Notification Center and multi-tile select likely coming in Windows Phone 8.1

Leaks have been slowly coming out for Microsoft's next major update for its mobile platform, Windows Phone 8.1. Now Windows has published the above image, showing what appears to be a device with multiple tiles selected on a handset that's reportedly running build 9478. Not only that, but do you notice the "Notifications" tile on the Start screen?


So why would we require functionality to select multiple Live Tiles? Microsoft could well be looking at creating groups, but then it may simply be the case for easier management. Have you tried to move one tile at a time around the screen? We've not been made aware of any folder functionality coming to Windows Phone anytime soon so we'd bet on this feature being multi-select for manipulating tiles at once.

Mutli-tile select will also match Windows 8.1, which brings this feature to RT and Desktop editions next month. We know that the Windows Phone and Windows teams are working more closely together these days, so feature parity will become a standard going forward. Seeing as Windows 8.1 does not have a "folders" option, it is very unlikely that Windows Phone 8.1 will have it.

As for the Notification Center, it's a highly requested feature that has been touched on previously. Microsoft has yet to implement such a feature, but just considering exactly how the company could effectively implement the new area of notifications without it feeling bloated or impeding in the fluid Windows Phone experience is enough to blow one's mind. We're certain Redmond are looking at ways to get the feature on-board, but it's important to get it right.

We're not suggesting everything in the leaked image is true, but we can indeed confirm that Notification Center is likely on its way, along with the multi-selection of tiles. In addition, an overhaul to the TellMe service is in the works under the codename 'Cortana' that should give Siri a run for its money and users will be able to sync their Accent colors between Windows Phone 8.1 and their desktop.

But before we hit Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft will be releasing GDR3 to follow the summer update currently rolling out. With numerous new features on their way as we move into 2014, some good times are ahead, folks. 

via: Windows

Rich Edmonds
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