Nokia Technologies will hold a mysterious press event on July 28

Nokia Technologies has something they want to talk about on July 28, and they want to tell members of the media about it. The company has sent out invites for select outlets to attend a "VIP event" in Los Angeles on that date.

Nokia event teaser

As you can see in the teaser invite posted on PhoneArena, it uses an odd close up image of ... something, with the words "Nowhere", and then a second message. "Now here" below it. So what does this mean? Some are speculating that Nokia could announce a buyer for its HERE Maps subsidiary, which has been rumored to be for sale for a while.

Another possibility is that Nokia could reveal a new version of its Android-based tablet, which was first introduced in November. Of course, some are already claiming that Nokia is about to announce their official return to the smartphone business, but since their contract with Microsoft keeps them from actually doing that until the fourth quarter of 2016, that seems unlikely.

Source: PhoneArena

John Callaham