Nokia reveals new camera algorithms for Lumia 925 & forthcoming Amber update

Last time we spoke with Juha Alakarhu we were left with a ton of information about Nokia’s cameras. We learned things like whether or not the Lumia 920 has an anti-aliasing filter and gained hints about the future. That future is partially here with the Lumia 925 having recently been announced. The head of imaging technologies at Nokia sat down with the Conversations blog to give more insight into the 925.

The camera in the Lumia 925 is more or less similar to that in the Lumia 920. Sure, there are differences, like the Lumia 925 having six lenses versus five in the 920. But the biggest differences according to Juha are more on the software side. They took all the new technologies and algorithms from the Lumia 920 and improved them for the 925 to give greater improvements in how software and hardware work together. Here are the four big areas that benefit from improving the software:

  • Natural details
  • Low light performance
  • Color reproduction
  • Advanced brightness control

Lumia 925 Sample Image 2

This time around Nokia improved photographs by reducing the grain you get from artifacts in images. Users should see better results for photographs taken during either day or night. Low light performance was already stellear on the Lumia 920. So how did Nokia make it better on the 925? By taking the maximum ISO from 800 to 3200. If you’re familiar with digital/film cameras you’ll understand why having a higher ISO would be good for low light situations.

Color reproduction has been improved in the 925. The team claims that the latest Windows Phone from Espoo is better at reproducing natural colors in images. Obviously this is something you would need to see firsthand to experience. Lastly there have been improvements in how the software is able to handle tricky light situations. Specifically shooting a subject with the light source from behind. The new camera software is better equipped to handle how it exposes in those situations.

Is anybody else excited to see some more sample photos from the Lumia 925? We can’t wait to get our hands on one. And if you have a Lumia 920 (Clarification: Yes, and other Windows Phone 8 devices from Nokia. Go read the link a few words right of here), don't be worry, you'll get it these improvements soon enough.

Source/Images: Nokia Conversations

Sam Sabri