Nokia sends filmmaker Casey Neistat a Lumia 1020 after Apple stole his video

Nokia doesn't shy away when it comes to opportunities to poke fun at the competition within the mobile industry. The company has taken a minor jab at Apple by sending a Lumia 1020 (with a note) to filmmaker Casey Neistat. What's the big deal with the free phone? If you're not aware, it has been reported that Apple stole Nerstat's video about the public queuing up for the new iPhone.

Neistat published the above photo on Instagram (which is coming to Windows Phone, by the way). The message states how Nokia knows "it sucks when you have your ideas ripped off." Here's the video in question, which is well worth viewing for a more sinister side to queuing for Apple's latest hardware:

Good guy Nokia.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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