Omnia II launching on Verizon on Dec. 2

A burning question of late has been when, oh when, will the Samsung Omnia II finally hit Verizon. We'd heard of a November launch, but Engadget (and their snazzy redesigned site) got the goods. It'll launch Dec. 2 for $199.99 after contract and rebate. There also is no doubt now that it'll have Windows Mobile 6.5 on board out of the box, along with the 3.7-inch WGVA AMOLED screen (squee!), 8GB on storage plus a MicroSD slot, a 5MP camera, and all the other bells and whistles.

And speaking of the Omnia II, BLeavellB is shouting from the rooftops on Twitter that a Windows Mobile 6.5 update for phones already out there is ripe for the picking. To snag it, you'll need your Omnia II and Sammy's New PC Studio software. Plug in your phone, run the app and away you go. (That also means that we can't test it for you, 'cause we left our Omnia II in our other pants. So sound off in the comments if you're having trouble.) Thanks, John!

Phil Nickinson

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