Official Tapatalk client for Windows Phone is now completely free in the Store

Way back in June, we brought the news of the official Tapatalk client for Windows Phone 7.x and 8 arriving on the Store. The release was still early, requiring further development in addition to costing $2.99. We mentioned at the time that the price was set to assist the developer behind the project, Jagoba Los Arcos, who originally developed Foroplex, but the intention was always to make Tapatalk free.

Well, today is that day. Version 1.0.3 has now arrived on the Store and it is $0 for all.

Video: Our first look at Tapatalk for Windows Phone

In case you’re wondering what is Tapatalk (, it’s a standard interface for forums across the internet. While you may login to the super popular Windows Phone Central Forums to chat about your favorite device, you may also be a part of other online communities. Using a Tapatalk enabled forum, you can now have a single, centralized app to access all of your discussions, reply to conversations and manage your accounts.

For many of you, it’s an essential tool and it’s great to see official support on the Windows Phone platform.

Since the initial release of Tapatalk, we have seen a few updates and a very active private beta program. While the app had some initial issues for various forums (hey, it’s hard to standardized these things), it has come a long way. Some recent changes we’ve noted since the initial release:

  • Feature: Forum icon added to top title bar to easy see witch forum are you visiting.
  • Feature: New home screen on logged forums. You can go back by tap on top title bar.
  • Fix: better image support, with real progress bar and animated GIF support
  • Some other minor bugs from user error reports solved.
  • Added notification in main screen to invite user to join with TapatalkID. Many users do not know that joining with FREE TapatalkID account, we save all account information in our servers (except forum passwords). In this manner, the user get his/her account data backed up and will be able to share these account configuration between different devices. This account also is valid for Tapatalk support forum where users can obtain support for this app.
  • Fix some issues in UI and tapatalkID
  • Fixed issues with some forums reported by users

Of course at this point you have nothing to lose by giving Tapatalk a shot—after all, it’s completely free and it’s a great tool for discovering online communities. You can pick up version 1.0.3 of Tapatalk in the Store right now.

Tapatalk – Windows Phone 7.x or 8 – 2 MB - $0 – Store Link

Thanks, M C, for the tip

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