Official XDA app is here

After 7 months of development, XDA's official app for Windows Phone 7 is here.  It is equipped with Toast notifications and Live Tile support, so you can receive real-time PM notifications.  Sporting the Metro user interface, the XDA app let's users:

  • View forums
  • Send/receive PMs
  • Subscribe to forum
  • Read and respond to posts
  • Check news from the Portal

Download it here for $0.99.

Source: XDA; Via: MobilityDigest

  • Oh God, why is this paid app? It's not about the money but you can't buy anything in most countries. I understand game or something, but XDA app?
  • for $0.99 isn't that pretty reasonable? You've got to remember someone spent 7 months developing the app to have plenty of functionality, isn't that worth a dollar?
  • It is, thats what I said. XDA is helping spread smartphones, their OS and apps through world, but their own app can be bought only in US, UK and wherever, there is no much countries where you can actually buy something.
  • Oh I see, your complaint is that not every country can buy apps, my apologies :)
  • .99 are they kidding. my wp7 browser works just fine.
  • From the screenshot the app kind of looks like Board Express. Can Board Express access the XDA forums? For 2.99 you can surf XDA and WPCentral.
  • loving this app! ftw! great work xda team.thanks wpcentral! starting to love my wp7 back again. =)
  • i got it yesterday. just supporting the good work they do there. but why does the layout look identical to Board Express?
  • Kinda laggy but nice.
  • fix the lag and im loving it XDA
  • They should add a Homebrew Marketplace link to the XDA app.