The official app for Kotak Mahindra Bank arrives on Windows Phone

Kotak Mahindra Bank is an Indian bank and financial service firm headquartered in Mumbai. The group's flagship company, Kotak Mahindra Finance Ltd, converted to a commercial bank in 2004 and has now more than 500 branches across the country.

The bank's official Windows Phone app was launched earlier this week and allows you to manage your Kotak accounts and credit cards.

The Kotak Bank app allows transaction over a completely secure medium, easy fund transfer on the go without the need to register a beneficiary, and 24x7 instant payments through IMPS. You can track your credit card account, make payments, and convert transactions to EMI. You could also open a term deposit from within the app, and pay your bills as well as recharge your mobile and DTH subscription.

The app features a nice, modern UI with intuitive tiles and navigation. You can personalize the home screen to see the preferred information at a glance. For example, with the One View widget, you can keep a track of total net worth with Kotak and with the Market Data widget, you can keep a watch on the share market movement. The app also allows you to locate the nearest Kotak Bank branch or ATM.

All you'd need to access the app is your Customer Relationship Number (CRN) and the debit or credit card PIN or the net banking password. When you login for the first time, the app will take you through a one-time activation process.

Download the Kotak Bank app for Windows Phone 8 devices from the Windows Phone Store. If you are a Kotak Bank customer, give it a whirl, and let us know how you like it.

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  • Not available in the US.
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  • Because dumbass, people so go overseas and need a bank app while overseas!
  • First of all no bank would make a app for a country in which it doesn't have a branch!! There is a website of the bank from which you can enjoy all it's features(psst. it's not country specific)And if ye are so desperate for it..Bug the Bank Administration!!
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  • Awesome... Can you get icici on board as well on WP?
  • icici imobile is already present in WP and it works pretty well as well.
  • We need Citibank more tbh
  • Hmm. One of the funds which I currently administer recently opened a settlement account with this bank. Great!!
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  • App might be good but the bank service is worst.
  • Abhi, UCO bank has released its mbanking app too on 24/7. I guess, you missed it.
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  • Well that app looks great unlike Axis bank's app which looks like its working in windowed mode and UI is absolutely blunt
  • But the app works great even in 2G speed
  • Nice. Citi bank we are watching you
  • Don't have a Kotak account but UI looks great. This bank is pretty popular in north India. Good to have apps of big banks around :)
  • The UI is not great as Axis or SBI. I like SBI than Axis. It's very simple UI, easy to find except the way it works. Too much security measures.
  • Waiting for IDBI
  • Waited so long for this app, and it didn't go in vain. Awesome app.
  • I have accounts in both Axis bank and Kotak Bank. Great news that both the banks now have apps on Windows Phone.
    Just proves that business providers can't ignore WP in India anymore!
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