Adobe Reader Windows Phone 8

Good news for those who rely on Adobe’s Reader for their PDF viewing as version 10.1 built for Windows Phone 8 has just hit the Store. Long a sore spot for some on Windows Phone, Adobe’s Reader has always lagged behind where the desktop version, causing some frustration amongst those who desire more robust document support on-the-go.

Detailed in a blog post on the official Windows Phone site, the app takes advantage of the current gen’s much faster tools, allowing a more fluid experience.

Adobe Reader Windows Phone 8

Some of the features include:

“...the ability to copy and paste, search the text for specific words, and zoom in on a page. Navigate docs quick with thumbnails, then read page-by-page or in continuous scroll mode. Hyperlinks and bookmarks are supported, too, so you can jump directly to a webpage or to a particular section of a PDF.”

Indeed the app is fast to load and at least for our more basic needs, fills the gap. What about you, road warriors? Yay or nay on the new version?

Pick it up here in the Store. Windows Phone 8 only.

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