O2 to stock both HTC Windows Phone 8 devices, listed as 'coming soon'

Both the HTC 8X and HTC 8S are on their way to UK carrier O2, according to the "coming soon" section of its website. While no dates for availability are provided, we can speculate using pre-order product listings published by Amazon and other retailers to reach a rough estimation. 

The HTC 8X will be able to make use of O2's upcoming LTE network, which will be rolled out thanks to the carrier, Ofcom and the UK government reaching an agreement to bring forward the originally set date for when the UK will begin to see LTE be deployed by carriers.

Unfortunately, until more information is made available by O2, one can only register his or her interest to be notified of updates. Be sure to join in the conversation on our forum.

Source: O2 UK (opens in new tab)Thanks, Big Supes, for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Now showing as coming November on o2.co.uk. I'm hoping three will make an announcement soon.
  • How about Australia, any word?
  • I hope this isn't the only WP8 coming to O2... If the Nokia 920 is taken on by them, then at the end of my contract in Nov; I will be moving to an Operator sporting the Nokia flagship phone!
  • I'm still torn between the 8x and the 920, there are features of both that appeal. What has really confused things for me is the news that Microsoft maybe producing their own handset. The one thing I am certain of is moving from orange uk to three (unless they don't get either the 8x or 920)
  • I think Three UK are getting the HTC 8X
  • Looks like you're right - http://blog.three.co.uk/2012/09/19/windows-phone-8x-by-htc-and-windows-phone-8s-by-htc-80%93-coming-soon-to-three/
  • bah, O2 you useless bitches....
    no mention of the "zenith" and no nokia, guess i'll be in the market for a new provider in january then....cos i can't afford £400 for a 920....
  • Me neither....
    You'd think with the Lumia being their best seller for WP7, they would go for the 920 at least considering its the best spec phone announced!
  • Always happy to keep on O2's case, Rich. :)
    For reasons unknown, Nokia and O2 don't get along. I recall the time when O2 weren't going to offer the Lumia 800, but the pair seemed to get over their issues and things looked great when the Lumia 800 sold out online. Later on, when the Lumia 900 became available O2 didn't bother with it. One can only assume they've fallen out again?? Either way, I'm happy to see the HTC devices in the spotlight, but I'll be leaving if they don't get on board with Nokia. As a consumer I demand 'choice'.
  • I left O2 for that very reason. Three UK have my custom because as an established customer they seem to back down fairly easily when demanding a service / product from the carrier. They also seem to back Windows Phone quite well - something to keep in mind :-)
  • Bah...no mention of Nokia 920, I'm due an upgrade in November too :'(