Microsoft's Christmas Star

Microsoft is giving away a Christmas package for those who get nominated as someone's Christmas Star. The company will be bundling the Surface Pro 3, the Lumia 925, the Xbox One, as well as the choice of latest software suites. All that's required for those who reside in the UK to do is nominate their chosen star.

"This year, Microsoft wants to reward your Christmas Star. Just share their name and email below (we won't spam them with ads, we promise) and tell us why they're awesome. Did they help you learn a new skill? Did they solve your tech woes or raise great sums for charity? Whatever the reason, they'll be entered into a competition to win the prize of your choosing."

Please note that this promotion is only available to those who reside in the UK. Also, should you be nominated, you'll need to ensure you fill out the acceptance page when requested to do so. You have until midnight on December 24 to get your nominations in.

Source: Microsoft Christmas Star

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