Nokia will reportedly announce a virtual reality product on July 28

Nokia is set to hold a mysterious event on July 28, and according to a new report, the company may be gearing up to take its first step into the virtual reality space.

Details are extremely light, but the product is reportedly being developed by the Nokia Technologies team that stayed with the company after Microsoft purchased its phone business. From Re/Code:

The product to be shown next week comes from Nokia Technologies, the advanced product group left over when the Finnish company sold its phone business to Microsoft. The same unit is working to get back into the phone business next year via a licensing deal.

It's unclear what form a virtual reality offering from Nokia will take, but, if true, it would definitely be an interesting development. Since the Microsoft acquisition of Nokia's phone division, the company has only produced one product — the Android-powered Nokia N1 tablet. If it does enter the VR space, it will be joining a number of other companies, such as Oculus and HTC, in pursuing a market ripe for growth.

Source: Re/Code

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  • Produced??? Mean licensed there name...
  • *their
  • Their
  • Flow got to loves it.
  • *love. And it doesn't excuse proof reading.
  • But he was first!  That counts for something... :)
  • First 2 articles in a row. Booyah!
  • @Swizzlerz.
    It could is still be "produced" as it is most likely a product incubated designed, re-iterated by Nokia's Tech division. Without knowing the full nitty gritty it would be rather premature to jump to conclusions. Edit: Windows central app is bugging out for me. Shows this comment at the bottom.
  • It was clearly spelt out at the launch of that tablet that they were licensing there name. Time will tell if they are more then a name.
  • "Their", there, or they're. I wonder which one is intended? Proof reading would solve it.
  • Swiz . Nokia will do all the R&D and come with a workin prototype . Who manufacture it is not important .
  • Time will tell. I suspect it will be the same case as with the last nokia tablet. Foxcon design built sold. Nokia was a name.
  • Nope. Nokia design
  • July 28th. Do they think anyone (aside from us, of course) will notice with Windows 10 coming the next day?
  • Yeas because are tons of Nokia technology too I want to see what they have to show.
  • Do you think (aside from us, of course) anyone will give a rats arse about the launch of Windows 10? Nop. Average consumers only notice things when they reach shelves and they need them.
  • Actually, yes. With the "Get Windows 10" taskbar item and the pop-ups that it will incur, people will at least become interested -- maybe at first just with how to remove the icon... But it all flows nicely from there ;)
  • OR they will simply ignore the icon. All the non-techy people I talked to and asked if they had reserved W10 looked confused. They hadn't noticed the logo there and those who did, didn't care for it. Once again, Microsoft's marketing teams aren't making that much of an effort.
  • That's where the pop-ups come into play. I'll admit I haven't seen any yet on my 8.1 laptop, but they are planning on further promoting the upgrade from within Windows. I definitely agree that their marketing is generally horrendous. The "10 reasons to upgrade" series is looking good so far though.
  • Yes because all the people you claim to k ow are so indicative of the overall population. For someone who comes off so anti Microsoft and doesn't even use a windows phone and always has something negative to say, you sure do spend a lot of time on wj windows central.
  • That's how surveys work, a selection of the population is used to reflect an entire population.
  • Says the guy who uses an iPhone. Shut up, Micah. My friends are more indicative of the average Windows user than you are. At least none of them comes full of bullsh*t love for Microsoft while using other phones. ;)
  • You sound so stupid. Truly you do. Your friends are more indicative of the average windows users? I work selling windows products daily to the average user so try again. I can use any phone I wish to use. Doesn't make me less of a fan foe Microsoft. You make absolutely no sense.
  • Hey, buddy, your Nokia people does not know how to design a slick phone. all the phone that they design up to this point is thick and heavy.
  • That's funny because those are the only windows phones that selling. So Lumia has to be doing something right
  • Design-wise, the Lumia 800 is better than any current flagship. But it seems that for the average one, "well designed" is just a metallic and paper thin piece of screen. My all-time favourite is the E52, anyway.
  • Not really, Windows as a product is known much more than Android. Ask anyone which is not tech savy who owns a LG or Samsung phone if they know what Android is and they probably won't know, however ask any of those who own a PC what is Windows and they will tell. Android marketshare may be twice but that doesn't mean all its users know that Android is powering their device. BTW Samsung is much more popular than Android as a whole, did you read about Qualcomm layoffs? This is because Samsung is not using Qualcomms chips anymore and that impacted Android OEM Qualcomm.
  • What does that have anything to do with people upgrading to Windows 10? People know Windows of course. The majority grows up with it. It doesn't mean they know or care for the specific version they're using or even care about upgrades and updates. The majority just uses whatever comes with the PC they buy. Just like the majority of Android don't know what the heck is Lollipop, JellyBean etc.
  • This! Most people actually didn't know what is it. Is to discreet that you don't know is there.
  • Or Nokia picked July 28 because it's 1 day before the Windows 10 launch and they want their new VR device ready and top-of-mind specifically for all the new Windows 10 customers coming the next day. ;-)
  • Good point. Also I think MS will advertise more starting on the 29th and definitely in August since there will be new products with Windows 10 available.
  • Windows 10 will be much more adopted at the enterprise that Windows 8.1 ever did, and that's because of the Start Menu back which increases productivity on non touch devices.  
  • Not sure what you mean about the Start Menu being more productive. One click on a tile versus clicking on the menu to go into a menu to go into a is that more productive?
  • So who the fuck care about Nokia too asshole.Windows is much bigger name than Nokia
  • Buddy, if you don't use the language carefully, (no matter which side you are) you'll be banned. Give respect and take respect. Brands make money anyway. Don't waste your time defending or attacking one. Peace.
  • @Owen Dugmore:
    Depends... If it is a (licensed) version of Hololens.
  • Nokia Glass.....maybe not :)
  • Good Thing with this vr and ar...more OEMs means low price .
  • Probably McLaren or the 1020 successor running adroid!
  • Nokia will not be announcing phones months away from being able to release them ;)
  • @JohnStrk:
    OR .... Lumia 1020 successor running Windows 10 mobile, presented by Stephen Elop. ^.^
  • Sorry to disappoint, but people have to realize that all the talented engineers and designers that made awesome Nokia phones in the past are now with Microsoft (except for those who got laid off), meaning that when they get back to making new phones in 2016, they will be designed by completely different people, either new employees or, most likely, by third parties who will pay to license the Nokia brand. I'm not saying they won't be good devices but, since phones don't design themselves, it will be as if they were made by a completely different company (different people) with a Nokia brand slapped on them.
  • @AndreasONN: The Research division that (probably) invented Nokia's oversampling technology in the first place is stil part of Nokia. And Nokia could rehire people laid off by Microsoft. So what should stop them from developing a sophisticated Phone?!
  • No, they are NOT. Put that through your head. Actually, the majority of the people that made the WP devices you love so much are neither at Microsoft nor Nokia. The designers either stayed with Nokia or quit for other companies. The R&D teams remained at Nokia (they're what you now call Nokia Technologies). And Nokia kept ALL the patents. Which means, if someone can actually produce one of the awesome Nokia phones like the ones of the past, that someone is NOKIA and NOT Microsoft.   And go instruct yourself on Nokia's business model because I'm sick of explaining it. It's as much slapping a brand on a different company device as future Lumias will be (since Microsoft is going to outsource those too).
  • Andreas
    Since 80% of those engineers were fired by Microsoft, no problem for Nokia to rehire them
  • design team :)
  • So keeping the management/design team that ran Nokia into trouble is good!
  • That's what I was waiting for a long time... Come on Nokia...!!!
  • I think Windows 10 tablet.. Lol
  • By the way what would it be?? Does anybody have any idea??
  • All I have to day is, "So What"!
  • I think the world will end on the 30th of July and the big companies know it, so they announce what ever the heck of technology the want as it won't really matter after the 30th. It will all be gone. Btw I am announcing a teleportation device on the 27th. okay.
  • I knew it was VR related... the pic had 2 lenses
  • To everyone that said That all of Nokia's designers went to Microsoft, this article proves differently.
  • Honestly I bet it runs windows 10 on it
  • Wow, this is definitely what was missing in the marketplace!! Home run! /s
  • Cool:D love Nokia :D
  • Meizu is sending out invitations to a press event on July 29 China time (which is July 28 in the US) that include a Nokia 1110 phone as a teaser. Already earlier this year it was reported that Meizu and Nokia are cooperating in developing a new Android smartphone called the "Nokia/Meizu Supreme". It is said to include a 60 MP PureView camera plus other technologies which were originally planned for the Lumia 1030. Nokia apparently is also working on Hyperspectral Imaging. Very exciting what new visual technologies the new Nokia/Meizu phone will include.
  • All that could be but the Meizu event appears to be on a lower mid range device.
  • IF such a phone happens (which I highly doubt), it won't sport any Nokia branding in it as Nokia can not license their brand for use until 2016. The Meizu phone CAN however sport Nokia patents in the imaging area for example. But then again, so will future LG phones.
  • Lets see what they've been cooking up.  Maybe it'll be worth it.
  • Produced *one product... Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • that's my birthday!
  • Looking forward for that......
  • A bit of joke, but seems like the virtual reality is right thing for Nokia, as they want to produce phones with 0 employees and know how ;).
  • Since it's the day before Microsoft's big day, it's most likely a VR device with Windows 10 support like Oculus & Vive,
  • Is hololens considered a wearable portable a pc?
  • Yes
  • Alot of people are gonna do it on 28th to try n overshadow Win 10 release. Probably anyway :p
  • Look! Nokia phone design is horrendous at best. Look at iPhone, HTC. Even Samsung phone are look a mile better and sleek than any Lumia phone . I am currently own Lumia 1520, 830, 635 , 920. And right now write this comment using HTC One M8.
  • Re: Tompham,
    Fashion changes over time. Compare the HTC TouchPro and then the later HTC TouchPro2 to your HTC One M8. Based on your type of thinking, you, would have said HTC design is horrendous, at one point in time.
  • You use an m8 nuff said. That phone is unattractive
  • Some of the Chinese phone maker design look even better than the cumbersome, thick heavy Lumia phone.
  • If it's powered with Windows 10 PC's like Occulus Rift, I'm all in and will be looking how this technology is different from Occulus and Sony Morpheus, but if it uses Android I pass.
  • I'm glad more and more companies are getting into the VR space - Oculus seem to have achieved a lot technically, but it seems like we've been reading about them for years and years and there's still nothing ready to buy today at the consumer level. Seems like Oculus has been talking about it for longest but others have caught up.
  • Re: Dan Harris,
    Maybe they haven't actually achieved that much. Maybe its been just marketing eyewash? Time will tell what they truly have accomplished.
  • Although in infancy, VR space is already getting crowded. So let's hope Nokia has a differentiated product/proposition/positioning, has strong partners, or simply introducing some tech that it seeks to license to others.
  • It could be small but powerful 3-d camera. Recordings or live-feed viewable on any proper VR headset or 3-d solution. Which would make GoPros and webcams of today instantly obsolete.
  • Go Nokia !
  • I think you're all wrong. Nobody realised the phrase: "Now HERE" in the event? It's about Nokia Here maps. Maybe a standalone GPS navigation device.
  • Then it would be event organized by HERE.
  • launch a freaky phone ! damnit