Nokia sponsors Windows Phone in the De La Salle University HackerCup

The De La Salle University in the Philippines is taking part in a HackerCup, which will be taking place at the Microsoft Philippines Office on March 15-16th. The competition is set to promote Windows Phone by encouraging Science & Technology students with ambitious ideas to craft apps in teams of up to four participants. Nokia will be present, sponsoring the event (with Microsoft and Globe Labs) with prizes and more.

Registration is open to enrolled students of DLSU (Manila and S&T Complex) and only those who manage to register their interest will be able to participate in the challenge. The window closes on March 6th, so be sure to head on over and get your name down if you're eligible. Once entered, said teams will build apps based on a theme, which will be unveiled on March 14th.

Those participating will be allowed to use development tools and frameworks of their choice to help with the development, and are expected to provide the necessary equipment and software. As revealed by the dates of the competition, developers have just 24 hours to build and to then present the result in front of a judging panel. 

The panel will be looking at the apps and judging work based on criteria of 50% technical quality, 25% original idea / relation to stated theme and the remaining 25% to design quality. Winners will be announced after the pitching sessions are over, with first place winners taking away a HackerCup trophy plus four Nokia Lumia 920 smartphones and four Globe Tattoo sticks. 

Second place winners will too receive a HackerCup trophy, two Lumia 820 devices and four Globe Tattoo sticks. Third place will see the team receive a Lumia 820 and four Globe Tattoo sticks. As well as the three prizes, a Lumia 820 will also be handed out as a special prize in a category to be announced the day before the competition.

As mentioned above, be sure to check out the HackerCup website for more information.

Source: DLSU HackerCup; via: Nokia Revolution

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Good for Philippines and Microsoft. De La Salle is a well respected institution. My dad went to that school, and I was supposed to as well before I moved to Canada
  • Cool. My wife's alma mater! Its been a while since we've been back to the Philippines. I'm sure she'll be proud to hear about this.
  • My wife's Alma Mater too!
  • Wow.... My Ex's name was Alma Mater too !
  • Sweet, Nokia have the right idea now. Makes me proud to have chosen one of their devices this time round.
  • monkey pride again?
  • i sense some racial slur here mate... are you bothered?
  • Good for Windows Phone 8! It really needs a lot of advertisement here in the Philippines since the Lumias just arrived.
    As for my future school in May, I hope they can make amazing apps that will inspire local developers, private and business.
  • I'm so excited for DLSU's Windows Phone 8 app :)
  • My friend she's a Australian model she went to Philippines last week and saw quite many people with nokia wp and few iPhones and android. She also saw quite few nokia wp advertisement also so yes wp8 is getting noticed more in Philippines.
  • Good to see Nokia holding such events, however, their time would be better spent getting the Lumias to market. By the time I was able to get my 900, the 920 was already coming out in the US. Now, a full 3 months after its release, Nokia stores can't tell me anything other than "no stock, maybe March". @ihavewp8, I don't see anything but iPhones and androids, wp8 none I'm anxiously awaiting the 920 to arrive at Nokia stores. When???