Nokia TV

It would appear that the Nokia TV app has been released in the Windows Phone Marketplace. Finland's Windows Phone Marketplace that is.

Based on earlier information the Nokia TV app will tie into local television channels, have the ability to stream shows over wifi or data connection, and videos can be downloaded to the device for offline viewing.

Nokia TV

Not having any hands on with the app, we'll defer to any of our reader's who have had a chance to download and try Nokia TV. It is our understanding the app isn't listed in the Nokia Collection just yet. You'll need to search by keyword, scroll down the list of New Apps or you could try this link to the Marketplace.  Again, Nokia TV is only available in Finland is available everywhere but features only Finnish TV.

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After the break, check out a video walkthrough of Nokia TV that one of our readers tipped us on.  Sound off in the comments if you've tried Nokia TV and let us know what you think.

Via: Plaffo; Thanks, Dario and Danil, for the tips!

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