Nokia sends filmmaker Casey Neistat a Lumia 1020 after Apple stole his video

Nokia doesn't shy away when it comes to opportunities to poke fun at the competition within the mobile industry. The company has taken a minor jab at Apple by sending a Lumia 1020 (with a note) to filmmaker Casey Neistat. What's the big deal with the free phone? If you're not aware, it has been reported that Apple stole Nerstat's video about the public queuing up for the new iPhone.

Neistat published the above photo on Instagram (which is coming to Windows Phone, by the way). The message states how Nokia knows "it sucks when you have your ideas ripped off." Here's the video in question, which is well worth viewing for a more sinister side to queuing for Apple's latest hardware:

Good guy Nokia.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Balling Nokia is balling.
  • Drink your cool aid and complete your homework now. Go.
  • You're so lame dad, it's Kool-Aid.
  • Hehehehe lol!!! Dats sme serious calm mind trick of the guy
    hats off..!!
  • Dear Apple, please steal my video :(
  • No kool aid to drink. Nokia, as far as public relations go, is on top of their game. Unfortunately their business practices are awful in the US, shafting the majority of the population on their devices while giving the word free reign. Admittedly part of that is the awful base infrastructure of the US cellular industry that puts the companies in control of the customers rather than the other way around. However, Nokia contributing to that makes them no better.
  • Like they have any choice but to play the carriers' game...
  • ^this.
  • Wow, you're quite the little Marxist, aren't you, Robborboy?  I'm not happy with the way most carrier operate, but I accept that in a capitalist economy businesses exist to make money for the owners & stockholders.  The "power" that exists for customers is that of the "demand" portion of "supply & demand".  If people want to exercise their power over a company, they can stop purchasing the product or service.
  • I am going to go out on a limb here and say that the only knowledge you have of Marxism is what you have heard on politically paid for news television. That aside, I am merely pointing out that how the rest of the world does cellular service is superior.
  • Spot on
  • It's just a different model dumass. It's in no way superior for the Business or Consumer. Get your head out of your lower fold.
  • This was out or necessity. Impossible to outfit such ancient cities with land lines and the like. Cellular services gained the advantage because of this and is the reason cell services abroad are superior to the US. It took us too damn long to catch on and invest seriously in this tech infrastructure. Now if the US would start burying their damn power infrastructure maybe millions of people wouldn't be without power everytime a hurricane or blizzard hits dense communities! /sorryfortangent
  • The US hasn't operated in a true capitalist sense for nearly a century.  What has prevailed is a form of corruption called corporatism.  There's a huge difference.
  • Well, but if you REALLY think about it, Corporatism IS the truest form of Capitalism..
  • You need to step back and think about it a bit more.
  • Capitalism corrupted by anti-competitive behaviour is not capitalism, but a move towards the monopoly. You are, in fact, arguing against capitalism. Not for it. See the break up of the US movie industry for an example of what must be done.
    Personally, Scuba, I wouldn't use such words until you have at least some idea of what they mean. It'll only get you in to trouble one day if you keep doing this.
  • I'm seriously beginning to despise Apple,, especially with that stunt they pulled yesterday, intentionally trying to divert attention away from Nokia world... Those bastards❕
  • It apparently didn't work according to comments on here.
  • Chicken, Tuna, and Rice❕... Scrumdidilyumptious❗❕❗❕
  • Beginning?
  • No, the end ⬇⬇⬇⬇
  • Wasn't just about Nokia World. It was to take attention away from the Surface release as well.
  • Did I miss something? What did they do?
  • Those bastards intentionally schedule their stupid tOYPAD event the same day as Nokia World to steal the spot light from Nokia.. Scared ass bastards❕❗❕❗❕
  • Uh, no. Nokia scheduled their event on the same date as Apple's annual October keynote.
  • Right, and God didn't make water Apple made it first❕❕
  • I'm not trolling. You won't find many people who dislike Apple more than I. But Apple have an event in October every year. Nokia World is usually a month earlier in September.
  • No try, did.
  • It is very clear Apple is very concerned about Nokia and Microsoft working together. Apple is very strong in the USA. But, the rest of the world they are very far behind. The fastest growing OS phone system right now is Microsoft Windows phone 8. They have a long way to go. But, they had the same situation with XBox and now they are number one in the game market. 
    Apple, will always have it's followers. But, it will lose the market war in the end. The real competitor is Google.  But, they are not very business friendly! That is Microsoft's chance to get market share from them. Also, now that Microsoft and Nokia are partners in the smartphone market. They can be more competitive against Google and Samsung.  
  • "If you're into it... Let's do something together!" Does this insinuate Nokia has offered Casey Neistat an employment opportunity with their marketing department, or is such quote one of Nokia's slogan. I'm probably diving in too deep here. :-D
  • Sounds like they're "propositioning" him.
    *cough cough* "Phrasing!"
  • :-D
  • Saw the video a month ago, think he is honest.
  • Hahaha this is amusing! I love how bold Nokia is. They may not be in the best spot, but they know it and they don't back down like other manufacturers seem to do!
  • I can agree with that! I think Nokia will attract a lot more people in the near future.
  • Man I love Nokia
  • Wish I was famous and Apple stole my video too :(
  • Same here. :/
  • Lmao, right!
  • How did they steal it? Evidence?
  • NOKIA is so awesome :)
  • I don't know what happened, but what did Apple do to this guy? Did they just take parts of his video or what? I've seen this funny video, btw.
  • It's reported Apple edited and removed all credit to the author, releasing the video internally.
  • Hahaha, I did not know either.
  • So only people who work for Apple saw it? Internally means inside the company.
  • :P
  • First... thanks for the link... all the source links I could find lead back to the Nokia story.
    2nd... about the "stolen" and re-edited Apple video:
    What I want to know is... did someone @ Apple re-cut the video to make the fandom look good?  In other words, their edited version is 'lying' to Apple employees to deceive them into thinking 'This is how much our customer love us and how much we love them'  ? 
    Or is the sentiment and intent of the original film still intact in the Apple  version and they are showing it to employees to basically say "We're so awesome and look how stupid these consumers are... they'll stand in line for anything we do! Way to go team!"  ?
  • I'm guessing it would be the former.  They must have edited it to change the context and make it seem positive.  That would also explain why they removed the credit since to include that they would have to include the part where he tosses the phone aside (plus it would give people a way to find the original unflattering video). 
    That is a pretty stupid move.  They had to know that someone would come across the original video and then the employees would see how it was manipulated.  Instead of being inspirational it becomes embarasing and dishonest.
  • At least when nokia made that 920 pureview video, and people found it wasn't filmed with the 920, nokia apologized, unlike crApple.
  • Yes, according to reports they even sped it up and add poppy music to make it seem positive.
  • Bold move but a great move....LOVE YOU NOKIA for doing this
  • I love how he threw the phone.
  • And also when he shrugged his shoulders when people did the count down and the first group went inside doing high-5s.
  • You said high-5s! Get it? "5s".... Pun. :)
  • So corny.... Yet hilarious. I honestly lmao after reading your comment  :-D
  • So did I. It made the video that much better.
  • The guy at 5:07 describes my reaction perfectly
  • This video shows how special some Apple fans are.. It's simply amazing that they don't have to think to breath...
  • They don't have to think to breath because they are just copying all the other sheep.. :-)
  • Yep.
  • Jeez tell me about it. You have to be a special kind of stupid to wait a week in the cold to get a freaking phone whose only real change is in an update that every iPhone gets...
  • Lol +1 my friend :)
  • Retards❕❗
  • But it's also has the gold (actually champagne) color that will immediately covered up by an ugly thick case.
  • They get to scan their fingerprints though
  • Or even put plastic bags over their heads....
  • That lady right there should be the poster child for the iSheep.. The stupid bitch could've killed herself❕
  • Stupid is to generous for these people, most couldn't not explain why they are in line.. Except for 3 guys (the guy at beginning wasn't asked or if he was its not shown), Another calling new yorkers crazy whilst waiting in line himself very contradictory lol.
  • Lol❕ Right❔.. And, I'm not trying to make a incorrect comment, or anything, but I usually regard most Asian people as people who are very sensible, and think things through... Now, we have to admit that there was a lot of Asian people in that line... LOL... NYC water❔❔I mean you got to think about it.. With the amount of pipes that NYC has channeling throughout the ground it is possible that they crossed a fresh water pipe with a toxic waste pipe.. LMFAO.. This could explain the stupidity,,, at least for that city... I have no explanation for the others....
  • lol.. who knows, I shared it amongst 20 iphone users.. some you would class as sane and sadly the majority are just insane (14 people). I say insane cos some laughed their ass off and said they always pre-order online whereas the some shrugged and said things along the lines I'd que up myself!!. I was like shit really?? in the cold?? What about if you needed to "relief" yourself.. they still said they would que up days on end if need be LOL
  • As if I needed another reason to love Nokia...
  • And, another to hate Apple.
  • I want that case
  • ^This!
    Would also love the phone to be on VZW, but that case is awesome. Phone really needed to be yellow though.
  • Gotta love Nokia. Though I'm sure all this ballsiness will stop when under Microsoft, who tend to pull their punches.
  • That is one of many concerns I have about the MS purchase. I understand the reason behind it, just don't want to lose many of the things that Nokia does so well as its own entity.
  • How is the scrooggled campaign pulling punches?
  • It's not throwing punches, it's Throwing chairs!
  • I dig humor.... Nokia wins this round.
  • Neistat, not Nerstat. Fix please Rech.
  • I love Nokia
  • Amen to that!
  • I'm curious to how Apple stole his video.
  • It would be really funny if they stole it from iCloud
  • They edited the video for internal use without giving him credit or even asking.
  • I would eat at McDonalds before I would even spend one minute in line for an iFake phone,
  • Lol.
  • I would eat at McDonald's before... ummm.. well,... I just would eat at McDonald's
  • These people have a really boring life.
  • Lol
  • Wow...that video is the reason I do not support apple and ignore their fans.
  • +928.... It isn't possible to take iFans serious, or bother with their case for the premise iProducts are so innovative.
  • Yup, all of em i know slammed webos, wp and me for buying my L920 outright - its to flat!, its to heavy! etc etc. Yet they sing in a spontaneous choir of praise for ios7...
  • Super cool guesture by Nokia. 
    iSheep are a different breed, for sure. I can't see waiting outside for 2 weeks for a PHONE anyway, but certainly not for one that's just marginally better than previous version!
    I would have to take mucho vacation time to do something like that, and I have better things to do on vacation... like take pictures with my Nokia! If they enjoy waiting, then good for them. Gives the rest of us a laugh! :-D
  • Crazy people, if there are more than two people in line when I buy a Windows Phone I go back another day.
  • I bought online and got it delivered on launch day. I did take my yellow Lumia 920 on Nov 17, 2012 to then flaunt in front of people who were in the line...haha
  • That's
  • Wow. I really cannot think of a single thing I would camp-out all night for just to get first dibs on. Those people go way beyond enthusiasts.
  • Pu$$y.. But a REAL good one.. Took me 4+ months with my Lady from when we met, but BEST decision I ever made.. I'm gonna marry her one these days!!
  • Er... in that particular instance, I seriously hope you were the only one in line!
  • LMAO
  • Comment of the day!
  • We have a winner! 
  • Hahahaha
  • I tried waiting in line a few hours early for one of the Halo games. I think it was at 8pm for a midnight opening. (yeah, it wasn't THAT early) Afterwards, I still felt stupid and never did it again.
  • Halo is the only series I've done midnight launch with. Everything else I just go in launch day and pick it up. I thought the people were joking about sitting in line for two weeks. But apparently not, to which I say.... Sigh
  • Me too. I liked the atmosphere. Free swag too.
  • I wouldn't wait for even nokia. I don't see what are ppl going so crazy about. Seriously these ppl shud get a life.
  • The fact is some of them of sadly don't lol. I know a diehard spastic that goes to his local apple store everyday after work. "To be with like minded people", lol..
  • I'm loving that they talk $h!t when opportunity arises.. Kinda like me.. But seriously, the other guys should stop making it so easy.. Wait, scratch that