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Oculus Rift will include Xbox One wireless controller, will support Xbox-to-PC game streaming

Microsoft may be developing its own HoloLens technology, but it is also going to enter the traditional virtual reality space with a new partnership with Oculus. Every one of the company's Oculus Rift headset will include one of Microsoft's Xbox One wireless controllers.

During today's Oculus press event, Microsoft's Xbox leader Phil Spencer came on stage to talk more about the new partnership between the two companies. He stated that Microsoft is working to support Oculus Rift in Windows 10. The headset will also support Microsoft's plans to stream Xbox One games to Windows 10 PCs. So far, there's no word on which Xbox One games will support the Oculus Rift in this manner.

  • Such awesome news! Microsoft FTW!
  • Dope!
  • Yay
  • Copy? Maybe change that...
    Edit: Damn, that was fast. Not even sure if my comment was the reason for the edit.
  • So just a cardboard cutout hahaha
  • Great move!
  • May be one reason for the 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Unexpected!  This is good for the ecosystem. Plus, it shows that Microsoft views (and will market) this product and HoloLens as solving different problems.   This is interesting news.
  • What would be awesome, is to Crossbuy from the Windows Store for a game for PC and Xbox and get native Occulus support as well.
  • Nice partnership. it would be nice if it was Xbox VR headset, but a partnership is not a bad deal. it helps Microsoft without doing the hard work. hope it makes Windows 10 better and more attractive to gamers. but then the first year and xbox to pc streaming and games like Gigantic and Fable coming to Windows 10 sounds great to me. but having VR headset supported without any hack and trick, should be nice.
  • I think it also fits Microsoft's strength. They are best when they let someone else do all the heavy lifting. As Oculus will undoubtedly require a Windows device, Microsoft can better focus their time on the Windows side of things. Leave the hardware development to a more interested party. Plus, no matter what Sony announces now will look pale in comparison as the Morpheus will probably be locked to the PS4 only while the Oculus works with Xbox and PC.
  • I did not see them announcing it working with XBox, the streaming simulates a TV and that's all I saw. edit: not that I think much of Morpheus, or rather I doubt either of the twin consoles have enough processing power for most VR experiences
  • I would assume it would be easy to map the motion sensors to mimick the right stick. Though I could be wrong and probably am....
  • You are right :)
  • That's right Microsoft is already working in HoloLens which is a standalone device, what Oculus Rift is getting is what I thought HoloLens would be but it looks like the partnership is going to bring AAA game streaming to the headset in a much faster way than otherway around.
  • So this means the oculus will work with Xbox? Didn't think that was confirmed...
  • It works with Windows 10. It uses the Xbox game streaming that's already coming to Windows 10. At least that's how I heard it.
  • I'm confused, but I'll just wait a few days and see what details get clearer. Thanks, Richard
  • As far as I know (someone correct me if I'm wrong) you can't just plug it into an Xbox and off you go. Still need to use the game streaming feature coming to Windows 10 with the Xbox app to make it happen.
  • Though, if they are building support into Windows 10 and the Xbox is going to run on Windows 10, there should be no reason why Microsoft couldn't just build in direct support into the Xbox. You would need a long cable, and that may be an issue, but it should be able to connect to the Xbox with the same USB it uses to connect to a PC.
  • Don't forget hardware also comes into play. I'm not smart but isn't the Rift going to need a pretty hefty PC to use properly? PC gamers love to tell us how underpowered the Xbox One is ;-)
  • I think the Xbox one just barely meets the minimum specs
    Edit: If oculus could lower the resolution rendered to like 900p, the Xbox one could probably handle it. Probably not a huge engineering feat to adjust resolution, but I could be wrong.
  • Yeah of it can barely power their halfassed attempt at ota(needed a cross between the high gain of colossus and the usb external power source of hd pvr2) in NA then it couldn't do this.
  • Yes, but that is because of the rendering require for VR not to mention the motion tracking. Connected to an Xbox, it would just be a two-screen monitor as there are no VR games on the Xbox. The tracking will not be useful on the Xbox either unless the Kinect takes over that role. So it is just another display. USB 3.0 already has a higher throughput than standard HDMI, so there would be no bottleneck at the port. Hell, Nintendo does it wirelessly. It is just a portable screen. If you are wanting to play an Xbox game while someone else watches the TV then the Oculus should make a great accessory. Anything more will require the VR capabilities of a stronger machine.
  • Xbox is equivalent to a low end PC in comparison to DIY builds. Don't compare to OEM computers those are not meant for gaming even they said "Gaming Edition" which is utter bullshit and overpriced. VR requires stereo view which is rendering 2 screen / displays at high FPS also requires high Hz display to reduce motion sickness. I only tested the Oculus DK dev kit first generation.  Anyways, Xbox doesn't have the capability to render multi-display but PC can. Oculus, Steam VR aren't going to just stick to console only because their hardware is really limited. No more resources for additional devices. Motion tracking, proximity, multi-controllers, mass varities of input devices (wheel, joystick, gun, controller, (new) oculus moon controllers, etc.) Console already have hard time dealing with 1 display 1080p or 60fps. It's rare to have both 1080p + 60fps all time. Let alone pushing it to render multidisplay mode stereoscopic display for VR. Each screen 1080p + 60fps+ just not possible. So much for next-gen or futureproof on consoles. Not really.
  • Xbox is midend, really. That processor alone is really beefy, and the os is optimized for gaming. I mean, look at what they did with 512mb of ram on the 360.
  • Equivalent to mid-end until DX12 comes in for computer. That is went both PC and Xbox are optimized API. Xbox API is already at metal optimization almost no overhead. PC is still leaving a huge overhead in DX11. Eventually DX12 will help PC pulls ahead quite soon in July with DX12 supported games.
  • But if they said that the oculus will support the streaming from xbox to pc then why not to use the oculus with the xbox directly in the future. The game streamed to the pc are running on the xbox. If the oculus works then it is the xbox doing the processing power. Or maybe the pc will handle the additional computing required for the vr.. That is not clear.
  • VR requires stereo view which is rendering 2 screen / displays at high FPS also requires high Hz display to reduce motion sickness.
    No the Oculus screen is a 16:10 screen, so it's actually less than rendering one screen.  
  • What they showed was just streaming (so the game was just on a virtual screen), so it won't need that much power. It's not vr in the way people would think of it as. Have no idea if even the little overhead would be to much on a closed system where all resources are probably pretty much already being used though.
  • I doubt that there's any additional overhead for the Xbox at all, actually. The PC is probably handling the virtual screen bits, the Xbox is probably just sending it's frame data like it would be if you were streaming it into an app window.
  • I was replying to if they could do it on Xbox without pc. With what they showed, no there would be no additional resources at all on Xbox as all its doing is streaming the image, the same way it works for Xbox to PC currently.
  • Exactly, Eolirin, This is how I see this as well. The XBONE just does not has the power to render the already hardware taxing games that are in store for it twice. This is defenitly the reason why they had this awkward virtual theater room rendered on the PC where the game was simply streamed to a 2D plane. For that you do not need a Ocululus Rift. This device is only meant for PC Gamers that have hardware beefy enough to render games like The Witcher 3, Battlefield, Star Citizen, Project Cars & Co. twice in 1080p. With the second consumer edition the required PC might evenneed to be immensly more powerful to be able to render 2x2k or even 2x4k. So whoever buys this device better have a damn good CPU (+RAM) and GPU in ones rig.
  • Personally I also found it awkward. But they probably felt the need to have to show Xbox one with some form of vr usage.
    It could be used as vr for the Xbox one though, it would just need to be at ps360 level of graphics but at 1080p60. Morpheus is going to have the same issues, but will be a lot more acute on the Xbox. For me hard to really see any difference between Xbox and ps4 currently, but in vr I think the difference in power would then become noticeable graphically.
  • Xbox will get Windows 10
  • Oh shit
  • Nice to see Microsoft supporting Facebook.
  • Yes, definitely they have never broke their support they had in 2009-2010 when live services had Facebook integration. Remember Live Messenger + Facebook all in one page? I really miss this feature.
  • Facebook just yesterday or so announced their continued support for Windows Phones by making Facebook API even better so its great that Microsoft supports new Facebook hardware.
  • That's great news.
  • Yes. Only if it were true. Facebook has basically abandoned WP. No API, No first party apps. No nothing. And big thank you from Nandela came promptly.
  • Good good good!
  • That was some dope shit dude...This totally came out of the blue...This was the reason Spencer wasn't talking about VR more openly...Now they are big time into the league of both AR n VR...and get all the customers and make the software to run these stuff...Better late than never that Microsoft has somewhat realized what a huge customer base of hardcore gamers they have on Windows
  • This news is HUGE! Wowzers!
  • I'm not a "hardcore" gamer these days,but this looks to be a brilliant move for both of these companies. Well done. (Even though I haven't seen the event,just from what I read in this article)
  • What does he mean if Xbox one games will support the rift. What else is going to stream from the Xbox one
  • Wow, outta nowhere...told everyone that would listen that the giant is waking up....and its hungry!!!
  • There's going to be a lot of angry ps4 boys.
  • I think there's a big misunderstanding of what this actually does/is from what has currently been shown. This is not vr for xbox one, it's equivalent of playing games but just showing it on different display.
  • I think you're right, Xbox streaming would be like a screen on your head without the motion stuff. Still, good news for the Xbox with the included controller and partnership.
  • That's what it was except you can look around the theater, the screen is where the Xbox one game is displayed, like you would see it on a normal screen. I agree with you about the partnerships etc
  • Let them be angry, Morpheus is still in development and probably won't see the light until half of 2016, this gives advantage of Xbox One users over PS4 users:
    Virtual Reality.
  • This isn't virtual realtiy for the Xbox.
  • Well, they are developing their own VR headset. It makes sense for MS to partner up with Oculus. In either case, suck it Sony!
  • Dude. ... I'm going to watch the whole thing if uploaded to make sure before I get overexcited for no reason. x.x
  • I'll warn you don't get excited, a lot of misunderstanding seems to be going on. Although cool gimmick/demo, and shows that they aren't ignoring it, even if they don't have any vr stuff to really show. It was basically a win 10 push
  • Yeah, just like i thought so... I remember I was under the impression that it would be kinda hard for ms to use oculus straight to an xbox and it did sound weird streaming game into an oculus in actual VR headset... glad i watched the streaming now than get excited over nothing. glad MS is getting so involved and adapting into everything lately but I also want them to give their own VR solution for the xbox. I cant wait for their HoloLens but a VR options for a horror lover like me would be godsent. and im not in the mood of building another high end PC for oculus. The times that I was only responsible for myself to support are long gone x.x Thank you for your reply/heads up btw! :)    
  • No probs, just seemed to be a lot of misunderstanding. There are a couple of benefits of supporting rift on Xbox instead of developing their own.
    Economies of scales should make it cheaper.
    No development time to bring it to market, and the only thing it would require is the drivers and those would already be written.
    Could always support the latest iteration of the rift.
    Could do a bundle deal with it in the Xbox even.
  • I agree 100% but if thats the most they could score out of a deal with them so far, my fears that its incapable to work natively woth the xbox one are probably true. Ofc i rather get Rift for xbox knowing it also works with PC... It would be killer deal for everyone. You never know though... Maybe they are still keeping details to themselves? I cant know. Like I said, IF I want them to give the option. If oculus cant happen on xbox then I hope they do something about it. MS has th best R&D possible.
  • This is exciting news! last time I heard the specs of Oculus Rift was a desktop PC with SLI Nvidia Geforce GTX 980 Having the choice to stream Xbox One games to the Rift device is going to change completely the target audience for this headset. Good job Oculus and Microsoft!
  • Or you could just use your TV, the games will still be flat and not VR. Oculus Rift required specs are actually very very low, it's the games that might demand more power, and there, there is no upper limit (most of the first ones won't require above a single 970, if that).
  • Hopefully, developers and game creaters would support this combination assuming the tools will be available to make it happen.
  • Confused?
  • This is what we call innovation, what has google had? MS is coming in such a great pace that even Android and apple won't know what hit them
  • True, the leviathan is slowly, but surely, rising. I wonder what kind of impact W10 will have everywhere in 2 years time, let's hope for the best. Microsoft is attacking every battle front at the same time, IMO it will either regain control or fail miserably
  • It's very cool tech.  However, as enticing as that is, I can't see it being cool enough to spend more than $200 per headset.  I'm betting the price will be much higher.
  • How big would the screen size equivalent when using oculus? If it is 80 inches, shut up and take my money!
  • So if it was 79 inches, would you pass?
  • This is awesome! I'm a PS guy so I probably won't make use of this, but it's a great play by microsoft :)
  • Very strategic move on both parties' part.
  • Will Xbox One games be payable on Windows 10 PCs or will a console be required? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android