One of the best forum apps on iOS and Android is coming to Windows Phone. Yes, Tapatalk

Level with me, you go on other forums besides ours here at Windows Phone Central. You might like BMWs and frequent Bimmerforums. Or you’re a Bronie and frequent MLPForums, it's ok, we really won’t tell anyone about that one. For our forums you can just use our app for great access on the go, but for other forums you’ll need an app like Board Express or Foroplex. The only problem with Foroplex is that it won’t be getting many updates in the future.

But that’s a good thing because an official Tapatalk app for Windows Phone is coming.  

What’s Tapatalk? It’s an app on those other mobile platforms that users love to use for access to their favorite forums on the web. Check out the ratings for Tapatalk on iOS and Android and you’ll see thousands of reviews averaging close to 5 stars, people really like this app for forums and it’s coming to Windows Phone!

Foroplex was an unofficial app in the Windows Phone Store that allowed us to check in on our favorite forums that have enabled Tapatalk. It’s great for communities that don’t have the means or reasons to build a dedicated app for their forums, but still have enough users that would prefer a native experience vs. using the mobile web. So why is Foroplex not going to continue development of their app for Windows Phone? Because they’ve been acquired by Quoord Systems Limited, the company in charge of Tapatalk. Searching for Foroplex in the Store won't give you any results because it's been hidden (get if here if you want an app with no future updates) If you fire up Foroplex this is the latest message from the developer:

“You have noticed that there is a long time since last update. This is because Foroplex has been acquired by Quoord Systems Limited, the Tapatalk team, so I have stopped Foroplex development. You can continue using Foroplex, but don’t expect new releases.Now I’m working hard with Tapatalk official team to give you full Tapatalk experience in your WP device as iOS/Android users have. I can’t give you more details until official announcement. Thanks for supporting Foroplex, especially to people who bought the app, without which, after all, this would not have been possible.”

There you have it, an official Tapatalk client will be coming to Windows Phone in the (hopefully near) future. We’ve reached out to the developer and Tapatalk and will update if we learn anything else. Until then get ready to enjoy your other non-WPCentral forums on your Windows Phone. Protip: our forums are also Tapatalk supported, so you can add them to your Tapatalk supported apps.

Source: Windows Phone Central Forums, Twitter

Thanks @damolee73 and everyone else for the tip!

Sam Sabri