Nokia Equalizer

Nokia's custom audio equaizer for the Lumia 820

Just this morning we reported on Nokia’s exclusive Dolby Headphone system coming to their new Lumia Windows Phone 8 lineup. The technology would be used to augmented and enhance the native Windows Phone capabilities, giving users a great music experience.

As it turns out, video of the app already exists and was demonstrated in New York. We snapped a few screencaps of the app in action and here is what we can tell you..

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Nokia Equalizer


  • It has an adjustable 7-channel equalizer
  • 18 Presets including bass, dance, etc

Not too shabby as many users have been asking for years for an adjustable equalizer for audio fine-tuning. Along with Dolby’s patented technology for acoustic manipulation, we can expect the Lumia 820 and 920 to pump out some excellent tunes.

Nokia Equalizer

Manipulating the EQ by screen touch

Source: BWOne (YouTube); Thanks, fwaits, for the tip in comments