O2 begins rolling out Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 to the Lumia 930

Developers have had their hands on Windows Phone 8.1 update 1 for a couple of months now, but it looks like UK carrier O2 is all set to roll the update out to its Windows Phone devices, starting with the Nokia Lumia 930.

The announcement was made by Chris_K on O2's support forums yesterday, where he said the following:

We're fully expecting the GDR1 update for the Lumia 930 to go live this week - as early as this evening, no less. Please keep your eyes out for any notifications and if you're running an O2 branded 930 purchased from O2 direct, feel free to manually check for updates too.

If you're looking for everything that Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 is bringing, be sure to check out our full coverage.

Have you had any luck grabbing the update? Are there any features in this update you're eagerly anticipating? Let us know in the comments. Remember, it's possible to manually check for updates by hitting up Settings > Phone Updates.

Source: O2 Support Forums (opens in new tab)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • When it is coming for Lumia 1520 (India)
  • From last week of October to early in November, as the recent rumours suggest.
  • and when will AT&T USA Lumia 1520 gets  lumia denim ??   please tell
  • It'll get it too, eventually. Haha!
  • You still dont have denim?!? :-/
  • I'm still forced to run Lumia Black...
  • Whatttt???
  • Still on Black? I know that sucky feeling. Got my cyan last month
  • ok
  • Official timeframe is Q4.
  • Wait!... If this is the official WP8.1.1 update then we're talking about Denim here....
    That means its coming soon for the att 1520! I can't wait because the DP has so many bugs with force closes, reboots, excessive resuming, audio discrepancies, weird lock screen behavior, all topped off with really poor battery life... I hope this fixes all dat..
  • don't hold your breath
  • Actually, in the past year att has been one of the first to update Lumia devices, and the 1520 is definitely one that gets top priority here in the US.... Holding.
  • I hope this is true, I just recently updated all 3 of are Samsung focus to the 1520, Yahoo better late than never.,❕❕❕
  • When Denim does come the att 1520 will be one of the first to get it..I'm very confident in that.
  • I got my Cyan for my 920 last month and for Update 1 for 930 about 2weeks ago. Lets just hope for 1520 before 2015.
  • Not quite. Ms has delivered 8.1.1 to 930s previously remember? Sans denim.
    Also, Samsung was before Nokia in this case lol
  • I guess.. Sounds familiar.
  • I got the 1520 and have none of that...seems like you need a hard reset
  • What version are you running?
  • I have all of that and more on my 925.. It's ridiculous how buggy this thing is.
  • update 1 in the UK really only gives us the official cortana and files now ! no denim.  the app for o2 did give us 25% of denim cloth store now !!!
  • I don't get it, O2 is rolling out update 1 but not Lumia Denim rt ? If that's the case, doesn't that make things complex for Lumia users ? I mean denim improves the firmware support for update 1 right ?
  • It won't complicate things as denim is separate from the OS update. Denim won't be in this update, they haven't even got that on the site yet.
  • I've never known a carrier to not add a firmware update...
  • Yes, I know. But at least they're bringing in updates (not to mention early)... It makes more sense for the carrier's profit, as they can advertise about the new feature that no other phones have right now/ Be the first to get Update 1... Just think if you have decided of buying a 930, which carrier would you buy it from? The one that may or may not release an update after 10 months? Or the one that has the latest update?
  • There's two elements to an update on a Nokia phone. The base OS ROM which adds features for all Windows Phones and the Lumia update which adds features to the camera and other hardware specific updates. I like to think of the Lumia part as 'drivers'.
  • lumia part is more like 'firmware'
  • update 1 from o2 is just the official update to the last Preview 4 dev !
  • Who is this Dan Thorp-Lancaster guy? Seems like fresh meat around here. I think it's time for Windows Central to make a feature article for these new writers.
  • He's probably not new.. He probably just writes for Android Central, or iMore.. They cross write now.
  • I'm confused, I'm newish to Windows Phone but thought that the Updates were done by Microsoft/Nokia not the networks. I got my 630 Sim Free and use a subsidy of O2 UK, will I have to wait for the network to make 8.1 Update 1 available?
  • That only happens with the iPhones, android and Windows phones need permissions.
  • The networks have to approve the updates for branded handsets, just in case there are bugs etc that interfere with things there side. This isn't the case for unbranded phones with tend to update as soon as the updates are released by MS or Nokia (as is likely to be the case with your handset).
    This approval applies for Android updates too, but not iOS as Apple insist that carries doubt meddle with updates I'd they want to flog shiny iPhones (which is great until they release updates like 8.0.1 which ended up bricking a large portion of handsets due to network incompatibilities).
  • In windows phone, there are 2 updates, the OS. Update and the firmware update. Microsoft makes both, and then gives them to networks for testing, and then the networks tailor the update to each individual phone handset which is currently on that networks rom. So it doesn't matter what sim you use, or if your phone is unlocked, it matters which rom you have installed, and your phone will get the OS /firmware updates according to your phone rom. So I have a 3 phone , but I am on Giffgaff, for example, I will get the update when Microsoft has given the update to 3, and when 3 have finished resting it. (to see your phone rom variant, go to settings >about, and see what it says under 'carrier'. That is your phone rom. And you will get the update when it us released for your phone by that company.)
  • finally someone who gets it, i always buy the cv because of this
  • I bought L920 CV and got the update later than the O2 locked handsets.... And I am on O2 too...
  • I had the same thing happen with my CV variant 1020! O2 are a v.good network for pushing out updates quickly. Far better than Voda or EE!
  • That is because cv means country variant, meaning it still has to be tested. But instead of a network testing it, the Nokia company variant of your country will test it to ensure it works flawlessly on every device with that ROM. So its kind of the same process as being tested by a network. It has nothing to do with your sim
  • Yeah same I'd only ever buy cv handsets because of the upgrade path
  • Thanks for the reply. Just checked and mine is a CV variant so guess I am just waiting on Microsoft/Nokia to push the update and I'll downloaded it direct? So do people with Branded Handsets have Network branded Apps installed on Windows Phone? I can't see why else a network would need to "test" the actual manufacturers software? Seems a lot of resources too, the only thing that needs to work is the Simcard surely?
  • Yes you are now waiting on your country's Nokia devision to push the update. Yes people with branded phones have carrier apps installed but they test the update to make sure it runs on their ROM. For example, if my 3 update was to be put on your phone your phone would be unstable because it has a different ROM variant. So that's why companies have to test and tailor the original firmware update, so that WP can be stable on the specific variant of the phone. Yes, branded phones have carrier apps installed but you can just uninstall them if you want ;)
  • I have am unclocked Lumia 1520.3 but in the carrier it says o2 ... How can I fix that ??
  • You can't;) it means that your phone is an O2 variant, and has the O2 rom installed. That means that you'll get all your updates when O2 release them for the 1520. Unlocked just means that you can put any sim in that you like, but your phone is still and will always be O2 branded
  • Thanks!
  • No problem :)
  • Your phone is operator branded and often locked.
  • Nope, got mine unbranded and unlocked from Carphone Warehouse in the UK. All Carphone Warehouse devices are unlocked and unbranded. That's why it's cheaper to join a Pay&Go deal with any network whoever is cheaper and then pop your existing Sim plan in.
  • MS will push out the update for sim free phone ! ( they do it in stages, by country and by device). also they push them to the carriers and then its up to them to pass them on ..
  • When is coming for Lumia 920 (indonesia)?
  • During Q4.
  • I'm little bit confused..i think Lumia 930 comes with Lumia denim pre-installed than why these updates are rolling out for? Are they Microsof's legal update? Are they fixes for Lumia denim or what?? I'm using Lumia 830 with denim update. (India)
  • No. The 930 doesn't have Denim..
  • Denim isn't out yet, they're has been no talks on the release of it yet and the 930 came with the cyan update, not denim. 8.1.1 is a software update, not a firmware update.
  • And the 830 came with Demin. But the camera improvements are not included. They still have to come as part of Demin.
  • I just don't understand Microsoft's thinking (they are giving denim pre-installed on 830 but not on 930?!)
  • 930 Came out before they even mentioned the Denim update, 830 and 730 came out at the time when Microsoft were talking about it so that's why it's taking longer for the 930.
  • Got it.
  • Any idea whether Denim will include folders? ( I mean the one available for DP) .. If so I'm leaving DP ..
  • Yup!! Denim update has live folder and it's works smooth on my device..but i didn't get what does DP means that you want to leave?
  • Preview for developers
  • But now that O2 has released 8.1.1 for 930 that means it has got Denim update too, software and firmware updates come coupled with Lumia handsets and others too, if only they had any seperate name for firmware.
  • I've 930 and I can confirm it doesn't come with Denim installed.
  • I've 830 and it's come with denim pre-installed (Lumia camera will come via OTA update forth quarter this year)
  • Yeah, Denim comes preinstalled in the most recent launches (730,735,830...)
  • Dan Thorp-Lancaster.... Can you touch on Denim please❓
  • Dan Thorp-Lancaster?! That's a long ass name. Haha just saying
  • Reminds me of Dean Winchester.
  • Reminds me of lannisters 
  • Double barrel, means his patents or their parents married and wanted to keep both of their surnames.
  • Or they never married at all. :o My parents never married and I got both of their last names. I just use one though as my father was a bit useless. :p
  • There you, go make sure you really piss off future genealogists in your family.
  • Is the update just the OS update or does it come along with Denim (the firmware) as well ? Maybe after someone finishes updating their phone they can check the extras+info and let us know.
  • We're going to actually need them to verify if "Hey Cortana" works.. If it does then the rest of us can get excited.
  • I'm excited to get excited!
  • Lol.
  • thats only for snapdragon 800 devices even when phone is locked. voice activation isnt for the low end Lumias.
  • Yeah, so what's your point? This article is about the 930, isn't it?
  • its not denim ! just gives the uk official folders and cortana .
  • These updates have gone a lot confusing now.
  • Somewhat, yes.
  • Agreed. I have no idea what update I have and don't have now that I'm on DP
  • The goodness has just started people... Can't wait for GDR2 preview to rollout :D
    And why not just write Denim update instead of 8.1 update 1, its confusing :p
  • He's not a regular... He probably writes for Android articles mostly.
  • Because it's not Denim, is WP 8.1 Update 1 (the folder update) ;)
  • I think software and firmware comes coupled with Lumia's, so it basically means that they have released Denim update.
    Correct me if I am wrong :)
  • Your wrong I'm sorry. 8.1.1 is an OS update, Denim is firmware and hasn't been released to anyone yet. 830/730 kinda have a bit of it so yeah it is starting to get confusing
  • Doesn't this make things more complicated for network operators? I mean they already delay most of the updates and now they are starting to make 2 updates out of what they can deliver in just one.
  • This is really the networks fault by delaying testing. Microsoft for once are on schedule but by the time Denim comes around there will still be some networks only just now delivering Cyan. Personally I wish everyone would stop buying subsidized phones because that's the only reason network operators have as much pull as they do. If people could just change carrier at will, as u can when your not locked into a contract, carriers would think twice about delaying updates and firmware.
  • Yes, the folder update, as I have this on my 930 in the UK. Edit. That is with Cyan.
  • New writer?
  • I hope that they fix treasure tags with the Lumia 1020. Couldn't get it to work with cyan 8.1 update 1.
  • Damn, just ordered one.
  • How you can get the update ?
  • Ok. That means Lumia camera is not a part of Lumia Denim? I'm confused because it was supposed to be, right?
  • So I purchased a BLU Win Jr unlocked handset recently what are the chances this device will receive a few updates in the future? anyone any thoughts
  • I guess nobody knows for sure when will blu make any update available or if they ever will... But you can always have latest and greatest software with preview for developer. Be warned there could be some bugs but personally I haven't experienced any major issue on preview
  • Only the bitlocker problem. And this was the reason why it took a lot of time to get CYAN on developer preview phones.
  • Hm where does BLU play in the updating of their unlocked phones. Microsoft has to push out the updates to these correct?
  • I guess firmware is something brand itself has to do, like optimizing OS for your phone I am not sure exactly who does it for BLU and other similar companies.
    For e.g. Lumia phones have firmware namely Black, Cyan etc which Nokia use to make prior to Microsoft acquiring Nokia (now Microsoft owns it so it doesn't make any difference) so I guess similar rule apply for others like HTC etc.
    Please correct me if I am wrong...
  • Windows 8.1 announced ages/months ago and only just getting release now. This is why WP is poor.
  • Dude! This is 8.1 update 1... If you haven't received 8.1 update its your carrier's fault.
  • I'm on dev preview so it doesn't bother me. Just bothers me that its up to the carriers. Microsoft should bypass them like apple does.
  • Yeah that would help a great deal, carriers really do mess everything up :(
    I use unlocked version so might not for me but there are alot of people out there who wait way too much for update
  • No denim for me in uk on the 1520 either yet
  • Read the article, you weren't supposed to get the Denim update.
  • I am confused because everyone is. Joining the confusion fun. LOL.
  • Let me help clear the mist.  WP8.1 came pre-installed on the L930 with Cyan firmware.  Branded handsets from o2 are now receiving WP8.1 Update 1 which brings Cortana in beta for UK.  For those in the Developer Preview Program, you've already got this.  The L730, L735 and L830 were launched some months after the L930 and so they come with WP8.1 Update 1 pre-installed and the Lumia Denim firmware.  To make matters just that more frustrating, it would appear that this Update 1 from o2 inexplicably doesn't include Lumia Denim firmware.  We already knew that Preview users would receive Lumia Denim in a separate update but now that also can mean carriers too.  With this increasginly disjointed nature of updates, it's more likely that the Lumia Denim firmware will be pushed out together with Update 2 and beyond. To add yet another spanner in the works, non-branded or "CV" L930 owners like myself are waiting for the little bit of o2 firmware (pre-installed with branded L930 handsets) that will finally enable Visual Voicemail which, up until now, has been an iPhone exclusive on o2.  That is still to be pushed down by Microsoft (o2 say they're ready). This is what we get when we complain about the slowness of updates.  Microsoft is pushing hard to increase the speed of improvements in the OS and the carriers and OEMs cannot cope with it.  To add to the confusion, the Preview for Developers program has now created a two-tier system whereby the OS is now forever split from the firmware so being early does not mean being complete.  A growing mess that needs reigning in and fast.
  • Informative, thank you. And after reading I agree with you.
  • and in 2018 for L720 ,........... i m waitinnng
  • I received the update (with Cortana) last night on my O2 930. This is not Denim but does bring native folders to the start screen and this works very well.
  • Sir, you just won comment of the day award... That solved the big confusion of 8.1.1 and Denim update :p
  • So that update is completely ready for my phone's equivalent but, Verizon hasn't even released Cyan. Fucking great.
  • Lucky buggers
  • See also http://m.windowscentral.com/microsoft-windows-phone-81-gdr1-update-lumia...
  • Huawei W1 still doesn't have official 8.1!
  • We already have the WP8.1 update 1 here in Singapore for about 1.5 weeks for the Lumia 930. However what's different this time round was that it did not come with Lumia Denim.
  • Lumia 520 is unlike to others
  • That long?
  • Is any new app is coming from Nokia with this update ?
  • It's an OS update, not a FW update. So the answer is no, nothing Nokia-specific/exclusive is coming with the update.
  • Oh ! When any update come from Nokia every time there is always new apps coming with it.
  • Usually and until now, we used to receive a combo: OS and FW updates distributed in the same time. For instance : 8.1.0 AND Cyan firmware. But now, for the same time, Microsoft are pushing the OS update first (GDR1). It's the official version but basically, it's the latest DevPreview version. People will receive a minor FW update too but it remains Cyan. The new apps you're alluding too, like Lumia Camera, will come later. If you look at the 830, for instance, it has GDR1, even Lumia Denim firmware (unlike the 930), but they don't have Lumia Camera yet. So, the process is: a) Microsoft pushes the OS update (GDR1), with a minor FW update (Cyan) b) Then we'll get Denim c) Finally, Lumia Camera.   A long long way ^_^  
  • Thanks for explanation !
  • Will we have an article everytime a carrier will release GDR1 in the world, or just for the US/UK? 930 has started to receive GDR1 a couple of weeks ago, and roll-out to carrier variants was to be expected. Anyway, good news; I'm just waiting for GDR1 to roll-out to other Lumias than 930 (ativ S1 received it, but not "older" Lumias, x20 ones, yet).
  • Ummm T-Mobile and Verizon in the US still haven't released Cyan....
  • When will this update begin rolling out in South Africa?
  • Sometime during Q4.
  • Got it. :) Loving my 930, but not sure if going to stick with O2 after the 14 day cooling off period is over. Their data coverage is abysmal and so are their customer service centers in South Africa.
    On a side note, I really wish I could change Cortana's accent back to American. She sounds so robotic now. :(
  • The 14343 Firmware update w the 930 in Australia is now downloading as well.
  • Unrelated to the story but aren't there any news for new flagship phones? Or are they going to wait for wp10 to release any new hardware?
  • http://windowscentral.com/commenting-guidelines
  • Smart ass
  • PD version on 8.1.1 battery doesn't work good in L1520, so does wifi connection doesn't as good as 8.0
  • Just upgraded to a Lumia 930 from my Lumia 925 this weekend. For those wondering (though already explained) 930's just come with Cyan. As this phone I bought is unlocked and not from a phone company, I got the latest update and it is still Cyan. Not sure what the exact improvements were.
  • Ok well looking into things I get live folders and such but I already got that in the previous update, so what did I just get?
  • Oh and it might also be good to note that I am in Australia and never heard of O2. Current Cyan: AA- / FUN- / GPBAA- / LFUE- / LS- / RU- / SI- / SIMU- / SMSVCR- / SF- If that helps anyone. Couldn't figure out how to upload a screenshot through the app or through the forums browser on the phone.
  • every article where an update releases to a phone, everyone asking when will it come to their phone, it will come when it's released or when an article makes mention of source saying when it should,relax people
  • I'd like to commend Verizon wireless for its utter incompetence in the release and support for windows phone, and the Nokia Lumia Icon. Those poor souls that don't sign up for the developer preview are stuck in 8.0 limbo with no update in sight....... Collectively, lets all say it....F\/
  • I have an off-contract HTC 8x and have WP 8.1 since April 15, and 8.1.1 since aprox August. "Subsidized" phones actually cost you more, at least in Europe, and don't give you the freedom and timely updates. People need to understand there is no such thing as "subsidy" on phones. Just as 0% rate loans are marketing tricks for silly people.
  • I'm on Lumia black and I hate it.T mobile really needs more updates
  • This is why European support for Windows Phone is superior than the US because they release updates on time meanwhile US carriers withhold updates or fail to update altogether. #stillwaitingforcyan #tmobilesucks
  • Verizon? Are you listening?
  • Can you hear me now? Good... Can you hear me now? Nope? Well UPDATE YER DAMN PHONES! :P
  • I think they are Trying to get rid of WP users
  • Is this coming to the US and will it allow me to DVR???
  • Slow Verizon.....
  • Hi I use 520 and expecting the feature for wi fi direct, animated lockscreen, allow us to use gif images as live wallpapers and screen savers if the battery drains out don't get concerned for our batteries and allow us to pay with debit card, that's all.
  • Fuck Verizon
  • Still waiting for cyan
  • I feel for you.
  • Tmobile is holding back on releasing cyan but John Legere is on twitter posting stupid ass pictures of his tmobile socks while jogging through a park. Seriously? All this uncarrier talk and no update. Hows this for uncarrier? Push the update when you get it or let MS push it similar to how apple does the iDrone. No need for the "MS doesn't have Apple's pull to do that" comments.
  • Dear Mr. Chris_K from O2, Could you please call Verizon and tell them it's ok to let us (in the US) have the CYAN update for us Icon users? Thank you, Angry Verizon Customer
  • Wow, I'm impressed o2. Now when is it coming out for my at&t L920? ;)
  • Ha! That's so weird, I started that thread in the UK, and now i'm reading about it on the site i read every day! :-D
  • T-MOBILE. USA. 925
  • Imagine Lumia 625 in Kenya has no cyan yet I'm on dev preview but still waiting sorry to hijack the topic
  • How abt for 520 INDIA
  • Q4...
  • Hang on a minute guys, I have a 930. I've had it for about 3 months and I'm with O2. About a month ago there was a big update which among other updates I got Cortana. So what is this update?
  • That's update 1 then..
  • My 930 on Cyan, Branded 02 picked this up. Odd, as I'd been on a versions of 8.1 Update 1 with Cortana as I'd had the phone on the Developer Preview so I'd assumed I was up-to-date...the whole carrier/firmware/OS upgrade permutations has become impossible!
  • This is what I'm doing to tmobiles twitter. http://1drv.ms/1FyghRv Everyday until I get the update and once denim is RTM, I'll probably have to do it for that too. Lame ass carriers.
  • All these phones getting OS and firmware updates and there's still the unlucky and unfortunate bunch (which I'm a part of) on Verizon with the Lumia Icon aka 929 that have nothing being talked about for 8.1 or cyan or denim since fricken Sept. No new articles or anything. Can someone please go interview Verizon and dig up some dirt on when we might be included with this? I know they discontinued the 929 but the phones should still get updated like the rest. "This wedding is bulls#&$!!!!"
  • So the eu version of the Icon gets its first update past 8.1, and we still don't have cyan. F U Verizon. F U very much!!!!!!
  • When lumia 1020 get this update ?
  • Can i get denim update in lumia 520? and if yes please let me know when it will rollout for lumia 520?
  • Anyone know if the 930 will work on AT&T's network in the US? this is the ONLY phone that could be considered a new flagship, IMO.
  • Is it support in Lumia 520
  • Got it-camera is lightning quick