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Notification Center and multi-tile select likely coming in Windows Phone 8.1

Leaks have been slowly coming out for Microsoft's next major update for its mobile platform, Windows Phone 8.1. Now Windows has published the above image, showing what appears to be a device with multiple tiles selected on a handset that's reportedly running build 9478. Not only that, but do you notice the "Notifications" tile on the Start screen?


So why would we require functionality to select multiple Live Tiles? Microsoft could well be looking at creating groups, but then it may simply be the case for easier management. Have you tried to move one tile at a time around the screen? We've not been made aware of any folder functionality coming to Windows Phone anytime soon so we'd bet on this feature being multi-select for manipulating tiles at once.

Mutli-tile select will also match Windows 8.1, which brings this feature to RT and Desktop editions next month. We know that the Windows Phone and Windows teams are working more closely together these days, so feature parity will become a standard going forward. Seeing as Windows 8.1 does not have a "folders" option, it is very unlikely that Windows Phone 8.1 will have it.

As for the Notification Center, it's a highly requested feature that has been touched on previously. Microsoft has yet to implement such a feature, but just considering exactly how the company could effectively implement the new area of notifications without it feeling bloated or impeding in the fluid Windows Phone experience is enough to blow one's mind. We're certain Redmond are looking at ways to get the feature on-board, but it's important to get it right.

We're not suggesting everything in the leaked image is true, but we can indeed confirm that Notification Center is likely on its way, along with the multi-selection of tiles. In addition, an overhaul to the TellMe service is in the works under the codename 'Cortana' that should give Siri a run for its money and users will be able to sync their Accent colors between Windows Phone 8.1 and their desktop.

But before we hit Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft will be releasing GDR3 to follow the summer update currently rolling out. With numerous new features on their way as we move into 2014, some good times are ahead, folks. 

via: Windows

Rich Edmonds
Rich Edmonds

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Yes!
  • Notification TILE?
  • Exactly, there is absolutely no point in a tile for notifications because we already have tiles. We need a way of seeing all notifications from anywhere in the OS. Currently the best implementation although it hurts to admit it is that of Android's whereby you can pull down from the top no matter what app you are currently in. This also allows for quick settings toggles like for wifi and bluetooth
  • Could be an early version. After all, WP8.1 is still months away.
  • Maybe like the BB OS10, To the right they have the menu of App installed (like wp8) and to the left they have "the notification hub"... I like this option...
  • This is a stupid option: it requires you to go back to the home screen to see notifications, killing half of the functionality of a notification center which is to alwas be available. 
  • Really? At least you have seen or tried a BB with OS10 ? You can access the Hub from any window or application so find out first. Ignorant.
  • Sometimes it doesn't pay to try so hard to be original because current users are missing out on function. We get a tile because it HAS to be different from Android and IOS?
    Nothing special happens on my phone when I swipe from any *bezel*... just add a hub on the top, make it fit WP (a transparent shade that drops down like the pre-Mango lockscreens so i can still see an active screen beneath) and be done with it. Live tiles on the homescreen, a notification center on the top bezel at all times that changes color with the theme. I dont see the logic behind resisting such a simple solution, but maybe I'm missing something... other than the functionality of a notification center.
  • Nothing special happens on my phone when I swipe from any *bezel*.... YET. Now that Windows and Windows Phone OS are in the same team AND Belfiore is now heading up UXP design across phone, tablet and PC, there's a good chance that we'll see some consolidation of the many differences between the UXP of Metro on Phone and Tablet/PC. Who knows, perhaps we'll see a single, consistent UXP across all Microsoft platforms (and SDK's) by Windows/Phone 9?
  • I'd like to see "charms" pop up when swiping from the right bezel of my phone. Offer a notifications icon, settings for WiFi, battery, etc. right on there...
  • I think the best area for a Notification-Center in WP 8 would be the Multitasking-area. one page (maybe scrollable text direct on the accent collored background) on the left to the last opened task. They also should integrate there the most important shortcut-icons in the bottem e.g. Wifi on/off; auto-rotate on/of.
    It would be great if you just could long press the back botten, it zooms out as familiar and on the bottem some shortcuticons apperas on the right edge the trimmed text of the notification-center would apperar and on the left the half page of the former opaned page. Oh. I could imagine this so good.
  • Best way to open notifications?? Search button.
  • That's what I was thinking too. There is also currently no long press function for the search button unlike the back and home buttons
  • I think multitasking Area fits better than the search button.
    Multitasking area could become a control center with included notification and toggles for settings. There is enough space in the task switcher.
  • I also like the multi-tasking page for the Notification Center. No need to redesign anything, just put an icon there to link to the Notification Center but don't clog the page with notices, just a link to the Notififaction Center please.
  • I think people get a little worked up over this, ok it's not entirely smooth but for full screen apps there's no swipe down and you have to hit Start anyway. There's plenty of other occasions already where we have to do this, what's one more thing? Click start, (scroll), click on the notification tile, not so terrible.
    Why they can't just make it a long press on Start though i don't know. The current long press on Start for voice search should be move to long press on the Search button; to me that's far more logical.
    Oh, and just because there's a tile doesn't mean swiping down doesn't have new features in it as well.  
  • Totally agree with you. Quick link to notification center by pressing windows button for a couple seconds (and if it could be used as a notification led it would make even more sense), multitasking on a long press of the back button like it is at the moment and voice search on the search button would make a lot of sense to me.
  • These seem to be the most logical buttons/options.
  • But swiping from the left edge is faster than the 2 seconds
  • But you have to be on the Start Screen. We are trying to find a way where it would be ALWAYS acessible. 
  • You don't have to be on the start screen for a left edge gesture. Not at all. If you side swipe from within the screen area, it would pan left like normal. But if you started the gesture from the left bezel and swiped onto the screen it would bring up notifications. Easy to remember and tough to screw up.
  • Exactly. I am sure Microsoft can do it.
  • Left swipe wouldn't work in many ApS. Take WP central where both left and right swipes are used.
  • Yeah, but think of it more like the swipe system on Nokia's N9 where a swipe from the very edge of the screen brings uo notification center or multitasking screen even though you are within an app.  
  • It would work, maybe I wasn't clear in my explanation. If you begin your swipe from the bezel (off-screen), the OS would recognize it as a gesture to bring up the notification screen and know not to pan left or right at that time. It's been used for other systems in the past, for example, webOS on tablets.
  • From the right edge I want the charms to become available. oh wait...
  • Sigh!!! No that wont work because you can only do that from the start page of natural reasons. Then you simply have to leave the context of the current app which is a BAD idea. The same BAD idea as using a tile for the functionality. Swipe from the top is probably fastest. Windows key press or double press second best alternative together with the move of voice search to the search button.
  • I dislike pulling down the Notification Center from the top on big screens because I need to stretch my thumb in a one- hand operation. I passionately hope they don't implement it that way.
  • Sort of unrelated, but as of now about half the time when I hit the back key and try to lock my Lumia 920, the voice prompt pops up. Very annoying. Does this happen to anyone else? I've caught myself time and time again making absolutely sure I didn't accidentally hold down the Windows key, it's definitely not the case.
  • This is literally what I was just thinking before even getting to this comment. If they want to do it simply and differently, but to make it easy, don't make it a tile, but make it a long press of the start button, and move voice controls over to a long press of the search button. It might be a little bit of a change/adjustment, but as long as they make it clear that that's what they're doing, it should be painless.
  • Ha, I was just going to post the same suggestion but you beat me to it. That would definitely be a totally logic solution as voice search relies heavily on bing. Plus, it wouldn't be an android rip off like Apple's notification centre. Also agree with what ciccio35 is saying about the windows button used as a notification led. That would make even more sense.
  • No kidding, people care too much about accessing notifications from everywhere! How often do you need these? Is it worth the clutter of the UI it would add? While I agree that it would be nice to have easy access, it is by no means a make or break feature. A tile fits really well with the overall OS experience and design philosophy. I'd much rather have a tile than an after-the-fact implemented swipe method.
  • And the result will be more people leaving the platform. Windows Phone needs a notification area and not making it reachable without leaving an app is simply a really bad implementation of it.
  • Thats's the first time I've heard anyone suggest that implementation before, it sounds really good actually. You could access the notification center from any app, and having the voice search open by long pressing the search button is logical. And it would make the UX consistent by giving all the soft keys dual functions. While I like your idea better, I doubt we'll see them implement it. I'm hoping they'll just place it to the left of the start screen to be consistent UI-wise and you can pin a tile to the start screen if you want, which would hopefully explain the screenshots we've seen.
  • This is a great idea. I rarely use voice search, so getting used to using the Search button instead of the Home button wouldn't be too problematic. 
  • I actually use voice search very often to start my apps, but yes, I can get use to it being a long press of the search button instead of the home button. Putting the Notification Centre as a long press in the home button is something I can live with. But I am probably one of the few who like it more as a tile I can pin near my thumb for easy access.
  • i dont see the need for the notification center, it would ruin the OS "experience"  you don't want to stay in one place in your house because you cant get to notifications but from one area. nobody would use the operating system itself.  toast is great idea, you look at the toast; you care you click, if not you swipe it off the screen.  
    I do think the toast should all multiple toast onscreen at a time. allowing you to just see a brief description of the notification and and a click if its what you want, if not a swipe of the top toast gets you back to what you were already doing. SIMPLE! no need for a new part of the OS just an deeper integration.
  • Although its not that big of an issue for me, I understand that many people want this feature. If you are a friend of Joe Belfiore on FB or twitter, I would suggest that everyone flood each of his social site along with Microsoft's with this same sentiment, especially with your admittance about Androids implementation.
  • You're misunderstanding what the notification center is, I believe it's for lost toast notifications not for anything else, because like you said, they are already well implemented.
  • THIS
    Why copy what Android/Apple does? I can see all the notifications for the tiles I have posted anyways. I believe its notifications for apps that arent on the home screen or ones that dont give a notification number (ie ESPN Scorecenter app)
  • I agree. I dont need Android's notification center. I'm happy to be rid of it. A place to go see a history of toast notifications that may have been missed is good. I just hope they automatically roll off after a certain time. I dont want to have to manage anything. 
  • I agree with him that it is not so important to have notification center but I also agree with your point when it comes to lost toast notifications and for the apps that is not pinned to the start screen. So the whole idea is too know if we missed out on any notification right?? So why we should worry if it is tile. When you are using the phone you get toast notification and when not in use you first open the start scree, and the tile will show the number of notification. As of now to open a new app we have to goto start and swipe left and it is not possible to open within other app. According to me live tile seems to be better option. Start button can be used for Talkme (siri) if it is updated with 8.1.
  • How about having it so that on the home screen you swipe to the right and in an app you swipe to the right with two fingers. That way it doesn't interfere with any apps and is still easy to access
  • +1 Ayush_WP and freerider189
  • Wrong sir! I agree that it must be accessible from anywhere, but I disagree that WP needs to be like android. My idea is a notification center (and toggles) in the task switcher with a swipe from the bottom. In a comment below I mention how smooth it is to open the task switcher and immediately swipe up. I hope someone at Microsoft is listening
  • Exactly right.  The point is not to have one tile to see all of your notifications, it is to be able to access your notifications with one finger swipe from anywhere in the OS without having to return to the start screen when doing so.  If MS does not understand this, they are insane.  
  • Instead of swiping down we could swipe from right to left on the home screen. Just like we do with kids corner. Notification center could be on the left. Middle could be the home screen and right could be all apps. We would still preserve the clean look of windows phone.
  • Genuine query. What's the reason for viewing All your notifications from anywhere in the OS?
  • I really hope they will implement it at the left of the startscreen, when you are not on the start screen then you can swype from the left to the right on the edge of the screen to see quick notifications (aka charms bar in Windows 8) and when you do are on the startscreen and swype to the right you see all of the notification centre (whole screen), that would be awesome..
  • Many apps already use left to right swipes. How would this affect those?
  • It will surely brake the functionality on the Facebook app.
  • I agree, I want to be able to access the notifications center from most places on my phone. I certainly don't want to go to the homescreen everytime I want to access it. I really hope they don't do that.
  • As long as you don't need it, why not?
  • I rather have a swipe to the right (opposite of app list) than a tile. Maybe they are just adding the tile, but there is still some swipe to the notification center as well?
  • I really believe this is what they will do as local scout as well as the camera had a tile on the start screen by default, but you can enable local scout natively within the Bing search button, maybe there will be a setting to enable the native implementation instead of the tile version
  • My suggestion is to pull the notification centre up from the bottom, but instead of it being an overlay like every other mobile OS, it should "push" the existing screen out of the way (like when you swipe from the start screen to the app list).
  • Swipe from bottom would result in a LOT of accidental button presses, the capacitive buttons. I know it'd be so on my 920. And why do you think it should push the existing screen instead of overlaying?
  • I think a tile would be fine, as long as the tile opens an application with lots of (Android-like) functionality.
  • How about this. The notification center and quick settings are on the volume bar? 1: Press any Volume button
    2: swipe right /left. This leads to 4 quick settings, wifi, screen rotation, Bluetooth and cellular 2g/3g/lte toggle
    3: pull down and it works as the notification center. WHY THIS CAN WORK:
    the volume bar appears on ALL apps (unlike the battery status bar, hidden in some full screen apps)
    it does not interrupt apps (like some apps freeze if you go into multitasking)
    it wont be a filthy copy.
  • Rock on. I've been thinking about mocking that exact implimentation up in Photoshop for ages. Another reason why it's great is that it's quicker to access than having a notification card in the multitasking menu, and it's quicker than having to long press on anything.
  • Pls pls do it. I have only an imagination and no Photoshop skills.. I would love to see this cone to life atlest as a concept if not reality! If u do start a thread abt this once done, pls tag me :P
  • I LOVE your idea Ayush!
    I think you should start a thread.
  • KoreyTM For President!
  • Honestly, I like this. I have already stated my distaste for (not to mention the inevitable flaw of lack of developer support of) a notification center. But if I'm going to have it on my phone, I'd at least not have it forced down my throat this way. It fits in with the OS, and is no harder to access than anything else. You asked for a notification center, not a way to access it everywhere (which would be buggy with apps that hide the status bar if implemented same as others anyways...).
  • So we get a tile that leads to a center. Then we get to move multiple tiles at a time but no indication of folders. Hmmm does it look promising?
  • I think a swipe to the left I'd more logical for the notification center.
  • Swipe from the left in any app would make the most since following the metro language
  • That would break just about every app that uses a pivot control.
  • or this. please help vote
  • How bout when your playing a game or watching a video in landscape mode? Would it still be the left to right or now buttom to top?
  • I was hoping it would be a bar at the top where it's black then u tap it and Webos has the best notification of any Os dead or alive Android notifications get a bit cluttered to me
  • Exactly what no one, excluding you, wanted. Everyone wants a drop down or swipe over notifications panel.
  • Hey think about this idea for a bit:
    Pulling the notification center from the top or side is too over done. So, how about when we long press the back button, we could have the apps currently running a little higher up and we can horizontally scroll between them (as we already can). And then below that in 1/3 of the screen space we could have notifications! This area could be vertically scrollable! And it could have a fade out feel like when opening lock screen so when you're scrolling through the notifications, it doesn't look blocky and fades in and out at the top and bottom of it's container :)
    Easily accessible from any screen and applications don't always have to "sleep" for us to see the notifications.
  • Easiest, most obvious and best solution: move voice search to be when you hold down the Search button, and let notifications come up when you hold down the Windows button. Why they didn't let voice search be on the Search button is still a mystery to me.
  • Totally agreed
  • I hardly can't wait ! Bring this on Microsoft and Nokia! Altrough i'm wondering what those 2 'new' icon's are in those live tiles beneath the notifications and data sense tiles...
  • I think the icon underneath the notifications tile is just WhatsApp.
    I hope notifications isn't just a tile, it needs to be easily accessible from any part of the OS, not just the Start screen...
  • Oh sorry that's true it's whatsapp, and yeah, i think it would be awesome if they implement it at the left of the startscreen but yeah you are right it must be accessible from any part of the OS, maybe like the charms menu on Windows 8 but then at the left of the screen on Windows Phone 8? 
  • I disagree. It would be nice - maybe - to have it accessible from all over the place, but even if it's just an app that you launch like any other, that would be satisfactory...a huge improvement over the current state of affairs.
  • The one below the notifications tile is WhatsApp.
  • Lol yeah that's true, sorry my mistake, but i'm still wondering what that solar tile is, maybe a new tile for Bing Weather? 
  • The left one is just WhatsApp, and the right one (the "star") is the default icon template for when you create an app. It could be anything, or just a tool for development purposes of WP8.1.
  • Thanks ! i forgot that it could be the default logo in the Windows Phone Simulator ...
  • Whatsapp and the default icon for an app in development. Nothing new I'm afraid. 
  • well one is whatsapp and the other seems to be a current project(App in the making) that was deployed to a device for testing purposes...
  • Fake
  • You're fake
  • notification tile......
    looks like i wont be returning to wp for a while.
    sucks how i loved my 920 but the OS was severely lacking
  • Uuuum.. Ok
  • What are you doing here exactly?
  • Expressing his opinion....
  • Well, I can say that I am here because I am using a WP (L920), my second, actually, after an Arrive (which I liked a lot better). I agree with the OP, and would argue that it is an incontrovertible truth, that compared to Android, WP is severely lacking as an OS. The list of things that I cannot do (for instance, see missed toast notifications) is mind boggling and infuriating. MS needs to get off their duffs and fix this OS, stat. There is a lot to like about WP, but it is severely hampered by lacking key and needed features that I assumed would be here by now.
  • Infuriating? Seriously? You get infuriated when you miss a toast notification?
  • I guess because you're used to missing them...
  • I would like to know the new features of WP before going back again.
    unfortunately, it still is not mature enough to be a daily driver OS for me.
  • Bummer dude. Its nice over here on WP.
  • Please MS, don't make the notification center just another tile...
  • I want it at the left of the startscreen, that would be epic, anyone who agreess? 
  • i think it should be both so we can pick the one that works best for us. imo if its a tile it should be in the ME tile but i would go with drop or pop out menu if I could pick.
  • I agree with this. If the Notifcation Center is anywhere else besides left of the Home screen, I'd say it should be in the ME tile. Guess we'll see what happens.
  • I agree. Having the Notification Center as just another tile would be a terrible move and becomes stupidly redundant. We already have tiles that can notify us for each particular app. I'd like a Notification Center that's left of the Home screen! One swipe, Notification Center. Voila!
  • Other than tap vs swipe, what benefit does one give over the other? I don't see what the issue is. From what I see, having a tile gives an at-a-glance view of the number of notifications not yet acted on. Otherwise, I see absolutely no other benefit either way.
    IOW, what is the point of the endless arguing over a feature so many want and is now finally coming?
  • What if Nokia and MS integrate Nokia 501's fast lane feature and make it a Notification center? :D
  • I was think of that too haha
  • E
  • +1
  • Notice how Apple never add just as less feature for each update of iOS? Microsoft REALLY need to catch up!
  • What? Not sure what you are saying...are you saying WP adds less features than apple to each update? Did you see how many "new features" the "new iOS" has?
  • I'll be happy just to get Amber :P
  • +720
    still waiting for amber on my L720.
  • End of September is just 19 days away, you'll have it soon enough.
  • just hoping for it to come for my birthday tomorrow but I think it won't.
  • My b-day tmro too! Amber on 920! Using my 1020 now tho;)
  • Some of our glasses are half empty, ok? ;-)
  • I seen other leaks about a notification centre also. . Personally i not feel a need for it. . But all the android fairies need it
  • I don't feel the need for it either.
  • Me Too. I know my phone well enough to know what notifications I received. Mail, Text, Facebook. That's all I really need. I just feel it might end up like android where I get a notification
    buy some extra stuff for a game or when an app is updated. I really don't need to know that. I think it will just end up draining the battery.
  • Same here i generally dont need it because a lot of the notifications are on manual right now, but I do understand that it is insanely useful. If you are a person who gets a fair bit of notifications, its nice having a place where you can view them and ignore the ones that are less important. Say you have about 4+ apps that give notifications. With only live tiles it gives you the number of unread messages and not the content of those messages, so to check each one of them you have to go through the app. I understand that it doesn't take that long, but it is something i shouldnt really have to do just to check a notification. With the notification center, i can distinguish between "garbage" notifications like someone liking a photo/status on FB or NewEgg or an REAL notification like dont go to class because it has been canceled or dont go to work today because there is a nearby shooting or something. Again doesnt really apply to me, but i will use the hell out of the notification center. I might even put everything on 10-30 minute update then if i got it.
  • So the evaluation copy ends 1/15
    I wonder if that's any indication as to when we will be receiving this much-wanted update!
  • That image says 8.1 Pro.. Looks more like a PC evaluation?
  • Good catch...  looks like that is not relevant to the phone screen captured.
  • Unless Windows Phone 8.1 is really Windows RT 8.1 under the hood...
  • Maybe... That is happening eventually, just not sure by WP 8.1...
  • The screen in the background is just Windows 8.1 (build 9478), nothing to do with Windows Phone.
  • My thoughts exactly. The article needs to be updated
  • That's the first thing I noticed , the author needs to double check unless he thinks Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Pro are the
  • Add 920 years to the release time and you will know when AT&T will release it.
  • People who are complaining about the notification center being a tile. It takes the same amount of steps to go to the left or tap a tile (if you pin it to the top like you should)
  • My counter argument to this is that a Notification Tile would occupy space that could easily be used for something else. I find it more practical to simply swipe left to see the Notification Center rather than clicking a particular tile on the Home screen. But you're correct when you say both solutions are just one click or swipe. At the very least it will be easily accessible.
  • Well with a notification center you wouldn't need to pin everything anyways ;-) so your start screen could be less cluttered
  • Exactly! 
  • It shouldn't be to the left either. It should be a swipe accessible anywhere in the os. I personally think a swipe from the right bezel and a card in the right most slot of the multitasking stack would be best. You don't usually touch the bezel when navigating the panoramas of WP, so requiring a swipe from the edge like Windows 8 has would work fine. A swipe from the top is okay, but that gets really difficult on a 6 inch screen.
  • Phones don't have touch-enabled bezels like tablets. So, being able to swipe to access from all applications is not going to work, unless all apps are recoded to allow for a slice of their screen real-estate to be used for something else.
  • Tablets don't either and neither do laptops or trackpads. Windows 8 judges gestures by how close the pixels activate to the border. It is not hardware based at all because you could upgrade from Windows 7 to 8 and have everything work. They displayed this multiple times. There is no reason Windows phone would not be capable of doing the same thing.
  • Just tried it on my Surface and carfully observed--I stand corrected. But I'm still not convinced this is the way to go. It doesn't fit the WP UI at all, and because of the way people tend to hold their phones, the notification center would probably be accidentally opened way too many times.
  • Someone who gets it.
  • I think people have been blinded by how the competition do it and want it exactly the same. Which makes no sense for a WP user. It will actually be faster with a tile coming from an app as you have to come to Start in the first place to swipe left of Start....
  • I get that feeling as well. People just want it to be like Android. "You can't always get what you want"
  • And it has got nothing to do with copying Android. If it weren't a good idea, no one would have thought about implementing it (surely not Apple at least, hate them all you want but they can recognize a good feature when they see one)
  • NEITHER a tile NOR a page on the left of the start screen does it correctly.
    The best idea that is available, AT THE MOMENT, is a swipe from either the right or left edges of the screen. Since it merely overlays your current app without navigating away from it and it doesn't requires the user to constantly head back to the start screen.
    Unless they can come up with a new better idea, this is the only practical of the 3 options.
  • As you are repeating your post from above, I'll repeat my response why this idea is impractical... Phones don't have touch-enabled bezels like tablets. So, being able to swipe to access from all applications is not going to work, unless all apps are recoded to allow for a slice of their screen real-estate to be used for something else.
  • Learn to read. He's Red Samurai, you replied to me. And I'll repeat myself too. Windows 8's swipes have nothing to do with hardware and can be done on really low quality touch screens. They had specific videos detailing the software that went into it. You are simply wrong.
  • Touchy? I'll let you scroll up to read my reply on why I think this is a bad idea.
  • No. The easiest, most obvious and best solution: move voice search to be when you hold down the Search button, and let notifications come up when you hold down the Windows button. Why everyone is so obsessed with the damn left swipe is beyond me!
  • What if you are at the bottom half of your Start Screen?
  • Not really... if you can swipe left while, for example, in the mail app. No need to go back to the start screen and tap the tile.
  • That screenshot in the background is of an evaluation edition of Windows 8.1 Pro - desktop operating system. Not sure how this could possibly be mistaken for a Windows Phone 'About' screen!
  • Agreed
  • I was just going to say the same thing.  Even if the WP screenshot is real, the monitor in the background is irrelevant.  :)
  • My exact thoughts, I don't understand what does winver.exe has to do with Windows Phone 8.1 — I am quite confused.
  • Totally.
  • Agreed. The "amd64" in the version string is a dead giveaway.
  • I was going to point this out if no one else had.  Screen in the background is for Windows 8.1 Pro, not Windows Phone, and its the 64bit build.  I have no idea if the phone in the foreground is faked or not, but the image in the background is not evidence either way.
  • Folders for tiles is the absolute least feature Windows Phone is missing. There's still so much left, so unless they're adding 1000+ new features, stop wasting your time Microsoft, and ours.
  • Sorry, this is the ONLY feature being added to 8.1. I guess you're out of luck.
  • That's not a notification center. It's a notification Tile.
  • That takes you to a notification center....
  • There is a tile for xbox music, also the volume button takes you to xbox music. what makes you think microsoft didnt implement the same or similar functionality for notification center?
  • Xbox Music is an app... notification center should be integrated with the operating system, as it is in other mobile operating systems.
  • I'm pretty sure you can't delete/uninstall xbox music off of your phone. Xbox Music is as integrated as it ever could be. They can implement the notification center as a tile to notify you (you can pin the majority of things in winows phone, thats the fundamental basics of WP even way back with WP7), and have quick access via a dropdown or volume rocker keys. I'm actually pretty sure of it. There's no way Microsoft deems that a suer has to go back to the start screen to then hit a tile, to see their notifications. That's counter-intuitive. Having a tile there, MS is just giving us options.
  • I hope so...
    Anyway, with "Xbox Music is an app", I mean that it behaves like an app.. for example it's shown in the Fast App Switching menu. When I say integrated in the OS I mean that it's actually a part of the operating system (e.g. the app list at the right of the start screen or the volume controller).
  • I hope its actually Cortana's voice!!!!
  • That would be AWESOME! I know a few people who would get a Windows Phone just to hear Jen Taylor's (voice actor for Cortana) silky smooth voice say things to them. I would be one of those people, lol.
  • +1
  • I'm seriously hoping for this too!
  • Cortana's voice or not... keep the codename for the final built. "Cortana" anyday over silly "Siri" :P
  • I told my android friends cortana would be the voice and they both said it was awesome
  • That really would be perfect.
    "an overhaul to the TellMe service is in the works under the codename 'Cortana' that should give Siri a run for its money...."
  • Meh.
  • Will you ever be able to sync messages between WP8 and W8? And maybe receive text messages on your PC as well?
  • I am not really sure what the WINDOWS Pro 8.1 About screen in the background has anything to do with windows PHONE 8.1 on the phones' screen? That expiration date and build number should be disregarded no?
  • I agree with some people on the forums that it would be neat if the notification center would be a pull down from the volume controls you get when you press the volume keys. That way it wouldn't get in the way of the existing UI design.
  • Not a bad idea!
  • I could have sworn this was a fake that someone in the forums made as a joke...
  • Windows 8.1 doesn't have folders, but it does have the ability to group tiles and label the groups, which is sort of the same thing - zooming right out from the Start screen shows just the groups for quick navigation.  Something like that might work for WP8.1 too.
  • TILE? NO.
  • Amber for At&t still sit and wait
  • O really wanted notification center to just be a swipe down or something
  • @mikemacias and I had a convo on Twitter about how toast notifications can be fixed. Too often I get a notificaction, like breaking news, that gets cut off. Rather than open the app, I'd rather see the entire toast. Mike suggested multi-line toasts, which would be OK, but I think the WP screen layout is setup perfectly for the size of the toasts now. I would either like to see scrolling text, or tap+hold to see the entire toast. If notifications can show me the entire content of the toast, it would be perfect. I fear that WP is moving way too slow on major updates like this, so I just hope they are also working on many other fixes.
  • This especially sucks for apps like ESPN Scorecenter. The toast never shows the entire text, and when you click it to go to the app the headline is nowhere to be found! I really hope this gets fixed...
  • While I agree that Notification Tile is the least gallant way of implementing the Notification Center, it's still better than what we have now - which Center at all. And there is always a possibility Microsoft is using a tile during the early stages of developement, and they could push that to the left of the Start anytime before the release. But even if they don't, it's still a welcome addition. 
    And YES, finally, multiselect! Folders aren't needed that much, but visually separated groups would be nice. Like in Windows 8. Still, probably the most useful addition would be some sort of quick access to radios, so that we don't have to dive through that settings page in search of wifi, bluetooth and other toggles. THAT is what I want to see in WP 8.1. :)
  • Notification... TILE? A Tile? Really? I already have tiles that notify me. It needs to be a MISSED TOAST notification history because it disappears too fast by the time you get to your phone, or its too long you cant read the entire alert!
    WTH. Notification tile. How about swipe right and get a listing of missed toast alerts. thats what people want.
  • How about clicking on the tile?
  • Cortana!
  • Well personally I am not really excited about a Notification Center , for WP doesn't really need it , it can do without it for sure. However what I am curious to know about is that how MS+Nokia will implement these things , adding a plain Notification Center won't really justify the uniqueness of WP. Also if WP 8.1 does "only" that then it would be shameful seeing how Android and iOS7 are ripping off/improving in the software department. Apart from that , I would love to see Better integration with WhatsApp/WeChat/Line etc IMs in people hub Skype becoming Messenger , which deals with chats , sms and video messages etc. Quick access (probably ubuntu style , where you can tap on the top status bar to toggle that setting on or off, and to flashlight as well) Improved Settings panel (it is just becoming a clutter with more and more apps by Nokia and finding stuff becomes hard) Unified search (Bing is really a core feature of W8.1 ,and I would love to see it becoming one for WP8.1 as well , where you can search contacts , music , pictures , documents , apps , wikipedia and what not but with same Metro Design as in W8.1) Improvements to the Voice Assistant , again bing will help here. Wireless transfer b/w PC and WP (This is a must! Transfering files without a USB cable is next to impossible) An app for reading PDFs, Ebooks , XPS etc. Apple has awesome iBooks app which makes reading books a pleasure on iOS , similarly Android has many alternatives for the same thing. WP needs to come up in this field. Syncing between IE on WP and W8 , we should be able to share tabs , history etc. Nokia Music to eventually become Xbox Music with union of range of songs provided by both of them. Also making Xbox Music + Videos app much better , without us having to use MPATool and videos actually showing all videos captured by the phone. Allowing links to be opened up by apps , like a youtube link will open in youtube app , skydrive link in skydrive app and so on, pushing apps ahead (too).
  • Holy shit! Well said! If I can add to ur list. Bring downloadable and streaming movies to the damn store and sync with Xbox,PC, and tablets.
  • 8.1 should have Xbox video
  • Windows 8.1 Build 9478 is the RTM build for DESKTOP machines and has NOTHING to do with WP.
  • are they really implementing the notifcation center as a tile?  meh.  seems the ugliest route.  i guess as long as it's functional..  i don't have much need for a notification center anyway with the exception of maybe a few apps but nothing that would vastly improve my experiece.
  • I still think notification could be done better, but multi tile select is great, and since its implemented in win8.1, it should for wp8.1 too
  • We will have that on 15 01 2014 ?
  • It's either a set date for WP update release or just Win8.1 license expire time.
    Well ill look forward for that date.
  • Cortana (from Halo) as Siri would be freakin awesome. Would use It daily, just to hear that Voice!
  • WPF/WCF form development allows for easily changing the placement of a module after its developed. Say you're building a form and you add your new content/section to a new separate tab in your form, you can easily take that new section and move it off of its own tab and into another existing tab.
    The point I'm trying to make is that it might be a tile now, but it could possilby be simply moved elsewhere in the OS come release time. Maybe the wp8 framework allows similar functionality.
  • My thoughts exactly, and that's what I've been trying to tell people for the past few days, every time an article with GRD3/8.1 pops up. A tile is just a shortcut to something residing somewhere else, right? Microsoft could easily introduce the pivot to the left of the Start screen and place notifications there. Hey, if they can make a piece of plastic and metal do complex calculations, communications and photography they can certanly add notifications to the left :D 
  • I have no problem with swiping down to go to notification centre like in Android and IOS, however I think it would be better if we swipe from the top left corner of the screen.
  • Ahh those famous words again "likely coming"   Just like GDR2/Amber?  -920 :(
  • Will any of this fix the spinning gears issue when u try to reset ur phone, its sad that its almost a yr since Lumia 920 came out and this is still an issue
  • Press and hold search key to activate notification centre? How about swiping the top status bar?
  • Please!!! Please!!!! NO TILE for notification center! Android does it best but if you dnt wanna copy them just copy blackberry and let us swipe from the left. BB is dying
  • "a handset that's reportedly running build 9478"
    This is completely wrong! That screen behind is Windows 8.1 Pre-RTM build, not Windows Phone.
  • I have phone, messaging, skype, twitter, and email on the top of the screen as well as on lock sscreen so i dont realy see the point of this thing everybody wants so much.
    id prefer faster transtions. come on some of them are so slow WHY?
  • Why not just use the notification bar we already have , you know that bar that pops up when an app finish down loading or when breaking news happens. Just have the bar minimize to 1/third the width...
  • One of the concepts going around in the forums that I personally find to be the best and in sync with the design language is the notification centra as a permanent pane in the multi-tasking window that can be accessed from anywhere in the OS by simply long pressing the back button.
    A left swipe is also a good idea but Nokia's already done that with Meego-Harmattan, plus a lot of apps support left and right swipes, so could possibly create navigation issues.
  • Another good idea!
  • Agreed!
  • People are still complaining? You didn't need a notification center in the first place. You expected all tiles when you made the move no? A tile is just a tap away and ppl still complain. One reason why they probably try this first is because there are alot of swiping going on in WP. In apps you always scroll horizontally to the next menu. It might mis-trigger the notification.
    Scroll from top ppl will complain it looks like Android.
    A tile is the best way to keep WP's own identity and avoid "imitations", and its just a tap. A tap! Just deal with it its a really good OS already. Wtf.
  • When you have unread emails, missed calls, sports push notifications, reminders, skype messages, twitter DMs, etc. Having notifications mixed in with live tiles is not ideal to me. These are things that need your attention and no the other way around.
  • You can still swipe from the edge of the phone with disrupting the metro swiping ability in apps. Or if that's a problem then why not let us swipe up from the bottom, hold the search button for 1.5 seconds, or maybe some sought of missed toast notification that pops up at optional times. I miss too many messages cuz I can't see it or its not on my start screen at all. Too many ways this can be implemented then just a damn tile.
  • A tile to the left wouldn't show anything unless you went there
  • It should be at the top slide to left or right won't work cause alot of apps have sliders to left or right that will mess everything up. Drag down from top works the best.
  • Just because we don't see it in W8.1, doesn't mean it won't get added to WP8.1.
    Folders aren't really needed on Windows 8 because it separates apps into groups anyways. Windows Phone, on the other hand, does not do that, and unless they're looking to bring the same function to WP, it could very well benefit from folders since it has smaller screen sized in which to fit tiles. Don't discount it yet!
  • has no one noticed that the screen shot in the background is not windows phone?  its windows, not phone.
  • I like the multi tile selection, it'll be much faster and easier to move around multiple tiles. Notification tile..TILE? That's not what I really want. Also, I'd like to see a quick access to 3G, cellullar, wi-fi, location, and bluetooth, not a shortcut to the menu in setting. I mean, like the one in Symbian Belle, also.. The profile setting (General, meeting, silent, etc) will be a nice addition too.
  • All these leaks are comming from a phone connected to Orange...I guess Microsoft must pay more attention to what the French are doing! =P
    That said, the multiple selection is a very welcome feature. It's an absolute nightmare to move tiles around when you make many on screen...'cause every time you pin them, they always go to the bottom.
  • There should be a quick reply option to messages when you tap on the toast as well instead of taking u to the native app.
  • I always thought that the whole point of the windows phone was that your notification center was your start screen hence the live tiles and notification tags. I think an actual tile that you have to tap to open a notification center is kind of counter productive no?
  • You realize that is not a either-or situation, right? Live tiles serve one use case, notifications another. Android has a notification center and widgets. Live tiles are great, but only solve half the problem.
  • Don't you get it?!
    ANDROID SUCKS!! Kindly stop using such offensive android-supportive language on this website! :P
  • Holding the back button and having the notifications in that view would make a lot more sense. The notifications tile is great but not efficient.
  • Why does MS refuse to listen to it's users? Notifications should not be a tile!
  • I told them it should be a tile.
  • Users, not user.
  • I also told them. Plural accounted for.
  • Curse you and your damnable facts
  • ?? I am so confused why a notification tile would be used...there is already a notification screen in our me tile that has counter on the tile ?? What i would like to see is something baked into the main GUI of the OS that would be accessible with a gesture...MAYBE THEN, list all history of toast notifications there! Isn't this just a no-brainer MS!?
  • I hope long press on the search button takes you to your notifications, anyone agree?
  • Not me. I'd rather have press on the search button search all data on my phone, sorted by app.
  • Where is my GDR2, AT&T?
  • Not sure if anyone is thinking clearly about the notification center being a tile and not being able to access it from anywhere in the OS. You CAN access it from anywhere! Press and hold the windows button and tell your phone to open notifications! Then just hit the back button to return to whatever you were doing before you went to the notifications...
    If you have to put it somewhere in addition to the tile, I would rather it be a "fixed" card in the multitasking screen rather than a swipe from top/left/bottom.
  • Codename Cortana. Can we have tellme me sound like her please? I want Cortana in my phone.
  • Please.
  • It's just such a fantastic idea. Cortana search for restaurants nearby. Cortana style response. I can just see myself drooling endlessly to it.
  • The best idea I have heard so far is to access a notification area when u push the volume key... Holding the soft keys already has a action
  • Pushing the volume button already has an action: increasing/decreasing audio volume.
  • I love how people get all worked up over a simple picture of a tile, when they have no idea how it works or what other ways will be available to check notifications.
    There could be access to notifications almost anywhere and this simply a pinned tile to show at a glance how many new notifications there are. After all, you can pin almost anything in WP8... frankly, I think it would go against everything WP8 tiles are all about if there is not an option for a notification tile.
  • At first I thought that the live tile was a horrible idea, but after much consideration I am starting to think this is best for the platform.
    Having a notification live tile may add an extra tile to my screen, but I know for sure I will be deleating some tiles from my home screen as soon as I can.  I will have absolutely no need to see live tiles for every app I use, but I will still have a live tile notification.  So, why not have all the notifications channed into a live tile and with a simple touch on the notification we will be transported to the app. 
    I do see an advantage to accessing the notification via a side swipe, but feel it is completly unessary due the fact of toast notifications.  If while you are on your phone and you ignore a toast, it must not be important.  Basically, we are being constatly being updated with notifications.   When you have your phone down or off, it isn't really that hard to check your live tile once, when you pick your phone back up. Is it?
  • Having a notification centre as a tile will add one more tap in the process of accessing the app which had the notification.
  • There would be no need for a notification center/tile if every developer utilized the full functionality of the "live tile". That was their focus right? What's the point of pinning something that just sits there doing nothing? Its suppose to be animated, update in real time, and provide the info that's important to that user.
  • Need to increase the number of background tasks first. 15 is not enough. 15 should be defaulted with an advanced settings of 20-25 with a warning on battery life.
  • Actually there would still be a need. The live tile pops up saying "Hey a notification from this app" but doesn't specify the notification or take us straight to it. Whereas this will allow us to go straight to said notification we've been told about, and explain the notification.
  • Either I didn't understand the premise of point you were making or you are altogether incorrect Mr. Ratcliffe (Had to take the name! xD).
    If the said live tile pops up saying that there is a notification,
    a) You know which app's live tile is flipping.
    b) You 'tap' on it, to get to the app.
    c) Luckily, many apps support double-wide notification style. So, if say, you have a double-wide tile of WhatsApp on your phone, you know from the start screen what the latest message is.
    I am not against the concept of Notification Centre, but given the fact that WP's live tile do most of it; it should be more innovative and (needs to be) completely different from iOS and Android - since their users clearly NEED a notification centre more than we do.
  • a) You didn't necessarily pin the app which sent the notification on your start screen, so you can't tap it
    as for c), your wide tile would show only the latest message it, not all the messages that you might have missed while your phone was off
    I just don't know why so many people are against it, iOS had badges and Apple decided to implement it, Android has plenty of widgets and still handle notifications, the Palm Pre had them, BB10 too... Live tiles are powerful, but a Notificaton center would be a solution for problems that tiles cannot solve (like missed toast notifications)
    Why should MS try to be different just for the sake of it ?
  • On my 920, all of my live tiles are now "dead." They stopped updating, including my stock market app which actually cost me almost 3000$ because I missed a notification saying that they lost one of their major contracts and will likely not meet expectations. Thanks to an OS glitch, All my 3rd party tiles won't update. And the only solution I can find is hard resetting the phone, which could yield a brick. I can see the point for a notification least then I would have had a clue what had happened. I wouldn't rely on live riles for anything important.
  • Read about a rumor that wp8 would be merging with windows RT in the future. I can see a lot of the RT usage and UI features being translated onto a WP device, especially a 6" one
  • And I would like it even more if it was integrated into the ME tile :-) along with having its own pinable tile :-)
  • Of all the 8.1 features I crave Cortana's voice the most. I know I'm dreaming but I'd love to replace the sound that plays when you hold the start button/TellMe service with the little piano bit from Halo "dun di dunnn dun" I tried to find a video with it on YouTube but lunch is over, gotta run :/
  • The tile is such a bad idea! Notifications should be accessed from anywhere. I'll say it again, they need to put notifications (as well as toggles) in the task switcher. So much unused space in there. Imagine holding down "back" and having a notification bar at the bottom that you could immediately swipe up to access. Perfect!
  • Wow! I just tried doing it, and it is incredible. Gotta hand it to you on this
  • Every once in a while I have a good idea, spread the word! I'm just bothered by the waste of space in the task switcher. I'd also prefer more than one app window showing at a time.
  • So true. That feature gets really annoying when you get multiple notifications at once
  • I actually like this idea of accessing notification centre from the multitasking screen. This way, you can access it while playing a game or even through an app which already has other functionalities for swiping gestures (take Microsoft's official Facebook app for example).
    And yeah they should definitely have all the toggles (WiFi, network, location etc) embedded in the notification centre.
  • That's a quick mockup of what I have in mind. Toggles could go at the top perhaps, but that's the gist of it
  • I've only had my windows phone for a few weeks, but I honestly do not understand the need for a notification center, tiled or otherwise. I guess it would be handy if an app sends a notification and it isn't on the homescreen. But since every tile has a notification count on it, what is the real need?
  • Lets say you installed a communication app, say Viber. You only use it to communicate to a couple friends who are overseas. It's not so important an app or one that you would use constantly to have it pinned on your home screen. How would you know if you missed a call unless you went to the "all programs" list and opened it up. Just one scenario.
  • What if I have turned off the background tasks for (let's say) Viber? Would I still get a notification through notification centre?
  • No! Notification Tile is unacceptable! Microsoft can't have held us off for so long for something so juvenile such as this
  • Can I get gdr2 pls k thx ATT before GDR3/8.1 are released :)
  • I would like to move all my mail accounts into a group called "Mail" with a wide live tile showing status for each account in it.
  • The first half your functionality request has been available since 7.x. From the Start screen, tap any mail tile. From the pull-up menu, choose Link Inboxes. You can rename the linked inbox from within the Link Inboxes page (scroll to bottom for option).
    Note that you will then see all incoming mail from all linked accounts comingled in a single view. When sending new mail you are asked which account to send from. Replies are send from the account the original mail was sent to. Unfortunately, the tile only shows the most recently received message from all the accounts in the link inbox.
  • Thank you. Although different than how I'd prefer it.
  • In the screenshot the background pic is of Win 8.1 Pro, a desktop OS and not the WP, mobile OS.
  • I have no interest in folders, although I think it would be cool if you could save your home screen so you can easily swap out home screen configs. Like I may have a travel centric home screen or sports or family home screen...if that makes sense

  • Wait amd64 in the screenshot? That's not windows phone, that's just windows 8.1
  • I'm fine with notifications being a tile. I assume it will allow the user to move to the noti-tile ( I claim that! ) any services that we don't have pinned as a live tile, and it should then do periodic updates as those services/apps that are deemed by the user as less important than those that are live. This helps the user to control data usage and puts the settings for all of those items under the control of the notification center. Gee sounds great to me, hope that's the plan.
  • Course, none of this matters as the article may be wrong as to what device and os this actually is.
  • I really honest to god hope Microsoft give us more than a notification tile. I want a real notification center that I can access from nearly anywhere in the system. Not a tile.
  • Still waiting on GDR 2!   
  • The best I've read is hold back, then left is recent apps on swipe to right is fast-option switches for WiFi etc and notifications..that one has my vote Or nr2 hold start button..voice sh*t isn't available in my country anyway
  • PLEASE NOT ANOTHER TILE! If that's the case, why not use the notification pivot area of the me tile?
  • At this point I'd take the live tile notification center. It's better than what we have now. As long as they keep improving it. IDK how many notifications I've missed with the current system.
  • Notification tile defeats the purpose of having other live tiles on your start screen.
  • Notification center= TİLE no no no no no no no no no.
  • Those idiots from microsoft shoul ask the team from nokia that work for them now how they did the fast lane on asha 501 which is a notification center that you access with a simple swipe,or even better to fire the wp team and let the nokia people to improve wp 8.1
  • Maybe Nokia will give us notification center like symbian.
  • If the notifications are only accessible via app tile and not swipe from some side of the screen, that will be dissapointing. but atleast better than nothing. Also, concerning groups. They should do this and for the live tile, they should imitate the people live tile but obviously, instead of profile photos, use the tile from the apps in the folder.
  • Notifications should be accessible from anywhere and by holding down the magnifying glass search icon as at the moment it does the same as just tapping it. They could even have a flashing magnifying glass when you have unread notifications
  • Start button would be more professional looking imo also having that beautiful middle button blinking or breathing would look pretty cool
  • Start button already does something when held which is search lol. Maybe then they should move voice commands to the magnifying glass and the put the notifications under the start button like you said.
  • Yes. This is the way to go. And it's weird that they implemented voice search (with commands, granted) on the Windows button and not the Search button.
  • --
  • Why is Windows 8.1 pro highlighted in the background? Does that have something to do with the phone?
  • When we slide to the right, the notifications center pops up
  • Definitely should be in the multitasking area, even if it was a constantly running multitasking pane, it would be a 2 second job as holding back for more than a tap brings it up
  • Is it me or does anyone else get the feeling that att is not going to release gdr2 for 920 until practically every person that owns a 920 gets tired of waiting and goes to upgrade to another phone? Or worse, switch over to a competitor?
  • Tile? weak, slide to right, left side notifications.  simple easy.
    Skype tile? please needs to be integrated, different story.  Some things you dont need tiles bros 
  • Another case of people complaining when they don't get exactly what they want when they want it...
  • They should implement a swipe from the left to get to notifications. Right swipe is all apps and left swipe is notifications. They should have also made deleting multitasking windows just swiping the app upwards (or downwards) in the multitasking screen, instead of the little 'X'
  • I agree with the closing of multitasking windows. Swiping the app down would have brought it more in line with Windows 8.
  • The "X" to close is already established as a standard in IE on the phone, arguably the most crucial app it has. It makes perfect sense to stick to this way of doing it. There is no precedent anywhere in the UI for closing or doing anything else other than scroll page overflow by swiping up or down.
  • The only problem with it being left of the start screen, is that option wouldn't work in most apps. Take for instance the WP Central app. Any time you swipe left or right, you are moving around in the app due to the Modern UI. While a good idea, I don't think it would fix the problem since you still have to go to the start screen vs being able to check them from any app.
  • I'll repeat myself one more time: why is everyone so obsessed with the left swipe for notifications???
    Easiest, most obvious and best solution: move voice search to be when you hold down the Search button, and let notifications come up (in an overlay that doesn't close the current app) when you hold down the Windows button.
    There. No new clutter, no new swipe-function taking away from more useful purposes of it. Gah. :)
  • Syncing accent colour? What a feature. No wonder we've got to wait for 8.1. Meanwhile people are single handedly pushing out awesome calendar apps etc. As if a company like MS could not hire one dev and we could have had proper calendar long time ago. And the same goes for many other issues. :-/ It's striking.
  • We should be able to swipe right for all our apps (like we do now), and swipe left for notifications! Swiping left currently does nothing!
  • Notice the blue Samsung phone taking the puc
  • Universal notifications to the left....
    Long press "Start" for multitask....
    Long press "search" for voice search....
  • Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 coming closer...
    Tile colour sync between desktop and phone?
    Imagine different start screen backgrounds like in win8.1 or even that red dragon! Wow that would be awesome!
    Looking forward to seeing more about wp8.1 ;)
  • It's most probably just a shortcut, for somethin that will be implemented nicely, but let's not forget about a quick settings/notification center combo, like Android. No one would give you s**t for that MS. 
  • That's all well and good but come on MS there's still a few things that need to be addressed on the basic phone stuff. I'd like to be able to search for texts or have a album of pictures that I've been sent/have sent in text to people. The history is alright, but it doesn't work half the time and the other half is slow as hell. I'd like for you to fix the calender and the way it interacts with my people info. If I add their birthday to their profile it should automatically make an event in my calender that not only tells me it's their Bday but that it's their 30th(or w/e) Bday. Same with anniversaries and the like. My photo Hub doesn't show me pictures of people I've tagged and sent to my Skydrive. Why? Cause I'm not on FB? I don't want FB, and I shouldn't have to get it for this basic stuff. When you guys first talked about the WP7 it was about bringing people closer, and how the phone can do all this neat stuff without needing apps. What happened to that mentality? That's the one of the biggest reasons I got the WP in the first place. I liked that idea of not needing "An App for that."
  • "...showing what appears to be a device with multiple tiles selected on a handset that's reportedly running build 9478."
    The screen in the background is an evaluation copy of Windows 8.1 Pro build 9478, not Windows phone 8.1. That image has absolutely nothing to do with the phone. I think this is all fake.
  • I don't understand why that PC screen is highlighted either. Doesn't prove that this is fake though.
  • Nah, I didn't mean that the screen itself proves that it is fake. MS has announced a "start screen innovation" for Windows Phone, and that has gotten me to believe that they will do a refresh of the entire start screen. Mostly though, it's just my gut feeling that this is fake. I don't think we will have the same color tiles anymore (they will be colored the same as in Windows), and I don't think the start screen will even work in the same way as it does now.
  • I don't understand how MS so behind. They don't even have one on Windows 8 Metro-side.
  • Awesome
  • I'm still on windows phone 7.8 lol
  • Good news is always helpful.
  • Truly epic to be able to ask "Cortana, do I need an umbrella today?"
  • The cry from the community is "Don't make notification centre into a tile" This is the whole put back the start button thing again isn't it For me, using the tile is the lazy option We have all been hoping for it to be swiping in from the left of the screen or something, but another live tile that will add to what we already have, this isn't a solution. Another issue I see with this is, will it clear the tile counts on the third party apps by opening this notification tile or will I have still have to open the individual apps as well
  • Will Windows RT 8.1 receive Microsoft Wallet integration???....Also, if you buy an app on Windows 8 does it automatically become an available download on your RT tablet???
  • If their solution for a notification center is just a tile, I'm gonna puke. Literally. Someone get a bucket. There's been a billion concepts for WP notification centers that would be elegant, fluid, and fit with the design paradigms that WP adheres to. A tile is nearly the most useless of them all.
  • The main screen and live tiles are the notification center idiots. The other phones have one because they don't have live tiles.
  • Please, no tile!!!!
  • Obviously we have no idea how multitasking will work, but if it is just a tile on the homescreen this is a fail. MS just seems like they have no unified vision regarding this OS. Why would you make a tile? Like in general having a tile is dumb. Maybe I just prefer the way Android/iOS does notifications idk.
    Just make it available via a long press of a button, or a swipe gesture from one of the edges, and put folders in already, and put seperate ringer volumes in....ugh I'm going to stop and I will wait to see whats good with this update. I am frustrated because I LOVE the design of this OS but the features are not on is sad. I feel like Samsung, when WP gets competitve I might get back into the game. 
  • Is it weird that the thing I'm most excited about is the new voice command system that is going to rival Siri is going to be called Cortana?
  • Looks like a lot of the RT 8.1 features are coming to WP 8.1 too!
  • i dont see the need for the notification center, it would ruin the OS "experience"  you don't want to stay in one room in your house because you cant get to notifications but from one area. nobody would use the operating system it's self.  toast is great, you look at the toast; you care you click, if not you swipe it off the screen.   but I think the toast should all multiple toast onscreen at a time. allowing you to just see a brief of the nitification and and aclick if its what you want if not a swipe of the top toast gets you make to what you were already doing. SIMPLE! no need for a new part of the OS just an deeper integration.
  • I can only figure that we long-press the search button to access the notification area. The other soft keys will be used for multi-tasking and voice commands. This is by far the easiest way to access the notification area from any app or screen. In terms of coding, this should not be too difficult to implement. The other technology we can use is the PROXIMITY SENSOR. We use it for Glance when in the off-state. Why not use it to activate the notification area as well? In fact this is intuitive!
  • I'm not hating on whatever is coming or anyone else idea, but why can't the lock screen toast notification banner continue to add more banners with each notification (imagine it looking like a text conversation). Maybe tied with glance so a hand swipe will show all notifications. The list could scroll if longer than one page. Swipe up takes you to start just like now, swipe down scrolls toasts. Once at the home page you use the tile to get to all the notifications. Something unique & diff from other os?
  • Please not a notification tile! This is the worst scenario of implementing this feature
  • Microsoft posted a video of what they wanted the tell me wanted to be back in 2011.
    With the recent rumor swirling, I'm starting to believe this video is pretty much what were going to get. It is going to be safe to say that this service will be on all your microsoft devices.  Microsoft is probably just waiting to finish it in it's entirety, instead of releasing for one device at a time, making a much larger wow factor.
  • Just saw this.... this is would be great.  It's the way a notification center should be done, among other things...
  • Really! Having Win 8.1 build 9478 running a screen in the background does not have anything to do with Windows Phone. That just proves that whoever took this photo is running a rather old leaked Win 8.1 build. That being said, there clearly is something new going on on the phone. It may even be WP 8.1 - but it most certainly is not build 9478!
  • That notifications icon looks like a homebrew, what happened to the leaked pictures (and video) that showed the swipe down from the top?
  • Everyone would get this except Lumia 920 on AT&T users because they are so stupid and cant roll out updates in a timely manner!
  • Its tile ! No...more improvement its tooo bad