Nokia takes over Central Station, Milan [Video]

Ah, Nokia. If there's one thing you have to love about them is their advertising and promotion--they know how to do it, as we're reminded time and time again. Now, they're headed to Italy putting up a giant (and we mean giant) banner in Milano Centrale railway station. With 24 tracks and 320,00 daily passengers, we're sure Nokia will catch a lot of eyeballs and interest in their phone.

Interestingly, this is the second time Nokia has done this--that last being for the N97. Hey, stick with what you know, right?

Source: ZOMGItsCJ

Daniel Rubino

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  • Man, when the Lumia arrives in Puerto Rico. I hope they advertized it that well. The N9 adverstinsing is alright and the phone is just 49 bucks.
  • interestingly I saw an ad for Nokia Lumia on an italian sports site banner yesterday.
  • Cool. T-Mo, are you paying attention?
  • Hopefully this type of advertising comes to North America. But Nokia knows where its bread is buttered.
  • I REALLY wish they would do this sort of thing in Nthe US. Unfortunately, ATT and T-Mobile have kindsa given up on Nokia. Nokia needs a North American push.