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gMaps lets you take your maps offline in latest update

A fresh update is rolling out to unofficial Google Maps app gMaps, bringing the addition of a pretty handy feature: offline maps. As noted by the gMaps team, version 3.5 of the app will allow you to download maps to be used for navigation without an internet connection.

To use the feature, you can head to the settings menu and tap the "Offline Mode" option to download offline maps. From there, head to the Layers panel and tap the new "Offline" button to start navigating while disconnected from the internet.

In addition, the gMaps team notes that version 3.5 includes a couple of improvements to navigation:

  • If you deviated from the route planning, the application will instantly react and rebuild the route, according to your motion path
  • We noticed that the route steps during trip are not changing. This is fixed now.

The update should be available for gMap Pro users now. If you use the free version of gMaps, on the other hand, the offline maps update will be available on April 29.

QR: gMaps

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  • Much awaited update. Default app sucks
  • Is this update only for USA USA ? No update for Indian users ~ Windows 10 on Nokia Lumia 730
  • Today this update available for Pro users only. Free version will be updated on 29 April.
  • what is the main difference b/w gMaps and gMaps pro ? only ads ? - Using Windows 10 on Nokia Lumia 730(10586.164)
  • Yes, Only ads.
  • I install gMaps pro and tried offline feature, its not working well, i have already downloaded whole India offline mails of 1.7gb but it is not working properly...... ~ Windows 10 on Nokia Lumia 730
  • I install gMaps pro and tried offline feature, its not working well, i have already downloaded whole India offline mails of 1.7gb but it is not working properly...... ~ Windows 10 on Nokia Lumia 730
  • Did you switch to offline mode once in the app (layers option) ?
  • there two: 1. ads 2. ability to get new features earlier (a Free version is published in one-two weeks after a Pro release)
  • Sucks is a bit strong. Actually it's pretty good, but HERE is a bit slow using their maps and imagery. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • I love the default Maps app in the Redstone build. Has not done me wrong yet.
  • Yes it is fantastic!
  • Agreed the default maps in the Redstone branch are excellent.
  • If satellite data wasn't 6 years old in the St George Utah area while Google maps is only 6months, then Redstone maps would be fine.
  • Let's just say thap if maps is a big thing for you I'd strongly consider using the insider build..
  • The app looks really nice, but I always wondered why it needs nearly all permissions.
  • Does it ask your contacts?
  • Capabilities Use an anonymous Microsoft account Use information about your device Use your location Use your media library Use your device network services Use your phone Use any of your Windows Phone sensors Access your browser Use your contacts Use your maps Use the photos in your media library Use your music Use the media items that are currently playing Use your device’s speech recognition and text-to-speech (TTS) services Use your microphone
  • That's because it's a google map. Remember. Google is hella creepy
  • We use any premission for a specific reason. Please check our explanation for every permission we ask an access for: > Capabilities Use an anonymous Microsoft account - for anonymous way to enable simple latitude (without account creation) Use information about your device - for analytics and error tracking handling. When you get a crash, we suggest you (after your approval) to send that information to us (in the crash report email) Use your location - to track your location on the map Use your media library - to save screenshots to the media library. You have an option to share your map with your friends along with an extra infomration about a location, place name, etc. You can find this feature at the main menu.  Use your device network services - to access network services to get map/location/places information Use your phone - you can call places if they have a phone number defined Use any of your Windows Phone sensors - gps, compas, etc for mapping purposes Access your browser - you can navigate to a place details page to get more inforamtion which is not accessible from the app. Please check the litte 'i' icon at the place details page. Use your contacts - if any of your contact has address defined then you can build a route to that contact with two taps. Really quick and convenient. Try it. You can find this option at the main menu. Use your maps - for offline map support purposes. Use the photos in your media library - this uses the same permission as a media library, basically to have an ability to save a screenshot of a map to your media library. Use your music Use the media items that are currently playing Use your device’s speech recognition and text-to-speech (TTS) services Use your microphone - last for items are related to voice search, which was recently switched to the native one. We will check and most likely clean them out. Please let me know if you have any concerns or comments.
  • Thanks a lot for explanation! Unfortunately it is not possible to disable some of the permissions like access to media library if I don't need the particular functionality, but I understand this can become a difficult question for the developer.
  • Your username should explain.
  • Hahahaha
  • If its free then you are the product.
  • Right, and it is not even free.
  • Hi! Here is a great article, where it says what you need each of the permissions used gMaps
  • So, I guess any chance of getting those Google apps is put on hold for the time being.....
  • There never was a chance. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Great app.
    I've been using it on 8.1 for a long time.
    Happy to see the dev still supporting it for the users still on 8.1
  • I'm gonna go with "or use the native Maps app of Windows 10".
  • Which kind of sucks in Australia.
  • And Sweden.
  • Great app. Thank Dream Team for developing this. Your app surely make windows phone better.
  • Suck it Here!
  • I somehow don't see the point. It says it is a "Google Maps" client. The pro version says it can download offline maps. And when I click on offline maps in this application, it takes me to "Windows maps" which I already have offline. How does that make sense? I already do have this maps downloaded offline. What new feature is it? How is this a news, leave alone a big news? Am I completely missing the point here?
  • Same here. Apparently GMaps uses Bing Maps :)  I installed it for Streetview which I need in some usecases.
  • And Bing map use Here map .. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The native windows maps app has street view. I will admit it has been long time since I tried this app, but it seemed kind of pointless, at least using the free version. At the time ( don't know this has since ) it didn't have turn by turn voice navigation. Just had to look at the screen to know where to go. Not very safe. There are so many better alternatives now, it's not even worth looking into.
  • There is something called Streetside that I can turn on and off, but by lack of content it is of no use to me where I live.
  • For me the update is not yet live in the store. Should be version 3.5, but in my store (US) it's still showing 3.4 Update: 3.5 went live. Now I see what you meant. Offline maps are windows maps indeed! But I want an offline GOOGLE MAP! Makes no sense at all. Google has map of Curacao, Windows maps doesn't. That's why I wanted the GOOGLE offline map!
  • No other app is as handy and smooth as Here Maps
  • You are absolutely correct. I have checked g map, google map and here map.. Of which Here maps is more accurate fast and smooth...
  • HERE Maps are the Best! We love you! Every damn feature and it is also better than google maps in India because it is only focused on maps and not everything IT
  • Thank god that MS using HERE map data Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Exactly how is this better than gmaps+ or this ? GMaps+ has offered offline maps since it was created
  • gmaps+ is a fake copy app. You might know that Windows store has lots of fake apps where "developers" copy the apps from other developers and post it as their own. Proof: Do you see any kind of contact information in the store listing of that app? No? How come a developer doesn't list any contact information(not even a website or email address) along with the app? The sad fact is I got fooled by this app and I actually PAID money for in-app purchase in this app. I was devastated when I realized my folly.
  • You are right @scavira, it's just a fake copy. And it was created two year later after the initial gMaps release. So the question "Exactly how is this better than gmaps+" is not applicable here at all. I have no idea how Microsoft allowed to publish a copy of our app and actually with almost the same name (adding + sign made it, really?). But unfortunately can't do anything with that.
  • Which map does it download for offline mode? HERE?
  • Windows Maps app is much better.
  • Can you store the maps on an SD card or do they have to be kept on the phone's own storage? No use to me really if they can't be stashed on the SD...
  • Can the maps be downloaded to an SD card or do they have to be stored on the phone's own storage? No use to me if they can't go on the SD.
  • Yes it can. Under maps settings. Posted from my 1520 running Windows 10
  • Great, thanks.
  • Ohj
  • Interesting comments. I was going to ask if this Google Maps substitute had the same offline maps drawback that Google Maps on iOS and Android have. You can't download a specific large area, like a state or country, you select an area on screen and download that. The area allowed is often not very large. I can barely get my own city.  From the comments, it appears this app uses the existng HERE/MS Maps data for its off-line data. Interesting choice, but probably because Google wont allow third parties to download data. There are certain advantages to Google Maps, but off-line use isnt one of them, even with their own app on supported platforms. Its just been announced that Google and MS are going to play nice, at least from the patent point of view. Maybe that new 'friendship' will blossom into some Google services being officially supported. I suppose some would be opposed to that on principle, but not having access to some Google services and apps has been one of the reasons given for not trying Windows Phone/10 Mobile, along with the ever popular app gap in general. Of course the funeral arrangements the entire body of tech press is reporting isnt helping either.
  • Does it uses offline Maps which we already have for default Maps? Then we wont get Map data from Google Maps?