OneNote snags Office Lens integration and icon shortcuts on Android

After weeks spent in the oven with beta testers, Microsoft is rolling out a couple of new features to the OneNote app on Android for everyone (via Neowin). Among the additions in this update is integration with Office Lens, but it also includes new shortcuts that you can access by long-pressing the icon, as well as support for signing in with your phone number. There's also the usual helping of bug fixes and performance improvements.

Office Lens is probably the most notable part of the update, bringing along the ability to easily digitize things like documents, whiteboard, and business cards. You can also use Office Lens to make adjustments to the documents you scan, like cropping and rotating.

Here's the official look at all of what's new:

  • OneNote is now integrated with Office Lens to provide scanning, cropping, and rotation of photos, documents, whiteboards, and business-cards.
  • Press and hold the OneNote icon to quickly create different kinds of notes. (Supported for Android Version 7.1 and above)
  • No need to remember a password. Sign in to OneNote using just your phone number.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

That's not too shabby if you're a heavy OneNote user. For more, you can check out all of what's new by grabbing the update now from Google Play.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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