Nokia's first WP7 device, 'Sea Ray', demoed [Video]

Update 2.5: The original video is down/over loaded, so we have a nice YouTube version above for your viewing pleasure. Now our mobile app users are good to go.

Codenamed "Sea Ray", let us present you Nokia's first Windows Phone 7 device (opens in new tab) which is planned to be released later this year. Check out the full presentation in the video above (remember to put your cameras away!). If you wish to skip to the part where the device is shown, hit up the 1.15 marker in the video.

Mango is also demoed and walked through after the device is shown off. Check out a couple of pictures below too, stunning eh (features Gorilla Glass and Carl Zeiss optics too)? What do you guys think of the first entry into the platform?

Source: (opens in new tab), via: Engadget (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
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  • thank you :)
  • I wonder is MS is allowing to have all On screen controls. That would fantastic! [after I see actual specs]
  • Why is this fantastic? I think this is even worse than current simulated hardware buttons...
  • Why don't you think it isn't fantastic?
  • It'll take up screen space. If they auto-hide, that's an extra step if you want to use any of the buttons. If they don't auto-hide, it'll increase the chance of accidentally pressing a button.Good hardware buttons are just the best way to go.
  • Gotta agree with that. Hardware "click" buttons would be optimal in my opinion, but a close second is the touch buttons we have now. Having on-screen buttons would simply cut into our current screen size, and would be much less efficient to use.
  • Basically this is the N9 but with WP7... I'm hoping they "forget" to put the buttons on the front. I hate accidentally bumping the search button, drives me insane on my Mozart.Also its safe to assume there will be additional colours too. Nokia is always fun with their designs.I'm hoping to move to Nokia from HTC. At least with Nokia it will have great battery and a great camera, 2 Things lacking from the Mozart
  • Software buttons are the worst idea ever. Breath on them wrong and you're taken back to the home screen. Its the principal thing I can't stand about my Arrive, an otherwise pretty nice piece of hardware.
  • Software buttons are indeed annoying. I'm confident that battery life will be very good as a result of both mango optimizations and Nokia's magic.
  • I think I like the idea of different configurations on handsets.I think the 'swipe' function on the N9 is cool. If that's all it took to get to the home screen, I'd be happy with that. But I guess you would still need the back button for multitasking.I guess I just hate that stupid search button.Actually I just hate capacitive buttons.
  • this is my dream phone :Dit's awesome, love the colours too, if they release it with the colours available now@nokia, can you release it in Hong Kong as soon as possible? please? I just hate seeing everyone holding a device that looks the same (iPhone), its boring unlike this :pyay nokia maps!!!!
  • Want. This looks awesome.
  • Nokia here I come!!!
  • @ By slurmattAgree with you, my biggest bug bear is pressing the 'Search' button by accident, the option to delay action on this by x seconds would really make things a lot better.
  • I'll take two on Sprint, please.
  • I wonder if they'll create a CDMA version for launch?
  • Wow. I like that.The N9 is beautiful. If we can get WP7 in that device we are in for some treats :-)Go, Nokia Go!!
  • The aesthetic is nice! I personally like the black/pink/cyan concept designs moreso. Actually, I hope that this is just a port of WP on to the N9 design for a couple of reasons: all of the hype with the N9 reveal leaves this (if it is actually going to be a WP device) as a 'oh well, saw this a couple of days ago' kinda of thing (at least for me). Plus, I would rather Nokia create a design unique to WP7 and not rehash their shell as HTC and Samsung does with the their WP7 devices. Although the concepts were seen months ago, at least it a design that is not currently in a part of Nokia's current stable. Maybe this is just a red herring or misdirect? I still think that this design will sell well as a Nokia/WP device.
  • I know this is running mango. But.... If this is a "mango device"... I'm a little bit disappointed for not having a front facing camera. Any news on that?
  • Front facing camera? They assuming it does!
  • Looks nice, hate leaks like this though. If they are going to show it, have nice material like the N9. I guess they just wanted to show that they are focused on Windows Phone 7, but at this point it just makes N9 look better.
  • Agree. Many, including myself, oohhed and aahhed at the design factor of the N9 two days ago; and now, a 'leak' of the new WP device that looks exactly the same (save the camera button). At least with the concept designs, there was anticipation of what the device might look like, even though they said that they were only concepts. But at least we had anticipation that something new, never before seen, would be revealed for Nokia WP phones. If this is truly the device that is going to be released, well, we've seen it before, two days ago. Not the fanfare that I had hoped for with the regards to the Nokia WP device given the exclusive deal between Microsoft and Nokia as I was looking forward them revealing it at a special VIP, invitation only event.
  • Exactly, not sure why Nokia put such a huge press release into the N9 and then two days later say "oh yeah, similar phone for Windows Phone 7 too". I thought Windows Phone 7 was their focus? Right now it seems exactly like HTC last year with the DesireHD getting all the attention and the WP7 phones being afterthoughts.
  • Should have been the other way round, reveal the new WP7 device and two days later say 'oh, here's a dead-end meego device as well". Stupid move.
  • Because they have been working on this device much longer than they have been working on WP7 devices. Also they still need to sell this phone which has a rumoured release of Sept 23. Yes this might be the one and only meego device but its still a good looking phone with great features, lower app support than wp7 but is definitely more capable than wp7 nodo. (Biggest pet peeve of mine on wp7 is the global volume control: I want the volume for the ringer, the alarm and music to be separate!).
  • @theefman..Agree. If this is the device that they are going to launch WP7 with, it should have been revealed first especially given that WP is their primary OS. Nokia stated that they wanted 'Apple-Like' secrecy for the WP7 device, so I really hope that this is a misdirect to keep the media/blogs busy until the new, never before used design, never before seen, device is released.
  • That's an absolutely beautiful device. Well done Nokia. Now will you please ship this states side when it's released in the fall? Makes the other product on the market right now look amaturish. Well done indeed.
  • I too get a bit frustrated with the search button accidental hit on my Trophy. I suppose though that Mango will resolve the issue as the program will continue to run (given the multitasking) even when I hit it now. With that said, I like the asthetics of no buttons on the face of the phone since there will be little to no risk anymore after Mango gets released.On a side note, the Nokia phone look spretty sleek but unless there are some hardware differences (which I am sure the camera is way better than my Trophy's) not sure it would be a huge draw from other OEM's. The first WP7 with a front facing camera and a 8+ MP camera would be ideal. I personally could care less about a front facing camera (who likes to do video chats aside from grandparents/parents who thinks its cool to see their grandchildren/children from a far away place), but a better camera is all that is really needed in my Trophy. The phone is zippy and fluid as is and Mango is only suppose to help that... Can;t wait.
  • I agree - I'd prefer that the Trophy have a better camera (and maybe better battery life) but, all in all, I'm extremely pleased with the form factor and fluidity of the user experience. Especially since we'll be getting Mango, I'm glad that I didn't wait to hop on the WP7 train.
  • nice phone but we all know that it's only going to come to "1" US carrier. Unless MS / Nokia releases this phone on all carriers at ones it's going to be just another phone. too many new wp7 devices coming out and carriers like locking people into 2yr contracts.
  • Nokia has stressed CDMA support is a focus for them in the U.S. Now that they've smoothed things over with Qualcomm, it shouldn't be a problem. I could see Sprint jumping on this, much like the EVO, esp if 4g (which Mango supports).
  • Two things1) Looks nice, but not spectacular. But, IIRC, there are possibly 2 phones coming this year, right? It's been 2 days since the full N9 reveal and people are already saying this phone looks derivative. TWO DAYS! So getting this phone out there now is a smart move, especially if there is another more original device (possibly even more high end) to be revealed at a much later date (10/26?).2) I'm gonna get grief for this, so I apologize in advance. Am I the only one that watched the presentation and kept thinking that Nokia's Vindows Phone vill be used as a veapon against McClane?
  • Perhaps referring to the OS as Mango will make Nokia's engineers happier since it is closer to Meego.
  • sweet! Would be even better with LTE and dual core, perhaps one of the other models will have that. Would kill for a good portrait qwerty model with a 4" screen.
  • I don't think that I heard anything that is under the hood of this. Could very well be sporting LTE, kinda doubt dual core yet, WP is fine without it at this point, it's just another expense (monetary and battery draining, more cores=reduced battery life, just a fact of physics) that isn't really needed at this point. But just the camera on this thing is awe inspiring. Maybe we will see a Nokia Windows Phone 7 with a Lytro camera in the future. Cool new tech if you have not seen it..
  • There's really not much to say since there really are no details. From the pictures, I wouldn't get too excited about "Carl Zeiss" optics since that's a name for hire and will appear on any product for a licensing fee. The camera module looks very similar to the pin-hole like units used by HTC and I wouldn't be surprised if it's from the same supplier. Too bad if true, Nokia has incorporated some of the best optics in phones in the past. This may be in line with some of Nokia's statements that they are shooting for the low end with their WP7 phones.
  • Well, personally, as long as the pictures from the camera are reasonably close to those from the N8 (12MP vs 8MP I know) I will be happy. I don't need professional grade camera, but I do think that the camera needs to take a decent picture. Something that my Trophy struggles to do, and pretty much fails even by my standards.
  • Cya HTC HD7 and the **** volume and **** screen..... Nokia is my next device that day it goes live