Nokia WP7 to 'blow our socks off'

I'm sure you're all excited about Nokia and how they can bring superb hardware to the table for Windows Phone 7, we are too. Now we have a tweet by Dave Trevaskus, Senior Training Consultant at Nokia (according to his Twitter bio), where he displays some real excitement about a Nokia WP7 handset running Mango and that it's going to blow our socks off (of course, he's not going to say "our devices are crap, boo!") Just a little something to keep the hype up, would be great to see some visual representation soon.

Unfortunately, the guy wasn't using a WP7 to tweet but from his statement, either he's being sarcastic and is fearful for the company, or their planned handsets really are going to remove our socks with force. We've recently covered Nokia with their camera implementation on the N8 handset (opens in new tab), so we're expecting high standards in terms of hardware, both internal and external.

Source: @DaveTrevaskus (opens in new tab), via: PocketNow (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • As I've written before, Nokia makes some fantastic quality phones the likes of which HTC (maker of my middling Arrive) can't touch. Come Mango, they will have great software to run on their great devices. All I want for Christmas is an N8 with the screen on the E7 and the requisite bump in resolution and processing power.However, as a former Symbian user (and by the way, Symbian really isn't as bad as it gets knocked for), I am worried about losing some great features that Symbian offers. Will Mango allow the following things that Nokia's phones do?* Removable storage.* Front-facing camera.* HDMI out.* FM transmission.It would be a shame to have to give up on those awesome features. In addition, Symbian lets you do some lesser things that are nevertheless nice, like:* Text message from your phone number on your desktop.* Browse the filesystem by Bluetooth.* Sync to the desktop by Bluetooth (or cable).* Install alternative keyboards, browsers, media players, etc. and set them as default.* Side-load applications.I would love it if Nokia can bring these things along for the ride on WP7, too, although I can probably live without them (side-loading is the toughest to give up).
  • Removable storage - most likely no.Front-facing camera, HDMI out - most likely yes.FM transmission - no idea (what's that?).Out of the second list - none of those things are likely.Despite Nokia supposedly getting more freedom to tinker with WP7, I highly doubt that Microsoft would allow them to change fundamental things like lack of filesystem access or changing media player.
  • @futurix - The FM Transmitter basically replaces the aux input cable that someone would use to connect the mp3 player to the receiver in a car; you simply set the device (i.e. N8) to an open FM station and you can then listen to the songs stored on your device. Need to have, not really; but nice to have. I recently purchased a N8 and tried this feature out - pretty cool.
  • o, thats what it is... i thought it meant able to receive FM radio stations and i started scratching my head going, huh?
  • @xImtc...Given that I just purchased the N8, I am still discovering a lot a features that the device/OS has to offer (and it is a pretty vast!). Given that Nokia will have a little more freedom, so to speak, with the WP OS, perhaps Nokia will be able to implement some of these features on their phones, as it would be another differentiator (aside from the build quality and design) from the current OEMs. Even if they don't, Nokia will still get my money when they release a WP device :)
  • I prefer to keep my expectations low as both these companies have a history of making mobile products with really poor user experience and try to get away with it until their backs are against the wall.
  • Bring W7(X7) to verizon!