Nokia Software Recovery Tool updated with support for latest products and more

Nokia Software Recovery Tool has just been updated. Try and open the application today and you'll be prompted to update to version 1.5.0. This update is notable for introducing a localized installer that detects your Windows language automatically.

Nokia Software Recovery Tool is a handy desktop application to have around if you have a Lumia. We've used it in the past to downgrade your OS from Windows Phone 8.1 to Windows Phone 8. You can also use the software to recover a handset that isn't starting up.

Here's the full changelog for version 1.5.0 of Nokia Software Recovery Tool:

  • New localized installer that detects your Windows language automatically
  • Support for latest products
  • Some bug fixes and layout improvements

Be to sure to download and install Nokia Software Recovery Tool. You never know when you might need to use it.

Via: Plaffo

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  • What's the difference between this and the other one that says "for retail"?
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  • Will be helpful with 8.1.1 phones that are not being read by the application at all!!
  • My 820 on 8.1.1 was easily recognized by NSRT 1.4.3.
  • Did wonder why my 920 doesn't get read by the tool. I thought it was because its developer unlocked
  • Try another USB cable and input.
  • Even my 820 and 520 developer unlocked are not being recognized in asa many as 4 different desktops and with different cables too..Hard Resets have been done..Drivers installed again..But to no vail....
  • Leo Laporte...
  • Is that show still on?
  • Love Windows Weekly!
  • I am blown away he was able to brick it.
  • Hm. I've heard NSU downgrades to win 8.1 now. Is that true?
  • It did for me. It downgrades to the latest available version for your CV. So if  it was released for your phone it should be able to downgrade to that
  • Not a downgrade then is it?
  • It is still technically a downgarde cause you still lose data and becasue the official variant is still likely behind the DP version from the numbering perspective. And even if it wasn't you knew what both of us were talking about and are just posting a comment simply to nitpick 
  • I dinner think gdr1 is official anywhere, so yes 8.1 would be a downgrade.
  • I didn't know if the original commenter was talking about downgrading from GDR1 or from 8.1 DP. Remember a lot of people with 8.1 in DP still can't upgrade to GDR1, that's why I said likely as I don't remember how the version on 8.1 DP is numbered
  • My L720 with WP8.1.1 DP pre-Cyan was in a version number smaller than the offered by the recovery tool (sorry, can't remember numbers...). So, it was downgraded to 8.1+Cyan, but as the final version number was above that of the 8.1.1 DP without Cyan, it was like an upgrade too kkk
  • I downgraded my Nokia Lumia 920. again I got windows phone 8.1. it shows Lumia Cyan. but I was not moved to 8.0.  now is there everything okey for me?
  • Has anyone noticed that the app downloads updates very very slow?
  • +720
  • *recovery *recover
  • What's new in this version I didn't get it.
    Previously while downgrade it took me to amber update.
    Will this new update after downgrade takes me to the black version???
    Please clear this thing to me.
  • No, if Cyan is available on your phone right now, it will take you to Cyan. Otherwise Black.
  • Thanks for the heads up. Updating the software on my laptop. :)
  • Do I lose all save games and other app info if I use this tool on wp 8.1.1 for upgrading to Lumia Cyan ?
  • Depends on the game, if the dev implemented the app data back-up functionality you won't lose it. Having gone throught the process I can tell you that all of my games lost data and I had to re-adjust the settings for the majority of the apps, including those developped by MS 
  • Yes u will lose all your data if you take backup you can recover your scores for some games
  • Bad than, I'm doomed :D
  • Well, let's not get overly drammatic :P I'm sure you'll get your OTA update "SOON"
  • Forever SOON - WP trademark. :|
  • This. I'm a WP developer, but I still really hate all this waiting. Especially for developers, lol.
  • And any apps that are still running but not published any longer. Like googlevoice apps
  • Can we get a version for those with Macs? My gosh!
  • that would be great, however if you have  a version of windows available try bootcamping it on your mac, this way you'll still be able to use NSRT
  • No. and I am glad about that (:
    that's what happens for getting a mac and having a WP. you could also bootcamp which funnily, it works better than Osx
  • I have a 822 that doesn't boot at all.  It is totally dead.  Has anyone been able to recover a phone in that state?  It actually ended up on this condition when I was using the Nokia Software Recovery Tool.
  • I believe the tool actually has a button to wake up dead devices!
  • My 928 was dead and the recovery tool fixed it. Lost the phone doing a OTA update.
  • So it wouldn't even power on?
  • Puuurrrr
  • This little piece of software is a lifesaver. My 920 bricked when it got Lumia Cyan over the weekend. Thank goodness I didn't have any super sensitive stuff on my phone. It got all reset, but out was also good because I was approaching 4GB of days in my "other" at of storage... Or was funny though because I had the "spinning gears of death", and the software didn't recognise my phone until I forced a soft reset while the phone was plugged into the pc...
  • Sam, (Bit off topic but NSRT might be solution)
    I got L925 sim-free with 8.1 preview installed. I'm using 3 UK sim but I'm unable to get Cyan update even though Nokia website states the availability for all UK networks. Should I be using this Nokia SRT to downgrade and try updating?? Any suggestions are warmly welcome.
  • Yeah, the Nokia software recovery tool will 'restore' lumia cyan to the phone. That is if Cyan is available for the Country Variants, and the sim is irrelevant, by the way.
  • TQ, I'm giving a shot after few recovery preparations.
  • Cyan updated successfully using NSRT. Was unable to recover apps and data even though I backed it up to OneDrive. One thing I'm missing is Cortana. Hope she gets released for UK soon.
  • Here's something unexpected.  When I plugged in my updated Dev Preview Rogers 920, the update tool is taking it straight to Lumia Cyan, not the original WP8.  Will save me a good 30 minutes, at least! P.S. I hate that I will lose my WhatsApp chat history.  I hope they will fix that asap.
  • Yeah it flashes the newest update of the operating system
  • I'm sure there is a backup option in the whatsapp settings... (go into chat settings)
  • Microsoft should do this for all windows phones. After all, they are the rulers of the OS, it would be quite simple.
  • can i use this to downgrade my samsung ativ s to wp 8 ?
  • I think the word Nokia in the title should give you a hint
  • This ⬆ :D
  • Still missing the 1020 "Country Variant" for USA.
  • No it's not. I just used it to update a new phone.
  • You might be using difrent version of 1020. I also tested and received a message there is no package to download.
  • Yeah, mine is not unlocked
  • I just got a replacement 1020 today and used this tool to update the phone instead of doing it over the air. Much faster :D BTW, it's on AT&T in the USA.
  • Well, the 1.4.3 wasted 6+GB of data without getting the intended results. My 'power button' fell off, how do I perform a soft restart?
  • What is the use of this software? Please tell me details.
  • I know that this was made for Nokia devices but I was just wondering if anyone has ever tried it with another WP8 device. The only reason I ask is because my friend's HTC 8X doesn't completely boot up anymore and I was wondering if this would help. And no, the device cannot complete a master reset either.
  • Can't install Norton comes up with high risk security issue (sonar) suspicious behaviour!!!!!!! anybody had this problem? i'm running windows 8.1 with norton 360.
  • Yep I get the Norton sonar alert and reboot on Windows 8.1 as well.
  • It's been crap ever since Peter Norton sold out to Symantec years ago. Last good product was Norton Utilities for MS-DOS.
  • This tool saved me phone! Went through an ordeal which lasted several hours, dozens bsods with Nokia care suite and the Nokia updater for retail, failed downloads via the Nokia recovery tool. At the end I had cyan and gdr1 installed. Would I risk doing it again if we have to downgrade for debian red? Yes, I would :P.
  • Tempted to use this as my 1020 w/ dp update 1 is starting to really lag and the constant "loading / resuming" and app crashes are starting to annoy. I was hoping that the resuming of Cyan deployment to DP devices would have been more rapid. I'll wait a little longer though... I guess these symptoms are part and parcel of being on the "bleeding edge" ;)
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  • Wish it would update my 920 to cyan....
  • +822. I'm sitting here with a bluetooth heart monitor I would love to use.
  • I have a problem using Nokia Software Recovery Tool.
    So I'm using WP 8.1 and want to downgrade for me to get Cyan. Right after finishing the 1.43 GB (I am noting that it has reached 100%). The progress bar returns to zero and it started downloading again... This has happened to me three times already... And yes I know this may not be the place to bring this up but I have posted in the forums and no one has answered me there.
    I hope there's someone here who would have a decent answer.
    Good day :)
  • Is Nokia software recovery tool available for ARM processor i.e RT?
  • You never know when you'll need it just like you never know when AT&T will release Cyan for the 920...
  • I want to downgrade to the first version of windows phone 8 coz my screen replacement does not work.. Any possibilities please lumia 620 to be precise
  • It still says my 920dev is not supported. :(
  • Nokia X Series now supported with this build! Thanks!
  • So where is the download link to the tool you are writing about in this masterpiece of an article? You want you readers to go to the original source and read an italian article just for the link?