Nokia WP7 to 'blow our socks off'

I'm sure you're all excited about Nokia and how they can bring superb hardware to the table for Windows Phone 7, we are too. Now we have a tweet by Dave Trevaskus, Senior Training Consultant at Nokia (according to his Twitter bio), where he displays some real excitement about a Nokia WP7 handset running Mango and that it's going to blow our socks off (of course, he's not going to say "our devices are crap, boo!") Just a little something to keep the hype up, would be great to see some visual representation soon.

Unfortunately, the guy wasn't using a WP7 to tweet but from his statement, either he's being sarcastic and is fearful for the company, or their planned handsets really are going to remove our socks with force. We've recently covered Nokia with their camera implementation on the N8 handset, so we're expecting high standards in terms of hardware, both internal and external.

Source: @DaveTrevaskus, via: PocketNow

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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