Now that the new Microsoft Edge is here, have you switched browsers? (Poll)

Edge (Image credit: Windows Central)

After months of testing on its Canary, Dev, and Beta branches, the new Microsoft Edge finally made its public debut this week. The release version of the browser is the culmination of a lengthy process of testing that saw Edge from a modest Chromium fork into a browser with its own unique set of features and integrations.

I've been using the new Microsoft Edge since I could get my hands on the first Canary build last year. It's had some minor hitches during the development process, but it quickly became my avenue to break free of Chrome's grasp. The Microsoft account integration is great, and I appreciate features like tracking prevention and the fact that it's available on so many different platforms.

However, I'm aware the new Edge might not be for everyone. Certain features, like history syncing and Collections, still aren't available in the release version of the browser. Likewise, it can be hard to tear yourself away from the Firefoxes and Chromes of the world if you don't have a personally compelling reason to do so.

So, have you made the switch to the new Microsoft Edge now that its public release is here? Or are you still sticking with another browser? Let us know in the poll, and feel free to expand on why you have or haven't switched in the comments below.

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  • Internet explorer wasn't overwritten. Someone inside Microsoft still knows how to do their job.
  • If you look at the landscape, Edge had three things going for it that differentiated it from the others:
    - A sleek look,
    - Superior support for touch,
    - Inking.
    I feel that, on all fronts, the new Edge is weaker.
    I made the switch a while ago to Vivaldi, it's been fantastic, and it has an Android client that syncs nicely with my desktop client. It's not made for touch, but it works fine with it regardless. For these reasons the new Edge hasn't swayed me.
  • I used vivaldi too since it was showcased here.
    But thereafter, I switch to the new Edge Insider once it became available.
    Vivaldi is very good, but I have no problem with Edge.
    Also, I use Opera on android. Mainly due to it's data saving feature.
  • It's ok just switch later then because those things will come
  • The touch is terrible. Last night I tried to select and copy a simple line of text from a website to paste somewhere else, and it just wasn't able to do it.
  • I had intended to switch but over the last few months I trialed Brave browser... I think I'll stick with that, it's fast, light, secure and it doesn't require ad blocking. It has a great Android version and once you get used to the slightly quirky sync method it's really very good... And no, I'm not affiliated with the folks who developed it!
  • Installed it but using Microsoft Edge Legacy as it's now called.
  • Using the Edge browser on my desktop, and keeping the original Edge browser on my Surface Pro until MS brings in pdf/webpage inking
  • No, I haven't switched. I have installed the new Edge. The first thing to pop up using Edge was a page that said my pc was hacked and I needed to call a number to have them help remove it. Windows defender browser protection, blah, blah, blah, etc..
  • Not Trustworthy at all...! I use W8.1 pro as my daily OS and I downloaded C-Edge to test it....After 5 minutes I got what you got...! Then there was a browser screen freeze for 10 seconds...I I closed the browser at once and open the good old Firefox...!
  • One thing I find interesting is that when you install this new version of edge it gives you the option to import bookmarks and such from chrome, firefox, or internet explorer directly. However, legacy Edge or Beta Edge are not options that you can import directly from. To get my bookmarks from Beta edge I had to export from beta edge to html and then import into new edge. Its not a massive deal but kinda strange that they would totally ignore their own browser when writing their import routines.
  • Old Edge should have imported automatically, at least it did for me, I didn't have to select anything. But similar to you, I wanted favorites from Edge Beta so I had to delete stuff imported from old Edge and do the export/import. It's odd MS didn't account for this use case, especially for day 1 users who are probably mostly those who have been using Insider builds for a while.
  • its probably down to sync' not working on the final release? it really should just sync all those things and no import should be needed
  • Those import automatically. It's an upgrade to Microsoft Edge, so it doesn't prompt that. It just does it without asking. Can't speak for the Beta. They may not migrate beta stuff for reasons beyond that (assuming your stuff is already synching to your Microsoft account, anyways, etc.).
  • Typically when I've switched or updated browsers to get better speeds, the differences were barely noticeable. With Edge chromium however, I can see and feel a huge jump in speed from old Edge and Firefox on my desktop. Love all the features and looking forward to Collections. I'm working out the kinks with trying to figure out how to take advantage of the multiple profile feature so I can get rid of Firefox and run two separate instances of Edge simultaneously each with their own profile.
  • It's been a smooth transition from Edgium Beta to the real deal. No complaints, and some surprises in terms of polish that matches the polish of the new Android version. I wouldn't be surprised if the new Edge became very popular.
  • Nope, i have not switched, i use cent and I have no reason to change.
  • No, the new Edge PDF reader is not as good and "collections" isn't as quick to use as "set tabs aside". I might delete chrome as a secondary browser but Edge Legacy will still be my main browser until MS fixes the issues above.
  • No, I have not switched either. I don't want to spoil the experience of switching by doing it already. I will wait until Microsoft also thinks they are ready. Also I am using old Edge and I am very much unwilling to give up UWP look. And I am also afraid that after switching, new Edge will very much help ch behave like Chrome itself by forcing "features" by Google down my throat, such as pausing YouTube videos asking if I was still watching for example.
  • But I think those "features" implemented by Google need not appear in the version that Microsoft puts out. In fact I doubt they would. But I suppose we'll see.
  • i totally agree that the original edge looks and works much better- the new chrome-like tabs are horrible
  • When you upgrade, what happens to any Edge tabs you've 'set aside'? Do you just lose them?
  • It creates folder in your favorites called Tabs set aside it also creates a folder called reading list if you have saved any. Also a lot of people are asking about the Tabs set aside feature in the new edge. There isn't one now but you can go to the Chrome Web Store and download the extension Tabs Aside which does the same thing and works great
  • Thanks, very helpful.
  • Nope. Still using the trusted old Edge. Still going strong. Might switch in time, but it's too desktoppy still in the Ui, despite chrome as the engine. Better luck next time with your next new browser Microsoft. Almost there, but still a long way to go for New Edge.
  • Tried the switch on my secondary surface pro and work PC but have decided to hold off on my primary surface pro. Although the overall concept and functionality seems better, I'm very disappointed that the scrolling is so obviously jerky/flickery compared to Classic Edge which was always completely rock solid and buttery smooth. This is even more noticeable when using the trackpad or touch to scroll. Also I find it strange that the application takes a lot longer to load up and display the start tab. Classic Edge always started instantly. These two regressions really affect the user experience for the worse which takes away from other benefits.
  • I have been using Microsoft Edge chromium in Beta for a few months now and yes, now I have switched to the stable version and I love it. It has the performance and features of Google Chrome without raping your RAM and CPU.
  • Made the switch a whle ago with Beta, this official release runs a lot slower on my Surface Pro than Beta does, anyone else seeing this?
  • I use the New Edge on my Note 8. I will wait for the Legacy Edge features to come to the New Edge on PC. For now, I will stick with Legacy on my Surface Pro
  • Still using old edge but I have new edge in canary and Dev browsers. As for Android I think I'm using new edge on beta but my sync is staying on old edge
  • After reading all the other comments and details about the features I'll lose, I'll stick with Edge Legacy until they break it.
  • I've been using Edge Beta for a few months. Only complaint is that it has had trouble streaming videos from But it works better now. No problems on other streaming sites (Netflix, Amazon). I just installed the released (non beta) version of Edge Chromium and it looks just like Edge Beta (not surprising). I like the ability to "install" websites as apps. So I guess I'm all in with the new Edge.
  • Seing close to 80% of the people using Edge here, I guess these are not real world numbers hahaha
  • Here = Windows Central They're real world, within this website's bubble. I mean, why would you expect any different? If iMore did a poll, Safari would most likely end up with numbers similar to Edge in this poll... for the exact same reasons. Fanboys visit these sites, not "normal consumers."
  • The trolls really out in force for this one. I've fully switched from beta to final. It was smooth and quick. I hope my workplace switches as well.
  • Edge is nice, but I keep using the best browser. Firefox. On PC, on mobile, everywhere.
  • I used the Beta version as soon as it became available, then once I could download the release version I did. Only issues with the release version I have had are that i can't set it as my default browser, could with the Beta. And PWA weren't correctly installing, they would install, but i would have to manually connect them to Edge Chromium, Windows couldn't find the browser to open the links. It was looking for "msedge_proxy.exe, but it was named "msedge.exe".
  • I use all of the above, but Firefox and then Opera take precedent
  • The Chrome advantage of having isolated resources per browser window to keep one from crashing the rest is a nice idea, but in practice, I have too many windows taking up too much of my resources. I use Edge most of the time, Firefox some of the time, and Chrome when neither worked (rare), this puts Firefox on the top, which is unfortunate, I liked Edge, particularly the ink and touch support.
  • Edge has always been my main browser since it came out. I like this one too.
  • Ha...! I never use the Edge Legacy to begin with in order to switch. I still use Firefox, the safest browser on the planet...!
  • I think i'll wait until MS pushes it out via Windows Update. Have it on my iOS devices and it seems to run well.
  • Didn't like the favourite folders that are located on top instead of side bar like in Safari and Firefox. With current horrible wide screen monitors, this means more empty side space and where vertical space is a premium, it is unnecessarily being occupied by favourite folders.