Blizzard has announced plans for an Overwatch Free Weekend between November 18-21. If you've yet to try out the popular title, prepare to stock up on energy drink and book the couple of days off work. This upcoming promotion covers not only the PC community, but PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well so everyone can get involved.


The company will be unlocking Overwatch's full roster of 22 heroes, as well as 13 maps to try them out on. Players will be able to gain access to a variety of game modes, which in all will serve as a way to see if the game is worth picking up. As an added bonus, it'll also be possible to level up their account, receive loot boxes, and unlock customization.

Should you opt to purchase the title after giving it a test run, all progress will be saved and carried across. The free period will kick off on November 18 at 2p.m. ET / 11a.m. PT / 6p.m. UTC and close on November 21 at 7p.m. ET / 4p.m. PT / UTC. More details can be found in the announcement post.