Official Barclays app for Windows Phone currently in internal testing

It's already known that UK bank Barclays is working hard on a Windows Phone app and plans to have the client available on the store in 2014, but a recent tweet published by the official account teases that the app is currently being tested internally. The good news? There's clearly not long to go now.

In response to a tweet, Barclays asks everyone to watch their feed for further information regarding the approaching release. Could we see an early 2014 launch? It's certainly possible.

Barclays Tweet

Barclays will join the likes of Royal Bank of Scotland (as well as Natwest) once finally available for Windows Phone. We'll keep our eyes open for any further information that may leak out before the app hits the store. Stay tuned!

Source: Twitter (@BarclaysOnline); thanks, Vince, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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