Official Nokia CNN app reports to the Windows Phone Marketplace [Video]

We saw an early release of it back at CES in January and now the official CNN application for Windows Phone is live on the Marketplace. Of course, only Nokia-branded devices need apply at this point as they have an exclusive on the app for a few months, so we've heard.

The app itself is fantastic with gorgeous transitions, breaking news alerts, built in video, plenty of sharing options and pinnable sub-sections. The iReport feature is also pretty impressive, reportedly allowing you to submit news stories through the application itself it could very well improve "breaking news" moments.

So for all of those with Nokia Windows Phones, here's your Marketplace link. Enjoy! Thanks, Benjamin C., for the link!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • If I pin their twitter feed to my start screen, I am good. All I want is a delivery of news to my device.
  • Yay just only for Nokia WPs but if person has HTC WP then what would he do to get one???
  • Wait, like the rest of us.
  • Its only three months...
  • Im already hating this. All apps for all devices. On top of it, Im with TMobile and prefer the high end phones. So Nokia only wants to let me get this app if I buy a Nokia device. But you only offer the 900 thru AT&Me. Sell it to the non Nokia customers for 99¢ or make sure phones like the 900 are available on all four major carriers.
  • i couldnt agree of right now i have no viable alternative to my HTC HD 7....i dont want to downgrade :(
  • What do you people not understand when Verizon and Sprint said they were taking a break from WP7? I currently have a focus on art and a trophy on Verizon. I am disappointed in Verizon not working with Nokia to get one of these phones, but I'm not blaming Nokia. If a carrier doesn't want to carrier WP7 devices the manufacturer can't make them period!!!!
  • TMobile has stated they tried to get the 900 and Nokia was insisting it was an AT&Me exclusive. So what is the excuse there? Everything about certain apps for certain carriers and certain manufacturers only hurts WP7. This starts happening with. More big name apps (such as EA) your going to see a whole bunch of pissed off people. Why would you continue with WP7 if you have to have 3 different phones in order to be able to get every app you want? Ridiculous.
  • Because AT&T wanted exclusivity for the phone?
    I'm still baffled how hard is it to get by some here. Windows Phones are not what the major carriers in U.S. want.So they want to have the best deal. For Nokia chosing AT&T is the no brainer if it wants to move these. 
    If Nokia would have been able to sell it via all carriers, of course it would have done it! It does that everywhere else, than Canada and U.S.
    Though i got a say it's you, customers who have made this situation. There's non of this in Europe or Asia. All the carriers take the same phones. They don't demand exclusive looks etc. Samsung Galaxy example always gets delayed over half a year in U.S. because of this, while Europe recieves it right away.
    Unlocked market has never existed in North America. Biggest reason why carriers in US chose the phones they think US customers want. Not customers dicating what phones they buy, as customers in Europe will just pay the 500 euros and get the phone from the source itself.
  • You know there's a world outside the US right?
  • Yes...its called the moon.
  • Omg! I am totally in the same boat... Such bs
  • What about the HTC Titan?
  • Nokia phones only. App will probably be ripped soon at XDA and then u can sideload if ur dev unlocked.
  • That would be stealing.
  • Its available in Canada I wish the ESPN app is to.
  • blah, what's with the rounded corners on the app tile...?
  • Yeah what's up with that!!??
  • They aren't rounded when you actually install the app.
  • Can't wait till i get a Nokia phone.
  • Daniel, this is a panorama control, not pivot. Just fyi.
  • How long is it exclusive to Nokia? I thought I read somewhere that it would eventually be available to everyone.
  • I think I heard three months.
  • Downloading Completed on my Nokia lumia 710.
    Checking plz wait•••••••checking completed. Wow its awesome app for news and folks without Nokia's just cry and wait. :) :)
  • You know, I don't mind the exclusives one bit! Of course I would love to have these apps on my Focus S but its good for the platform. Exclusives sell devices and Nokia must succeed for windows phone to succeed so I'm more than happy to exercise some patience. I LOVE my WP, don't you? Stop complaining and help spread the word!
  • Exclusives sell devices if the apps are not on competing platforms. The competing platforms are iOS and Android so Nokia isn't targeting the enemy there, it's more like shooting your own foot really. Some people can't buy a Nokia even if they wanted to, or maybe Nokia phones aren't suitable for them. Why frustrate these people? You know what the alternative is, if you want these exclusives but not a Nokia phone you have to turn to android/iOS. Doesn't matter if it's time exclusive, that's how people will react to that, even more so when it comes to EA games.
  • Well , u can't blame nokia . As they can't differentiate on the specs front , they need some exclusive apps . So, that users can choose their phones instead of HTC or samsung . Timed exclusive games are common in android also . i remember some android games being exclusive to experia play . 
  • Thinking that the amount of devs on WP is 4x to what it was before Nokia joined in, it deserved at least that, plus it being only one to customize Windows Phone.
    You also need to remember that it's very likely that Nokia has cashed in that these apps are build on a certain standard or that they are put out faster. Could be that the whole app would have not been made without Nokia, there's plenty of these already in Marketplace. 
  • Looking forward to this. I've been using USA today for a while but I never liked their layout much
  • Why not share it for all Windows Phone users now rather than locking it down for one phone. Really annoying that we are not all treated equally. Still waiting for my 8107 update. from AT&T.
  • Because Nokia want you to buy a Nokia not another manufacturer.
    Market economics, if you want one now remember how you are feeling when your current contract expires, then say to yourself "My operator is showing me no WP7 love I'm going to switch to someone that is..." 
  • But Nokia is supposed to help the whole ecosystem, when you talk ecosystem you have to include other manufacturers. The goal is to get people into WP as a whole, if everyone fights their own battle then you make it even harder for the OS to succeed.
    It's not like the other OEM apps from LG, Samsung or HTC, this is about an app that should be commonly available to all. Whether the exclusivity is timed or not, it still hurts the platform.
  • Yeah but nokia isn't owned by Microsoft, they are their own company. That's a nice unicorns and lilipops outlook on things but it isn't all that realistic. they've gotta fill their pockets first in order for wp to succeed.
  • Doesnt  HTC, SAMSUNG& LG have their own exclusive apps?  Why can't Nokia do same
  • I think the argument is something like a CNN app or EA game shouldn't be exclusive to one device on the same ecosystem. It would be a different story if CNN or EA were Nokia entities. Whereas HTC and Samsung apps seem to be your generic photo editing, weather, news type deals.
  • Samsung has a news app together with a Collins Aictionay from  which is also a different entity from Samsung but they keep it to their devices.  Why should Nokia pay for an app and make it for the whole platform whiles no one does same?
  • So what people are saying is that I got the wrong phone. Even though it has the same os as Nokia. That's nice, now were going to have to be victims of the timed exclusives game. Except its one step further by being on the same os/marketplace.
  • I just downloaded the app to my Samsung Focus by installing the nokia Collection .xap :) Works great