.
  • I really do love the design but why the need to separate the launches of the devices and include/exclude something different for each one. Nokia has essentially created a war between Lumia owners which to me is a bad move. Verizon owners will say we got xenon flash. T-Mobile owners will say we got the slimmest one with a sixth element lens. AT&T owners will say we had it first with colors and iconic design. Why Nokia?
  • I know they have different extra goodies but we don't know why it ended up that way. Anyway I will wait for 925 just love the design and the extra goodies, he he he. At the same time I don't want to leave T-Mobile I have great family plan but still have one phone at ATT. Maybe the 32GB 925 will pop up online for special order.
  • Oh no I'm not leaving T-Mobile. I'm getting the 920 unlocked since the exclusive period with AT&T is over now. Yippee.
  • There are some people had their phone unlock and selling them or are you buying a new one from ATT?
  • A mint condition one from the great lands of eBay or Craigslist. Prices are really good and I can unlock it myself as the pre unlocked ones usually sell for higher prices. As long as it's in good condition it will be mine.
  • There's someone here in wpcentral got the unlock code from att for his yellow 920 and he was selling it. I didn't pay any attention to his name. I was one in Craigslist a red one but has shattered screen but still work for $100.00.
  • 21st is Xbox day, the anticipations of last year are beginning to happen again
  • Come to think of it I don't think T-Mobile will get the 925 in June(as reports said later this summer) which is a no-go for me. I'm not waiting around for a late launch for less. Like I said red/yellow 920 with 32gb of storage for me!
  • Waiting patiently for my 920! :)
  • As long as they fix the NEW network issues, battery life issues, and overheating issues introduced in 1314, I'll be happy.
  • I have none of these issues on my 920
  • Good for you, regrettably my 920 is affected as well.
  • Bring it already!!!!!
  • I just seen an amazing video on O2 Guru tv. The guy took a shot in complete darkness and it came out
  • Yeah when I saw that I almost shit my pants bro
  • insanely good
  • Wow. I had no idea the smart camera app/lens was so involved. There's a lot of functionality in there!
  • 16 GB is unacceptable. Without a micro SD card that's just not enough memory!
  • Now to wonder if the 928 also has 6 lenses, or the 920's 5.
  • Man I can't wait for this. The 920 will finally be the complete top notch camera is was meant to be. They're gonna take it from good to great!
  • Love it.
  • Is it only gonna be able to launch default camera and Nokia software/specific software via camera button. Or can I assign Proshot?
  • Does this upset enable us to take panoramic shots the way androids and iphones do?
  • There's a nice app for that, created by ms, called photosynth. It has been around longer than iPhone had it, not sure about Android
  • Yea, I have that. Its actually better I would say. I just suck at it. Not afraid to admit it.
  • Lumia 920 can take panorama shot it's a lens
  • I have the 620 and it's on mine too
  • The HTC Titans with 7.5 can take panoramic shots.
  • Will there be any camera improvements to the 820/822 phones?
  • No. As stated at the end of the article you will be left out in the cold for starving animals to gnaw on your frosty corpse. (Not to pick on you, but wouldn't it be much faster to read the article for the correct answer than wait for a response here?)
  • WTF? Do you need to get laid or something? I read the article- I know it says all Windows 8 phones will get an update.  I specifically mentioned the camera update because the focus in the article seems to be the 920/5/8s camera.  Everyone will get an update, but will all phones get the same update and improvements- it's a valid question. Take a chill pill or something.
  • Hurry up already!
  • WHERES INSTA...just kidding, just kidding
  • Hey, somebody has to keep it going.
  • My 920 shots were never as good as everyone said. My brother has an iPhone 5 and every photo he's taken is better. I hope this update helps.
  • Every photo I've taken so far is excellent and amazing since the last update. Video is the best I've ever seen! I think the good pic on the iPhone is because of the ritina display, otherwise meh.
  • Huh? Other way around for me you've got the settings wrong or sth.
  • I felt the same way at first, mainly because I don't know much about photography. But on Nokia's YouTube channel they have some informational videos on the camera settings and what they mean. After watching those and playing around for a bit, my photos come out infinitely better.
  • Wonder if any of the "camera improvements" are going to be had by any of the "lesser Lumias", or just the 92x models?
  • I would assume since all 92x lumias are just a variant of the "original" 920, they would all get it. As far for system updates I'm putting my money that 928 will have their updates last since it belongs to ehm... Verizon.
  • Haha yes! I'm so excited for the Amber update. I just hope Nokia can bring it to unbranded devices faster :)
  • is it posible to take a sequence like the pic above? with our phone?
  • Yes. 
  • The Burton app has a lens for it... If I'm not mistaken
  • Got it, awesome!!!
  • Can't wait.!! ^_^
  • Im reallly excited about all these new crazy software improvements, cant wait till i get on my 920 but my question is what are they doing on the video recording front, video out of the box is amazing but it lacks many customization features and as far as my knowledge goes, there isnt  a third party app for video, it would be amazing to see some manual focus and contrast options put in the video app?? any news on that front??
  • You know, this might just be my next phone. Is WP8.1 actually real?! Blue doesn't even matter, I'm thinking. But my contract is up in December. This lines up about right..
  • Blue is 8.1
  • Raising the ISO might reduce blur, but will increase grain not decrease it... Must be some sort of Nokia magic going on to do what they are claiming.
  • Nice pic, chi k wearing a thin white garment I the water. Should've waited till she got out then took the picture. . . Just saying
  • If they already have the update they should just release it already instead of making us wait. Its bad enough that we have to wait for those lazy guys at Microsoft to update all that's wrong with the OS once a year.
  • You know what's amazing, all my us mobile WP peeps, we got a 920, 925 and 928 kick ass high end Nokia that they have proved they stand behind, support, and advertise the hell out of. Each phone has its unique features but in the end, we all have what really counts, the flagship of Nokia and the brilliant marriage with Microsoft, and no matter what we wanna fight over, we all still won in the end. - proud 920 owner
  • I am here just to comment that that first picture is totally unbelievable. If it really is taken with a mobile phone I am speechless.
  • and all NOKIA LUMIA 7.x gets SLUMBER -_-