Nokia teases a QWERTY mobile phone, but don't get excited for a Lumia

Is it a plane? Is it a bird? No, it's a QWERTY Nokia mobile phone. The company has shared the above image alongside the teasing of an announcement, which will be published this coming Wednesday (April 24th). Has Nokia produced a QWERTY Lumia Windows Phone? We're going to say that's a negative. An Asha product is more likely.

The tease also states that Neil Broadley from the Mobile Phones team, as well as a special guest, will be present to show off what the company is looking to announce. It's a real shame as the image does reveal a Lumia-like design. Sorry, folks but we'll have to wait and see what's going to be announced this coming Wednesday. Just don't get your hopes up for a Windows Phone with a physical keyboard.

Source: Nokia Conversations; thanks to everyone who tipped us!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Asha ≠ Symbian
    Ashas are S40
  • yep and you S40 ≠ Symbian
  • That would look nice. A yellow Lumia qwerty.
  • Indeed
  • Oh those mini N9's ... Indeed, Nokia needs a refresh in it's mobile phones portfolio. Wouldn't mind a qwerty-Lumia though, but it is quite unlikely to see in the near future.
  • This is clearly Nokia Asha launch as
    Nokia Mobile phones Team = Asha phones
    Nokia Smartphone Team = Lumia phones
  • Nokia Smart Device, not Nokia Smartphone
  • If it is an ASHA phone, does that mean Symbian?? Wonder if it has a Blackberry Q10 look??
  • Asha= S40, S40 is not symbian!!
  • What is S40 then?
  • it's os that is nokia using for asha series
  • The confusion often arises from the S which a lot of people mistakenly have taken to mean Symbian. Though the S60's series is indeed based on Symbian and the predecessor to Symbian^3.
    Series 40 or S40 is just that, S40. Have a Google :)
  • How can you even say that word in our presence? Google...
    Let a Bing be with you...
  • +1
  • I lol'd. :D
  • A qwerty asha, and that mini n9. There are two i guess.
  • I by know means need a keypad. That said there are some days I miss the one on my arrive.
  • I feel the same. Some days I miss the keyboard on the Arrive
  • Can you explain why you miss a physical keypad?
  • @NaterBater: 1)For having the possibility to write long texts
    2)For having the possibility to write long texts without even looking at my phone (during meetings for example)
    3)For having the possibility to write really fast because of the haptic feedback
    4)For having the possibility to use the whole screen for the text you are typing without the virtual keypad taking 2/3 of the space...  
  • Like to take notes from the meeting or send texts to your friends/family? I realize some folks might think they need a physical keypad, but I'm not sure its enough to make Nokia or any other manufacture make one. Do you prefer a slider horizontal or vertical or do you want one like an old blackberry.
  • @NaterBater:
    Hmm yeah. I guess that's the truth my friend. There are a lot of qwerty-users. But not all of them "need" the qwerty keyboard. So if they have to choose between a qwerty with a bigger body, or a normal thin phone, a lot of them will choose the second one.  I for myself "need" the keyboard. 
    "Like to take notes from the meeting or send texts to your friends/family?"
    Actually both. I take notes by typing without having to look and also send longer messages (email/sms etc). Sometimes I also tend to write reports or other longer texts during the bus/train drive. So all in all: long and short messages, but also short notes. 
    Do you prefer a slider horizontal or vertical or do you want one like an old blackberry.
    I guess it depends on what one needs. I had a blackberry and loved it because of being "small". My 7 Pro (Arrive) is much bigger because of the slider (horizontal). But I have to say: I like the horizontal keyboard much better! The width of it is really great and the keys seem to work better with my fingers (don't have huge hands haha). 
    And having the option to use the keyboard or just don't slide and use the normal touchscreen is great too. This way I have a much bigger screen and can use the phone the "normal, non qwerty-way" if I feel the need to do so.
  • Agreed on all points, except that I personally prefer a portrait slider (I LOVED my Palm Pre form factor -- best phone layout I've ever had). I find that I type significantly faster on a portrait slider than my current Arrive (horizontal slider), simply because the thumbs don't have to move as far to type. I also don't like having to rotate the phone 90 degrees to type, but that's less of an issue. It's also a very easy one-handed open, type, close, which is just about impossible on a horizontal slider. However, either portrait or horizontal slider is vastly better than no keyboard for me, for all the reasons that you said -- typing w/o looking, speed, accuracy, having the full screen visible while typing (when you can look while typing), etc. Biggest of those for me is probably speed. To type a long e-mail, well it basically doesn't happen with a small touchscreen keyboard. And the only downside is little bit of extra thickness to the phone? No question, give me the keyboard. I'm holding out with my Arrive as long as possible in the hope that someone will release a Windows Phone with a physical keyboard. I hope it's Nokia. I can't go to AT&T or T-Mobile, because they don't have decent coverage where I live (or I'd have snapped up the Dell Venue Pro the day it released), but if Sprint, Verizon, or US Cellular puts one out, I'll jump carriers immediately to get it. If my phone dies or Windows Phone 7 gets too obsolete, I don't know if I'll go with a touchscreen phone, like the upcoming Lumia 928, or have to jump ship to an Android phone for the physical keyboard. I really want to stay with Windows Phone, but productivity is more important and it's hard to keep my productivity w/o a physical keyboard.
  • same boat as you. I am a dvp user and I'm never switching to  a no kb phone.  Its such a great phone for writing essays, research papers for school because I need to see the whole screen while I'm typing.  You should look into getting dvp now on ebay.  They're going for 100.  Plus tmobilles upgrading their towers.  I love this phone, but if no one  comes out with physical kb, I may switch to blackberry q10.  Productivity is important to me.  
  • @webcolin and onysi: awesome postings! The same with me: gonna use my 7 Pro (Arrive) as long as it works! Really love that phone!  Nice to know there are some other "no keyboard=deal breaker!" users here :) @Webcolin:
    Yeah, I get the point with the thumbs moving faster on a portrait slider. Sadly I never had one. Always wanted to try the DVP, but somehow never got one to do it. Good point though!
  • When did I or fluid say anything about need. In fact I specifically said I didn't need. That said one of the biggest things I miss, is how easy it was to type on a physical keyboard. I have no problems with my 920 but I liked typing better on my arrive. Again by no means necessary but I prefer the ease of use that comes with the keyboard.
  • Everyone is different when it comes to things like this. I just don't see Nokia making a high end Lumia with a slider unfortunately.
  • do you see Iphone making a slider? Oh Iphone don't have a keyboard and guess what they sell better n took market share from Nokia who try to focus on Qwerty before. So if Million of user doesn't support Qwerty, Nokia have to change OS and move Plateform in the fastest possible way without putting in too much cost as they are already in trouble.
    Thats why they choose WP 8 as MS give them the support and dollar they need to turn this around.
  • Yes I completely agree. Everyone prefers something over another. I also hold no hope of a Lumia (any other manu) keyboard phone. Just that I would like one if they did. As gergolos said flew comments above. The market has shifted to bigger screens on the smallest thinnest chassis possible. So there just isn't a huge demand for it, who knows maybe one day it will make a comeback but not today I guess.
  • Sadly, I think that's true. But with Android (and I suppose the Blackberry Q10) you can still get a physical keyboard version. If my Arrive dies before there's another Windows Phone option with a physical keyboard, I'm not sure if which way I'll go. My strong hope is for a Windows Phone with a physical keyboard.
    I also wonder how much of the "no market for physical keyboards" is more because no one makes one that's any good, rather than really no one wants one. Take the best form factor Windows Phone with top-of-the-line specs, now make it a little thicker (admittedly a negative), but give it a slider physical keyboard that works well and see what happens.
    Ironcially, physical keyboards usually end up on cheaper phones, which don't go to the high-productivity crowd, which is where there is a need for the physical keybord. You can't compose real business e-mails or edit Word or Excel files on your phone w/o one, and the users who need those features also want a high-powered phone.
  • Ugh I would so switch from my Lumia 920 from a version with a physical keyboard! I'll keep hoping...
  • "It's a real shame as the image does reveal a Lumia-like design."
    Is that the reason this news is featured on a Windows Phone site?
  • Just a slow news weekend.
  • ^
  • lumia or gtfo!
  • I like QWERTY on lumia like 8810 navigator.
  • That is definitely an Asha. Very good looking phones by the way.
  • The picture reeks Lumia, though.
  • so many people say its asha and yet many still wish its a LUMIA lol..
    its 100% asha above post already state whats the reason - Nokia Mobile Phone team
    windows phone is under another team
  • Well, I'm expecting an Asha as well, although there's not a single physical QWERTY WP8 phone out there. Wouldn't be surprised if Nokia got one out.
  • I like my Venue Pro, just because of the keyboard
  • Herumph
  • What if Nokia will announce a new qwerty lumia, will you buy that?
  • If it bested my Quantum I would. I will even consider this Asha phone if it comes to the USA.
  • First of all, this is not going to be a Lumia. Not only was it posted by Nokia's mobile phones division (Read: not lumia), Nokia seems to see keyboards as only required for budget (Asha budget, not 520) devices. Also, it's 'is it a bird? is it a plane?' and not the other way round. Needed to point that out :)
  • Maybe that's the way they say it in the UK. Lol jk Rich
  • Perhaps a Windows Phone QWERTY Asha?
    The design, in my opinion, defienetly suits the Asha.
    A WP8 QWERTY, in my opinion, would be weird...
    Much be better as a slider, though.
    Ill wait till Wednesday...
  • It's a real shame as the image does reveal a Lumia-like design.//
    can u tell me how??
  • Wasn't MS talking about screen resolutions and other concerns about getting out qwerty wp devices?
    Whatever happened to that? I'm guessing those plans were just quietly scuttled, it'd be pretty amazing if Nokia revived that project though. It would be another feather in Nokia's cap of uniqueness and awesomality.
  • Nokia tablet with keyboard? Maybe
  • I thought, for a few years I needed a physical keyboard for my mailing, texting, needs, but I got over it. Not saying people who want / need are wrong, though.
  • I guess since we're going backwards in technology might as make a phone with T9.
  • It looks like an Asha and a small phone. I have seen in the image that the corner angle is not that perfect for a smartphone
  • I want a Lumia with a physical keyboard. My wife and I miss the "worlds best" physical slider keyboards on our HTC TouchPro2s (Windows Mobile). Great for getting work done. I wore the keys down so you couldn't see the letters! Oh ya, and they were backlit. I want the keys on a slider keyboard Lumia WP8.2 to be backlit.
    It's ok to say what you want, isn't it?
  • Yea I would love to see a Lumia with a slider but I just don't know that it will ever happen.
  • and if it does, I would bet it would be an entry level phone.... :(
  • Exactly. It will be cheap plastic junk.
  • I am wondering who will be the special guest?
  • I think it is the new Asha design:

  • it is asha 210
  • I'm glad qwerty keyboard is gone! I like the bigger screen and thinner phone anyday! Imho
  • Those of us who prefer the speed (with accuracy), one-handed use, and ability to see the whole screen while typing (or type without looking at the screen at all) are of no threat to people who prefer the thinner, touch-screen only phones. No question, a physical keyboard will add a little bit of thickness (1-2mm), but for the apparent minority of us who strongly prefer typing on a slider keyboard (personally, I'd prefer a portrait slider, but either would be better than nothing), for the sake of Windows Phone as a platform, I suggest we should all support that there be at least 1 WP8 phone with a physical keyboard. Otherwise, there are many of us (I'm sure I'm not the only one), who will have to at least consider jumping to Android or Blackberry (blech on both counts) when our WP7 Arrives, Dell Venue Pros, etc. fail.
    If we are united by our appreciation for Windows Phone and want it to gain market share for better developer support, then we are both best served by there being a diverse range of hardware configurations.
  • This would be a good move if they did it for Windows Phones, they could then compete with Blacberry and it's qwerty keyboard phone.
  • Do you mean it might have a hardware keyboard? Because my Lumias have QWERTY keyboards already.
  • Aw :(
  • Like my phone the lg optimum 7q
  • If it isn't a lumia then it isn't a wp, right? Then why is it here?
  • Yep... Asha