Claim: Nokia to update Lumia Windows Phone 8 smartphones with Bluetooth 4.0 support

Nokia is looking to roll out an update for its family of Windows Phone 8 products to introduce Bluetooth 4.0 support. Sources familiar with company plans have confirmed to The Verge that the update will include "low energy support for fitness devices like Fitbit, as well as a range of accessories Nokia is looking to launch".

We previously looked at leaked a PowerPoint slide detailing Bluetooth 4.0 support for the Lumia 520, 620 and 720, but Nokia will also reportedly be updating the 820, 920 and Lumia 1020 families of Windows Phones. All Nokia Windows Phone 8 hardware evidently include chipsets that support Bluetooth 4.0, but the functionality has yet to be enabled.

The Verge also notes that Nokia's new accessories will focus on Bluetooth low energy support combined with location services, including HERE Maps and HERE Drive. It's expected that Bluetooth 4.0 support will arrive in the Amber update (due in the coming weeks and months) but since the Lumia 925 and Lumia 1020 do not support Bluetooth 4.0, we could well be looking at a post-GDR2 update or the feature being enabled by a system software rollout, akin to Display + Touch.

Interestingly enough, this seems to be a Nokia-only endeavor with the Finnish company getting ahead of Microsoft for official Bluetooth 4.0 support. That means companies like Samsung, HTC and Huawei will either have to wait until Microsoft enables that feature (maybe by GDR3) or they will have to write their own Bluetooth stacks, something for which we wouldn't pin high hopes on.

Regardless, this is yet another example of how Nokia is driving the platform innovation while their competition sits by. Will future-enabled Bluetooth 4.0 support make a difference to you? How will you use it? Let us know in comments. 

via: The Verge

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Gimmie now!
  • Great news!
  • Very good news to nl920 owners
  • NokiAwesome!
  • But when arrive the that f**cking gdr2
  • Hey, chill out! Step by step, be happy with a good running system...
  • Good running system? Tell that to my Other storage which keeps on growing and growing and growing.
  • Hey other storage, chill out!
  • Lol +920 ^_^
  • lol
  • Not a good running system? Tell that to Windows 95 that isn't even backed by anybody anymore.
  • I'm with this guy. My 521 has 1.8gb in other storage and no way to clear it out. My temp files also refuse to clear, it just comes back a few Mb smaller. If I have 235mb and clear it, it comes back around 225-230mb a few seconds later. I had to delete a few games and apps so I have some free space.
  • Ur internet history takes up space too...and the photo uploads and backups and maybe even a little...
  • Uploads to Facebook count? I don't use SkyDrive often and pictures are saved to a 16gb card.
  • I had to reset my phone.  That cleared up 7-8 GBs of space on my 822 (which I bought in December), after reinstalling all my apps.  This should get me by until the GDR2 update.  If you do the reset, and use two-factor authenication with your Microsoft Account, you need to create an "App password" to log back into your MS account after the reset.  If you are still having problems, disable the two-factor authenication until you have everything setup again.
  • Good running system?! My 920 has been acting very sluggishly with screen transitions that ate now somewhat choppy. And while I am the biggest of WP and Nokia fans, having purchased numerous unlocked Symbian phones in the past and purchasing my first WP handset 11/2010, this learning keyboard doesn't seem to be learning at all!
  • I've had my 920 since December and despite installing (and uninstalling) loads of apps, totally filling it up a few times and having to remove photos/videos and throughout the whole time it's always run silky smooth. Are you sure you haven't run out of space?
  • 11gb free, and nothing in other storage. I have more problems with the keyboard than anything else. I absolutely love the phone and OS and will not switch...ever.
  • Good running system? It is laggy as hell! My other storage is 6GB in size and my phone sometimes even't won't open native apps anymore. It is a great OS but not as stable as WP7...
  • Sure your carrier didn't slip you an Android device?
  • Yep, never had any problems with how the system runs. Always smooth and fast.
  • I have been looking into the new headphones by Nokia but still cannot stomach the large price. Overall cool to hear.
  • I just love how much work Nokia puts into updates and customer satisfaction!  I hope they remain at the top of wp for a long time :) 
  • It should be called Nokia Phone, not Windows Phone. Considering that they seem to put a lot more effort into the platform than MS does. And they actually seem to care about what the consumer wants, unlike MS, who seems to have the "here it is, like it or not" approach to their own mobile OS.
  • This so true by the way. Thank you for pointing it out. That's the same exact way I feel towards microsoft's introduction to WP 8.
    Its as if they just made it so people can say that Microsoft is competing in the mobile platform not just in computers.
    Unlike other OSes like abdroid and apple , their main concern is the mobile phone platform
  • Microsoft helps Nokia get where they are. Microsoft helps Nokia with 75% of everything they do. Get your facts straight and talk with your mouth instead of your ass.
  • THIS!!!
  • lol, agree.
  • Get em Robert!
  • Over and over again Nokia is one upping Microsoft, its as if WP was a Nokia OS not Microsofts, because Microsoft certainly does not seem to give a damn about improving it in a timely manner.
    You have to wonder, is the MS WP team just 5 or 10 people working on the OS?
  • This ^
  • 5 or 10? A team that large could turn out updates much faster! It's probably 2-3 people.
  • 2-3.. LOLz. That's funny.. :D
  • Hahaha :P
  • The WP developer works in the cafeteria and only codes if an Office developer forgets to turn off his workstation.
  • The funny part of this is that its actually so many people that slows the process down. The fragmentation within the company is why it takes them so long. Hopefully this new reorganization will speed things up. To say Nokia cares "more" than MS is just silly. They're able to direct their focus much more.
  • AGREED!!!
  • Microsoft either doesn't care about WP8 or is incompetent at developing software. Their track record with other software makes me believe that they don't care.
  • Hahaha! The largest most successful software company of all time is "incompetent at developing software." Wow.
  • You people don't even know what your talking about. 75% of everything Nokia does is with the help of Microsoft. Nokia isn't working by themselves. They have an ENORMOUS amount of help during development from Microsoft.
    Unless you know what you're tlaking about, don't say it...
  • At the same time, if WP failed, MS would be ok. Nokia... well that's not so sure.
  • It would take six months for Nokia to release an Android phone. And people would be all over it.
  • *no one, thanks to Samsung, would be all over it. Fixed it for ya.
  • Didn't you read the artical the day and what Steven Elop said the other day.
    he said he looked at android and said no  there is to many companys developing phones with android thats why he decided to go with MS and put out somthing fresh new and differant then said he's glad he made the move it was the right one.
  • Jesus another one. Downvoting if i could.
  • +1... No Android pls
  • If Nokia seems quite eager to make the moves it's not to Microsoft's discredit but Nokia's tenacity...they are the one actually making the phones, they really have the most to lose. So they're pushing their own value using Windows Phone. The OS is improving but Nokia is making the moves as they should. If they push it harder they have more to gain, Microsoft is getting its share regardless. It's about Lumia.
  • And this would be why I love Nokia.. Love the support behind the great hardware...
  • Ya Nokia you are the best :)
  • Go Nokia :D
  • Gotta love Nokia driven support.
  • Hopefully an official FitBit app to follow!? :-)
  • This please. I really dislike having to sync with my PC.
  • OMG...just a read comparison b/w s4 and that they have specified 1020 doesnt hav 4.0 support...its a good news for me...rels the update soon
  • But.. Will this fix the multitude of BT issues in vehicles? I have an older aftermarket in my Rav4. Works great. In my new Subaru Impreza its horrible and there are a lot of WP8 and WP7 users reporting the same.
  • I was gonna ask the same thing. The BT support in my 2013 Escape with Sync sucks!
  • Reboot your phone and delete sync from your phone. Then delete your phone from the sync system. Next do a master reset on your sync system. Finally just pair your phone and the sync together. This helped me out a lot on my 2010 Fusion.
  • All this is great, but I'm really getting tired reading about updates. Nice if these things actually happen soon.
  • I love the support but growing anxious for Amber to come. I might just get a 1020 instead of waiting for Amber to come to my ATT 920 :-S
  • Thank You!
  • Does 4.0 equal better streaming or longer distance for pairing?
  • Wikipedia is your friend. Remember, we have a great Wiki app. Download and look bt 4.0 up.
  • Haha. I do have it installed. Off to wiki then :)
  • It allows for a lower energy mode which is less straining on your battery.
  • I'm still waiting on a 18 month old update from HTC to fix a microphone problem...
    Nokia is enabling features before MS gets it in the OS?!?
    Um, next phone = Nokia!
    Maybe Nokia should buy Microsoft and show them how it's done lol
  • Pebble Watch!!!
  • That and fitbit
  • What about the Lumia 925?
  • Yes.
  • Will this make the music I play in my car sound clearer?
  • No.
  • Largely due to what I read here, I wnt with the 920. Nokia just keeps on impressing me. And have you seen their clothes hangers?
  • Good for Nokia owners. Another nail in HTC's coffin. HTC better not ever make another WP. They won't sale even half of what they sold so far. Which is nothing.
  • I'm guessing the Lumia 810 is the red headed step child
  • The 822 also... The only thing working in the 822's favor is that Verizon didn't abandon it like TM and the 810.
  • 822 is also getting BT4. Bro.
  • I was hoping to be able to use the Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor that is on Amazon for the iPhone 4S and 5 which I believe uses Bluetooth 4 to connect the monitor to the phone. However a representative of the company sent this reply to me when I asked if Nokia's plan to implement Bluetooth 4 functionality on their phones would allow me to use the monitor in the same way on my 920: "It will not allow you to use this functionality straight away. I am sure that our development team will work on enabling this option at some point. Unfortunately I cannot give you any dates nor promise this function will work within a certain time frame, but I am sure our dev. team will make use of this option at some point."
  • That is what I want too.
  • Man I was going to message them about this exact thing!!! I hope they do cuz they are aware of the lack of Bluetooth 4.0 that they read up on nokia's developer page.
  • Endomondo are giving the same response regarding support for heart rate monitors in their WP app: No immediate plans.
  • I wish Nokia/MS could push out regular, small feature updates for phones.
  • ... other than the ones that have been coming out every quarter by MS and every 2 months or so by Nokia? What exactly do you want?
  • Last feature update from MS was portico in January. For an OS that is behind in features, the GDR 2 update that may be out 6 to 7 months after portico has only a few new features. Doesn't look like progress to me.
  • I am starting to think Nokia is the owner of wp8, Every useful update made by Nokia. what  the hell is MS doing.
  • Nothing. Which is why I wish they would leave the control and development of WP with Nokia.
  • Too much testing at MS.... Not complaining, would rather have someone late that works 100% of the time vs someone on time, but only works 75% of the time :P
  • Everyone gets so impatient about when the update will becoming.  Think about it, I do not know of a cellphone manufacturer that even has one update each year, much less a few that adds functionality and quick hot fixes.  Just relax, it will come soon enough.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 is one of the things that Microsoft should have prioritized for the release of the WP8 OS. My GS 3 that I bought in July of 2011 supported Bluetooth 4 out of the box. I am glad that Nokia is picking up the ball where Microsoft dropped it.
  • Umm.. Let me think.. Nokia. Yes, they did release an update for my old Symbian phone for four years, every year. That's why I keep buying a Nokia.
  • Did anyone with a brain actually thought they would release this on the lower phones and leave the 820 and 920 (and its variants) out? Come on, people...
    That said, I'm definitely just not happy with the time they take to release these things. A snail moves faster...
  • Yeah, but it's faster than HTC, Samsung, Huawei, etc.
  • Why anyone would buy anything other than a Nokia is beyond my comprehension.
  • Nokia is the best. Their CEO will go down as a legend. Ask me why? They are forcing Microsoft's hand on a buy out. 18 months from now they will be a minor version of Samsung / Google. Only difference is, MS will buy out Nokia to bring it all under their banner. They will get a great price for shareholders given MS generosity and a minor coming back in stock next year. Elop new a buyout would not happen if they went Android, they would have just stayed as a smarter better tun HTC.
  • I don't think and truly hope that never happens. It's bad enough that the current CEO of Nokia is an ex-Microsoft CEO. Keep them apart. Cooperation yes, dominion no.
  • This is why I've chosen a Nokia over any other manufacturer
  • Guys..i cant here your..Microsoft is doing nothing and Nokia is doing everything statements anymore
  • Ditto!!!
  • By any chance, do you guys have HTC or Samsung phones?
  • HTC lol but it looks cool :-)
  • I hope this also addresses the fact that WP8 basically doesn't completely support HSP in a useful way- if you have a headset that doesn't do stereo audio aka "music" then voice commands become useless, as apps cannot push audio through HSP (aka "voice"). When weather live was still around: "weather live, what's the forecast for Friday" said into a BT headset without stereo would not give a reply over the headset, instead it goes through the phone's speakers.
  • I've never had a problem using any of these features
  • Probably because you don't know what I'm talking about.
  • Oooh... This one is feisty. Take it easy Francis.
  • Sad because bluetooth devices like the Nokia Play 360 won't receive a firmware update to Bluetooth 4.0. 
  • BT 4.0 makes no difference when using Play 360 or any other BT speaker
  • Can't wait.
  • The "Nokia is putting in more effort than Microsoft" comments are crazy. We have no idea how much support & time Microsoft is providing Nokia to rush these out. While Nokia is a superb company who is putting all resources in, we shouldn't act like they don't scratch each others' backs
  • THIS!!!
  • I really hope you are right. Both have a lot riding on this co-operation.
    I reeally hope Nokia and WindowsPhone succeed.
  • Nokia 1020 no Bluetooth 4
    0?! Seals a no buy
  • You're misreading it. Lumia 1020 supports BT 4.0, it's just not in the current version of its shipped software, aka Amber. It will have to be in another update.
  • he is not going to buy 1020 anyway... why waste time trying to make him understand?
  • Can't wait, I'll buy a Fitbit the day it happens for my 928
  • Was gonna say but didn't see 928 mentioned or it got fold into the "Nokia family" type thing.
  • Good Noks
  • Pretty cool, looking forward to it...
  • Will we finally get a Fitbit app now???...Sure hope so!!!
  • 810?
  • We 810 owners are screwed. Thank tmobile for leaving us on the side of the road. I think we will get the update too!
  • Been there, done that, have the "HTC Arrive on the Sprint Now network" T-Shirt! :'(
  • Yap, I'd like soon to be able to use Fitbit's Flex with my Lumia. Hopefully there's a fully features app from Fitbit on the way.
  • No update for the 810? It sucks being stuck with a phone for 2 years that won't get any updates.
  • Very kool. I have been wanting a heart rate transmitter strap.
  • This is a clear sign that Nokia is doing everything they possibly can to make the platform succeed. But Microsoft is playing catch up!
  • Gonna be interesting what Nokia's gonna bring up as far as the accessories are concerned...
  • nokiAWESOME
  • BT4 is another Nokia timing exclusive? :)
  • Fact: if you don't buy Nokia, you're not getting the full potential of Windows Phone 8. I wish MS and Nokia would simply just take over the whole thing themselves. United they stand, split up with Huawei, Samsung and HTCs lackluster support of the platform they will fall... IMO.
  • I think Microsoft should accept all manufacturers who want to make WP. Quality & support will weed out the pretenders, but the more opportunities ions the better, particularly in foreign markets where certain brands are big draws - like brands in China.
  • Rich... In answer to your question, "how will you use it?"... Well FitBit of course ;-)
  • Aptx would be great too, they should support that.
  • I agree. That would bring out the full potential of the,purity pro headphones.
  • Yay! I will finally be able to use the heart rate monitor with my 920 and ditch this iPhone once and for all.
  • Will we be able to use bluetooth keyboard/mice with L920? 
    Like the Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse (
    and the Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard ( ?
    I want to use bluetooth keyboard/mice for Remote Desktop (Splashtop)
  • That's why I love the Finns'. Great support towards their customers. Bring it on & even more
  • OK so let me get this straight.
    even though when Nokia releases a phone for Windows Phone 8 it might say Bluetooth 2.1 or 3.0 it only means software support.
    The Device could actualy have a Blutooth 4.0 chipset and can run 4.0 devices as long as teh software support is there ?
    This is what is sounds like to me . SO let me ask you THIS???
    Could the Nokia lumia 920, 920, 928 and 1020 have an HD Display but the software does not yet support it until GDR3 ?
     will thoes devices be upgraded to HD Display just like the Bluetooth 4.0?
  • Those models have 768 pixels... No amount of software will change it to 1080 pixels (full HD)
    But if you mean 720p (HD), then that is already catered for.
  • Excellent!
  • Yussssssss!!!!! :-)
  • I really hope this helps the nightmare that is connecting to my car stereo!
  • Mio Alpha, if it will ever be compatible with WP8.
  • This is why you choose Nokia every time. ^_^
  • My fitbit flex is finally coming this weekend, so this is good news to me =).
  • I hope it fixes the cutting in and out in my Hyundai. My hands free calling and messaging doesn't work that great.
  • "Regardless, this is yet another example of how Nokia is driving the platform innovation while their competition sits by." How do you know they are sitting by? All I see is a bunch of BS speulation with no substantiation accompanied by the usual wpcentral adoration of Nokia.
  • You obviously haven't been paying attention.
  • The 920 Bluetooth is definatly sh!t right now. Hopefully this update will enable all of the advanceds features of bluetooth that have been around for ages, Profiles, A2DP etc...
    This is my ONLY annoyance with the Nokia/MS system at the mo - leaving out crucial features such as that.
  • Nice. Unfortunately, I won't use it in the near future since I don't have those accessories :)
  • Like I've always said Nokia takes special initiative for WP8 whereas all others sits by...
    And yes Bluetooth 4.0 will make a difference like all other Nokia Apps, Lumia Exclusive Games & apps and much more perks like these. A very happy Nokia owner where its not just other OEMs like HTC, Samsung, etc sits by even MSFT sits by that Nokia is working more than required to bring features t MSFT which they're lazy about and the feature list of updates in GDR2 was :/
  • Rich can u post a pic of the theme color choices in settings on your amber 925?
  • again, no love for 810... FML.
  • So I can finally sync my Fitbit Flex without needing my computer, woo! Well, provided they open up the API to allow that since it isn't an official app. Still, awesome.
  • Wait... isn't the Lumia 925 Nokia's flagship device? Why doesn't it get BT4.0?
  • This is good news, but only if the update contains also the SAP protocol, that has been missing since Symbian.
    Lots of car handsfree kits (like Mercedes) use this to be able to "hijack" the SIM from the phone and use the built in GSM phone in the car. Saves the mobile battery and gives a lot better reception using the cars antenna.
  • Hey guys, it's been almost over a month since wpcentrol posted this item about the "Amber" update. Where do you keep track of the announcement of a delivery date? When do MS & Nokia finally release this update? I check every day on my phone (though the settings are to check automatically :) but no updates so far? Anyone?
  • Why is the 925 not able to support 4.0? Does that mean we won't get it ever or via future updates?