Grab the winners of Nokia's 'Create Master' contest for your Windows Phone and make it great

Nokia kicked off its global Create contest late last year and we've covered new missions kicking off as the program ran its course. Developers were invited to develop apps for a number of categories, ranging from image and photography all the way to work life. Nokia has now announced the grand winner of the Create contest, as well as winning apps for each category.

Pass the break to see who won and pick them up for your phone today!

The Grand Winner - Pikura


The Nokia Create Grand Prize goes to Pikura, but what is this app all about? It's an app and service that brings gamification to mobile photography. Enjoy capturing photos on your smartphone? Pablo Moncunill and Joe Fernández have turned mobile photography into a social game with rewards and more.

Users can create challenges (example: "take a picture of the biggest burger you can find") and anyone can participate but uploading a photo, with other users voting on submissions to determine the winning entry. It's a super neat concept and one we can see doing well with Lumia Windows Phone owners.

The team has won the following:

  • An expenses paid trip for both of them to go to Barcelona to attend Mobile World Congress, where the app will be showcased and the developers will be able to network and promote Pikura.
  • Nokia will produce a video promoting Pikura and will publish it on the Nokia YouTube channel for millions of Lumia users to see.
  • Nokia will promote the developers on Nokia Developer channels.
  • Pikura will get 4 weeks of promotion on Windows Phone Store and App Social.
  • They’ll also receive a 10,000 EUR credit on Microsoft Advertising pubCenter or similar to run a campaign to promote Pikura.

Want to give it a try? You can grab Pikura from the Windows Phone Store for free.

Mission Category Winners


As touched on above, we not only have a grand winner for the contest itself, but also one winning app per-category. Here are the final winners:

Each of the above winning entries will be heading to Mobile World Congress 2014 to receive further support from Nokia and co. Congratulations to all winning apps and developers.

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