Ooblets' E3 trailer still features a whole load of cute

Ooblets has easily become one Xbox One's most unique upcoming indies, even being developed by a small studio of two. Its blend of genres isn't quite like anything else, with influences from Pokémon, Animal Crossing, and Harvest Moon. Between a lovable art style, adorable creatures, and generally light-hearted premise, there's not much to love about the game so far.

Although Ooblets has been off the radar for some time, Double Fine took to E3 2018's "PC Gaming Show" to provide an overview of what's in the pipeline. No, the publisher still isn't ready to commit to a release date – but we did get a look at crazy new gameplay systems.

Outlined during the one-minute trailer, Ooblets features a variety of mechanics, including combat, creature collecting, and gardening. Groovy dance battles also make their debut, as well as deeper interior design options.

Ooblets is currently on track for a 2018 release across Xbox One, Windows 10, and PC via Steam. The game is also set to be enhanced for Xbox One X and support Microsoft's Play Anywhere initiative.

Preview: Pokémon meets Animal Crossing in Ooblets for Xbox One

Matt Brown

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