In another shrewd advertising move, Nokia sent rapper 50 Cent (aka, Curtis James Jackson III) one of their Lumia 1020 Windows Phones. This apparently comes after Nokia caught wind of a USA Today interview where 50 Cent was quoted saying he had purchased a smartphone simply for its camera. Nokia representatives bumped into him at CES 2014 and followed up with a little care package.

50 Cent is impressed early on with his new Lumia 1020

Not to be outdone, Nokia shipped him a Lumia 1020 to show him just what a smartphone camera can be.

So what were his thoughts on the Lumia 1020? Earlier today, he posted the following on his Instagram page:

“I got a new phone today it's kinda HOT. the [sic] camera on it is killing my other phone.”

And really, who can blame him. Not only is the Lumia 1020 a sharp-looking phone, it is hands down the best camera phone on the market.

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Both Nokia and Microsoft have gone to great effort to have their Windows Phones be seen in commercials, television shows, movies and the hands of celebrities since its release. Hopefully, 50 Cent is impressed enough to hold onto his for a while.

Source: 50 Cent (via Instagram)