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O2 UK and Telus begin Lumia 620 Amber update, also available on Navifirm for some

Good news for those with the super adorable Nokia Lumia 620 on O2 in the UK as we’re getting reports that the Lumia Amber update with the GDR2 OS is now rolling out. Likewise, two nights ago we teased that the Telus update was coming and it too is now live (Koodo is still pending approval (opens in new tab)).

Featuring the Glance screen, SMS and call filtering, camera fixes, flip to silence and more, the Amber update along with Microsoft GDR2 OS refresh should make the already fun Lumia 620 even better.

Firmware 1329 for the Lumia 620 now on Nokia's severs

So far, the Lumia 620 has seen a more limited rollout of Amber. While the update is available on Telus in Canada and evidently now in the UK on O2, whole regions like India are still waiting on it.

We can at least confirm our unlocked Hong Kong edition is now getting Amber (via Nokia Software Updater), whereas 24-hours ago it was not available. That should tell you that Nokia is constantly adding the update to their servers and various carriers and regions should be getting the update soon. Nokia has promised all Windows Phone 8 Lumias should be on Amber by the end of September. 

We’ll update this post shortly with any Amber-Lumia 620 info we have as soon as our update is complete.

For now, you can commiserate or celebrate in our Lumia 620 forums:

Thanks, Mujassar R., for the tip

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  • Sill no sign of it on EE for the 920. They were the first to get the 920 but have a bad record for rolling out updates and customer care.
  • Gonna send them a strongly worded tweet.
  • EE lagging
  • Should I say it? Awww what the heck... Ma Bell where is my update?
  • **Insert obligatory "Damn You AT&T" comment here**
  • +920
  • F*** At&t !!
  • Downloading this on my Telus 620 right at this moment. Hopefully this will clean up some of my other storage stuff. Had to uninstall a bunch of apps just to have enough room to download it.
  • On my 521, it didn't clean it automatically, I had to use the storage check app
  • This is for ALL the AT&T people holding on to there 920's this video is for you
  • Lol good one.
  • That's nice. But nicer if it rolls out in India pretty soon. Let's wait, shall we?
  • I'm curious, the article states: Nokia has promised all Windows Phone 8 Lumias should be on Amber by the end of September. 
    Where has Nokia stated this?
  • Good question. I'd like to know what that implies for those of us waiting. Can we throw all moral judgment aside on October 1st, if we are not?
  • We've said and linked to it like 20 times. No point in linking any longer since no one reads, lol.
  • Hey Daniel, did you hear that MS bought Nokia???  OMG!!  You should like, write an article about it...or something.... :)
  • Read here
  • Thanks. Never saw that. I'll refrain from bitchin for the rest of the month.
  • I'm getting an error code when checking for updates on at&t 920. Maybe amber soon?
  • Error here too (via cellular, but not from wifi), but not getting excited.  I just check this page (every friggan day!):
  • Slovenia here. Still waiting...
  • Error code is people trying to check for updates
  • Getting closer.. C'mon Vodafone uk!!!!
  • Im on O2 uk but keep getting error stating cant check for updates
  • I'm scared to update incase it bricks and I lose my Pokemon progress :c
  • ATT, I know where you live.  You'd better check under your bed tonight, 'cause I'll be there waiting...waiting for you!!
  • Shoot em in face ,You , By your Self ,Twice , One Gun , One Bullet , All Day Every Day , Wake Up , Go Back To Sleep , Take a Nap ...
  • The Lumia 900 needs an update
  • I'm on O2 in the UK. After getting error checking for update for the last couple hours the update has now downloaded.
    Now it's stuck on preparing to install 100%.
  • ^Why I don't want to do it
  • Stayed on preparing to install 100% for about 10 minutes.
    Phone then rebooted and the updated installed smoothly.
    All fine now.
  • That's a common thing for updates don't worry...
  • Update went perfect :')
  • They EE are not doing any update for 920 that was stated on here a few weeks ago
  • They EE are not doing any update for 920 that was stated on here a few weeks ago
  • sorry pal, that is complete BS. see here:
  • Well, since they have finally approved the GDR2 updates for both the 520 and the 820 in the last few days, I would hazard a guess that whoever stated this was talking bollocks.
    Consequently, my hopes are raised that we may see the 920 update listed as 'coming soon' before 20th September.
  • 3 have released it in the UK as well.
  • Jeez even Uganda or East Africa received the updates for 920, 620 and 820. Got the update on my 920 last week!
  • How are you charging your phone with your fingers in the first pic?
  • Updated my Nokia lumia 620 Uk O2 to the new Amber update.
  • Damn that yellow phone looks like the iphone5c
  • Got update this morning Nokia 620 O2 UK, all good.
  • Downloading on my unlocked Portuguese 620.
  • Yay!!!!!! :D