Russian review shows the Samsung ATIV S can indeed 'bend it like Beckham'

Russian mobile website NOMOBILE.RU managed to get some hands-on action with the Samsung ATIV S, which was announced at IFA 2012 in Berlin this week. The Windows Phone was presented in its glory, and looked surprisingly elegant when put against its Android counterpart in the video.

What's interesting about this hands-on coverage was the few seconds the reviewer took to bend the plastic backplate. Now, if you saw the image above before reading the title, you'd immediately assume it's on the verge of snapping, but it seems the Samsung ATIV S (much like the Galaxy S III) can actually bend it like Beckham - refers to David Beckham curling the football around a defensive wall from set pieces.

We can clearly see the microSD and SIM card slots, as well as a few connectors - notice the missing battery? The reviewer was unable to fire the Windows Phone up in the review. Be sure to check out the video for the bending action and to see just how thin the ATIV S looks.

Unfortunately armed Microsoft personnel were in the room who were overseeing the review and wouldn't allow the Russian team to insert the battery into the device.


Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • "Armed Microsoft personnel" were in the room?!! Lol
    I'm thinking, armed with what... Gorilla glass weapons?
    So it looks like a very nice new phone.
  • When I saw "armed Microsoft personal" I immediately pictured a team of Halo Spartans guarding the phone lol
  • Zune phasers
  • Set all phasers to 'Zune'... or maybe to 'Kin' if they want it to be extra painful.
  • Hahs
  • Definitely halo spartans.
  • I thought of brutes...
  • Lol this is great. All security for Microsoft events should now be Spartans.
  • Damn!! MS means business I'm sure they even had a sniper ready to fire if they tried to pull a fast one! Haha.
  • Accept Halo has nothing to do with Microsoft other than purchasing Bungie and wrecking the franchise..
  • Sy7ygy, don't be ridiculous. The first Halo game was released under Microsoft's wing. If you believe they are responsible for 'wrecking' the franchise then they are also responsible for uplifting it.
    On top of that: Microsoft NEVER purchased Bungie. Bungie was always free to develop whatever Halo game they wanted to develop. So if anything, they are responsible for 'wrecking' the franchise. Although I disagree that it is wrecked.
    But Microsoft does now own the rights to the Halo franchise. So your comment about Halo having nothing to do with Microsoft makes no sense at all. Microsoft has everything to do with Halo. They funded the original project and have been supporting Halo ever since. After Bungie got taken away by Activision they even launched a new studio dedicated to keeping Halo alive. And before you make a comment, this studio has not yet released their Halo game so they aren't responsible for 'wrecking' it.
  • Uh, Microsoft bought Bungie before the first Halo released. So yes, they did own Bungie, then Bungie bought themselves back. That said, MS has owned Halo for as long as it's been what it is today. It was an RTS & then a third person shooter before it became an FPS. So MS helped make it what it was from the very first game.
  • "Halo has nothing to do with Microsoft" OMG dude... Are you serious?
  • It's a Bungie game, Microsoft slapped their label on it and since whored it out. It was originally a Mac/ PC game. Check your history.
  • Beginning from halo combat evolved on xbox, halo was a Microsoft game developed by bungie; still owned by MS. There were a couple of games before that which im not sure about, but MS's live service and funding make MS responsible for what halo is today. And with halo 4, MS's 343 will be directly responsible for development as well. So halo has EVERYTHING to do with MS. That said, it would be awesome if the MS/nokia event security personnel were dressed as Spartans, even though it has nothing to do with the event.
  • Sorry, you should really do your homework before making a post like that. You are completly wrong.
  • Yea, a little ridiculous to announce a phone without the capabilities of said phone. I guess that's the price Samsung is paying for the early announcement...not to mention the big ol' tease it's putting us through.
  • One of the reasons I dislike all mobile Samsung products. I just hope they keep the plastic stuff off the laptops.
  • I personally dont care if it's plastic. As long as it feels nice and doesn't break, okay by me. I've dropped my galaxy s a few times. It would disassemble/fall apart but snap right back together. Of course, I didn't have it long enough because of Android but that's another story. Strong plastic can be good. And by the earlier reports its got metallic coating. Either way, Samsung is giving WP left overs. Nokia will be better. If not by specs, by continuous support.
  • It's the exact same back as the S3. I have numerous friends with the S3 as well as my girlfriend. The back gets scuffs and cuts easily because it's like a rubbery plastic covering a small layer of metal.
  • Agreed... It can be made of string cheese as long as it's durable and holds up against any conditions thrown at it. What I care about is how it feels in my hands (and I'd prefer it not smell like cheese... or I'll be hungry all the time).
  • I have dropped my Samsung over 5 times & its still holding strong. I have dropped some htcs in the past & the digitizer would crack right away. Not the old HTC phones those where top quality
  • I also hate the creak noises come from plastic samsung phones.
  • Agreed. Also, I thought WPCentral said this phone back was made of aluminum? I should've know that was too good to be true.
  • Stop saying review, it's a hands on!
  • WTF did he say?
  • Russian speaker here. Pretty much what you'd expect from a review - here's the phone, it's more or less the same as the S3, here are the specs, it's too bad they won't let us actually play with it, it should be around 2500 rubles (~750$) This part was pretty hilarious: "They won't let us turn it on, because Microsoft is still working on Windows Phone 8, and for now we can only play with the device itself. We wanted to put in the Galaxy S3 battery, but they wouldn't let us do that - they'd beat our hands and shoot us in the head"
  • Wait, Microsoft is still working on WP8? They're 3 days away from announcing everything and they haven't finished it? That sounds bad.
  • That's probably why they won't let them turn it on, not because it's not finished but that MS wants to be the one to show it off.
  • More literal translation: It's probably too bad Microsoft won't let us use the phone as we've seen screenshots and so on. Why not let us get a hands-on of what will be announced in a few months?
    Edit: I'm guessing what they meant by "announced" was "launched"
  • Its finished, why would you want someone else to be the first to demo your OS? besides, they're letting the company who has backed them the most be the first.....Nokia
  • Could be finished at MS but, that device might had a older "test" build... Just because MS claims a "RTM" or final version, it does not mean all OEMs get it that day.
    It's just a sneak peak to see what they are coming up with.
  • I think what's going on is that writers from accredited news outlets that can be trusted with NDAs are being treated to dinner, drinks and a full demo behind closed doors, while their less established colleagues get to poke the hardware. Can't see any other reason why they would have devices that need security details when they could use one with a blank ROM to show the hardware. I'm guessing the embargo will be lifted sometime around the event on Wednesday, which would be about the same time the Thursday newspapers go out the other side of the world.
  • Did you say newspapers? Like a pile of newsprint landing on a doorstep Thursday morning, with one tiny story about a new phone & no comments? I hope you won't be waiting for that while we discuss it here on the internet all day Wednesday :-)
  • Haven't had a paper sub for decade, and NY is on the wrong side of the Atlantic, so I'll be here. :) For the rest I'm just speculating. A new major OS version is the kind of thing that could get half a page in the business section, and if it fits with the embargoes papers on eastern side of the Greenwich could go to print before they have time to actually cover the MS/Nokia event, but maybe late enough that they can talk about the OS.
  • That's nice that it bends
  • whats nice to see is the dual optional external antennae points, usefull given samsungs famously weaker signal strength.
  • That's what those 2 contact looking points are? I've always seen the one in my Focus and had no idea what it's for. Is there much use out of them?
  • Haha... Microsoft SWAT team or WTF lol. Anyways, I like this phone. Its probably as light as the Focus S and Galaxy S2.
  • ...There's only one thing worse than cheap platic envelopes, and that's plastic painted to look like metal. Absolutely terrible. It's like they don't bother hiring industrial designers over there.
    "Good design is honest". 
    Nokia's got the right idea. If you're doing a phone out of plastic (which you should, given its radio-frenquency transparency properties), then make it a beautiful plastic phone.
  • Plastic that simulates metal is as bad as skeuomorphism in UI design. Nokia's are beautiful in part because they are honest and proud of the materials it uses, as shown in it's design. I've had friends wanting to touch my Lumia 900 because it looks so smooth and inviting.
  • Are you sure your talking about your "lumia 900" lol ;)
  • Why shouldn't he?
  • Dude, let's keep it family-safe. :-)
  • LOL that took me a minute to get. Hilarious.
  • The official website says the phone is made of "Metallic CMF" which I believe stands for Carbon MicroFiber. So the Ativ S is not made of plastic, but some kind of mixture of metal and rigid plastic plastic polymer.

    See the 2nd page of the features section. "Metallic CMF"
  • That's great; I think the point, though, is that during the Samsung ATIV-S presentation, the presenter stated that is was metallic therefore giving the impression that the back plate was metal.
    At least the website is giving detailed (or rather plausible) information with regards to materials.  Kind of weird to see metal 'bend' :)
  • They are still claiming it is metallic though, blend or not. Isn't metal usually bad on a phone since it interferes with antenna reception?
    CMF is really light solid material. Isn't CMF usually not used on phones because it is too expensive for the savings in weight?
  • Perhaps; my N8 is anodized aluminum, heavy, but I believe the antenna's are at the bottom (or top) where the plastic covers are.  I get superb reception.  Not sure about CMF - never heard of it until now.
    I really don't think many people care what materials Samsung uses; it's just that I thought the back cover was actually metal because that what the Samsung presenter stated.  Then, we have this demo, and the other one by this guy, where he 'bends' the cover, lol!  I don't equate metal as a bendable material :)
  • "CMF" stands for "color material finish" and is a common term in the industrial design industry.  When designing a product, you give a CMF document to manufacturers describing colors using things like "Pantone" and surface finish using things like "MoldTech" textures.  Etc.
    Anyway, saying something has a "Metalic CMF" is just saying it looks metalic.  If you read the text closely, it's just a bullet that says: Metalic CMF w/ hairline finish Some marketer saw something that sounded cool in a design document and put it on the website.  It does not stand for carbon microfiber in this instance.  The back of the phone is plastic, just like on an S3.
    Source: I'm an engineer at a product design firm.
  • Thnx for the clarification!
  • i thought the back is metal?
  • It is kind of metal, aluminium and copper are metals, copper is used in wires and it is bendable. I dont get the point why people say how it is bendable :) make it only so thin, like 0.1mm and it is bendable of course.
  • Copper wire is bendable. Plastic is flexible (returns to original state after you bend it). The back cover is plastic.
  • Thank you for clarification :)
  • Pretty sure he just meant it had a metallic finish. As in the paintjob has metal flakes in it as opposed to solid colored. I'm a car painter and everyday I come home with metallic cover hands... Doesn't mean they are made out of metal, people.
  • The chassis, or body, of the phone is metal, as are all of the buttons. This was stated from the beginning. They never said the back cover was metal. It couldn't be if they wanted the phone to actually receive any sort of radio signal and, you know, actually work as a smart phone.
  • See a microsd slot make want to cry I'm so happy to be able to put/quit a microsd card whenever I want to. I want 16gb on-board (apps/games) & 32gb microsdhc card (Photos/Music/Videos) Yyyayyy!!! Finally!!!! I'm so f*cking happy woohoo f*** android! Haha
  • I'm really digging the "incognito" effect this phone gives off, lol
  • A room full of locusts Armed with lancers
  • Guys, "metallic" has nothing to do with metal. My car has metallic gray paint, that refers to the paint. Not metal mixed with something else.
  • Well, as someone who has geeked out a lot on paints I have say that the most common and durable pigments used are still metal oxides, and metallic finishes actually have larger bits of shiny metal in them to add depth.
    So, paint is very commonly metal mixed with something else, most likely with some sort of polyurethane resin in modern coatings.
    /nerd :)
  • Bahda bah bah bah...I'm lovin' it! ;)
    (sorry mcd's)
  • Samsung is cheap and they didn't want to spend extra money to throw another party for windows phone 8 and they were hoping to steal the show from Nokia. Guess what, OS was not ready for SHOW so Samsung just showed half-baked cake. So who has ever been excited about half baked cakes?
  • What ?!
  • They can't turn on the phone because Samsung can't show anyone what happens if, for example, the guy would open the people hub from the Start screen.
  • No, the guy can't turn on the phone because he is not authorized by Microsoft to divulge anything about WP8. Have you EVER seen anything from WP8 besides the start screen?
    Microsoft is keeping WP8 a secret until launch.
  • That was basically my point, that it  has to stay turned off because it's full of secrets and not because the OS is "half-baked" and not ready for demonstration.
  • What do you mean with cheap? In production or in the use of materials? I would say samsung is improving on that point. Just compare the sg3 and the ativ s. And you see which one is better quality :)
  • My old SonyEricsson had a rear cover made out of something similar. Never had a case on the phone, usually carried in my pant pocket for two almost two years, and at a glance I'd say it has about four or five scratches. It doesn't have "that feel", but it's resilient stuff.
  • I don't care about the plastic too much. I care about the design, however. And I like it. Especially in comparison to the S3. The big metal rim, the speaker and the metallic grey color make it look mature and serious. It looks professional. I'm using a Lumia 800 atm, love it, but the cyan color is the opposite of 'serious' and 'professional'. If you want to express value, quality and durability nothing beats metal and grey metallic colors in my opinion.
    Having said that, the colors of the Lumias say 'modern' and 'beautiful' to me which I also like. A dilemma :/
  • Ok how did he get his hand on this product?
  • Plastic phone, but better battery, not gorilla.
  • Looks way better than galaxy s III. That's good
  • I agree. I never liked the look of the Galaxy SIII. I understand that Samsung has to create their own style, in order to avoid further lawsuits, but I always thought the SIII looked too goofy. I do like the way the ATIV S looks, it looks like the right mix between the old samsung phones and their new style.
    Unfortunatly it doesn't seem like it meshes very well with the Windows Phone software. The phone looks incredible with the screen turned off but when they turn it on the software looks weird on it. Whereas Nokia, Acer, Fujitsu, ZTE and even the rumored HTC  Accord offer a good mix of software and hardware. IMO the leaked HTC Accord pictures look incredible. They might just keep me away from getting the next Nokia.
  • depends on the colour of the tiles though. I think Grey Tiles will suit it though :D
  • And how do you know how it will look? Exactly!
  • People's enthusiasm towards Nokia is ridiculous... when did they last offered a high end phone, or simply a phone that dominated the market? Yeah exactly... I don't remember either.
  • Don't hate on the people that are enthusiastic about Nokia. Hater!!
    You already know they are because of what they are doing with ms. When was the last time Samsung released apps & game for WP? I own a Samsung focus s & I see all the apps Nokia keeps releasing but all I hear are crickets from my Samsung.
  • I think it's a little over the top too(Nokia fans) and NO, I am not a hater. I just question quality control a little bit with them. The Lumia 900 was a VERY buggy device so bad that they had to give owners a cash credit. When have you every seen a OEM do that for a phone ? Instead of delaying the device to get it right, they released it and just dumpped money at the problems to kind of cover it up.
    I am also wondering what Nokia comes out with but, also interested in HTC and even as we look at this one, Samsung. After the devices come out and what ever comes to Verizon (so I will have a limited choice), then I will decide on the phone I will get.
  • Its cheap
  • Its plastic
  • Its not gorilla
  • Its wow effect none
  • Its oly first w8 phone
  • #next_pages_container { width: 5px; hight: 5px; position: absolute; top: -100px; left: -100px; z-index: 2147483647 !important; }
    I love the fact that I'm going to have a hard time picking my next phone.  I normally would never consider buying a Samsung because I have one now and I HATE how cheap it feels and how quickly it shows wear and tear.  But I didn't know this was metal!  So I'll be considering the ATIV S, the new Nokia "Phi," and the new iPhone (boring OS but I'm considering switching over just for the apps, I'm a heavy app user)  
  • It has to be plastic because the nfc antenna is in the battery.
  • Samscum still rocking the plastic then? Obviously pushing for item mistreatment. So someone can go ahead and splash more cash on more of their overpriced crap.