Multi-carrier LTE rollout to commence in the UK by Spring 2013

The UK is going LTE

UK mobile operators, communications regulator Ofcom, and the government have agreed to start rolling out LTE in early 2013. The goal is for high speed data connectivity to launch by spring, approximately six months earlier than originally planned, providing consumers with quicker speed while using Internet services on smartphones.

EE (Everything Everywhere) has already been given the green light in 'switching on' its LTE network at multiple locations across the country ahead of the competition. To the dismay of the other carriers, EE aims to have 16 cities with LTE speeds by this Christmas, providing 20 million customers with a significant increase in speeds.

It's good news for consumers nationwide who will be able to enjoy faster speeds when upgrading mobile phones (should currently owned handsets not be able to take advantage of the standard). Ofcom notes that it had secured the earlier release of frequencies that were previously used for digital-terrestrial broadcasting so this deal could go ahead and improvements / upgrades to infrastructure be made sooner.

A spokesperson from Three UK had the following to add to the concluded deal:

"We see this as positive step for UK consumers by removing the monopoly on LTE that would have benefitted just one operator."

Announced Windows Phones from HTC and Nokia will be able to take full advantage of increased speeds with LTE in the UK. EE will be carrying both the Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 - both sporting LTE support. The HTC 8X will also be capable of transmitting and receiving packets at higher speeds, while the Samsung ATIV S can humorously "Bend it like Beckham." Three UK has revealed plans to stock both HTC devices, which will be mimicked by O2.

Are you looking forward to LTE coverage in the UK, or are you struggling to get by on 3G? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source: BBC, via: iMore

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