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Opera brings its ad blocking feature to Windows 10 Mobile

Ad blocking has become quite the popular feature in Opera for the desktop and the company behind the browser is now looking to port this time and data saving feature to smartphones. Should you be rocking Opera on your Windows 10 Mobile phone, you'll now be able to activate the built-in ad blocker and enjoy a less intrusive web experience.

You can turn on the new ad blocker functionality (an alert should pop-up asking you to do so) by heading into settings and activating "block ads" under the Basic tab. You should now be able to enjoy a browsing experience with less ads all whilst saving data with other Opera optimizations.

Give Opera Mini a download from the Windows Store and let us know how you're getting on in the comments.

QR: Opera Mini

Thanks Nahid E. for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Rich Edmonds

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • I'm probably mixing up two versions of Opera that is available on mobile but...Didn't they say they were stopping dev on any Windows 10 Mobile version they had?
  • This was my first thought also.
  • They have updated their WP (8.1) app. This is not a universal app.
  • Ah okay, I thought they were going to cancel all mobile app development for Windows. I won't use this Opera Mini but glad it's getting updates for those that do
  • I just received the update, unfortunately I did some tests and Edge is 2-3 times fasters than Opera at loading pages with advertising :( (lumia950)
  • Yeah it runs pretty slow. Not optimized for 10.
  • They did infact state that, wonder what changed their minds. Nice to see though and they beat MS to the punch.
  • Spam Twitter feed from WP users changed their mind.
  • Unfortunately Edge is far better in terms of speed so if you do not have data usage problems this browser is kind of useless :(
  • It's not only for w10. But also for WP 8.1 and it's running fast on my Lumia 520 with ad block enabled.
  • Has a nice qr code reader
  • Nice... Anyone knows if MS has plans to allow users to change the default browser on mobile?
  • Properly never if you're on insider builds
  • Hi Doge
  • Hey bro
  • I think the new Website app feature might allow this
  • No third party developer can make a proper browser for WP. 
  • Yes! Bye Edge for now(waiting for adblock there).
  • I wouldn't say bye to Edge. Opera mini's stability is worse than that of Edge. Plus, it blocks some essential things too.
  • Update: Not leaving Edge. The websites look bad. Like real bad. Wish there was an option to turn the 'mini' version off. Back to Edge.
  • Yeah, all the saved data is kind of useless when sites gets all distorted
  • From the main menu, tap settings. Tap report a problem. Include as many details about the issue you're having as you can and how they can recreate it, then tap submit. I'm willing to bet the more feedback they get from Windows mobile users the more likely they are to support it. Opera's usage share in browsers resembles Windows Phone's so maybe we can convince them to give Windows mobile more support in exchange for loyalty.
  • So sadly no continium for this one right?
    Hope they do, it looks nice damn it!
    Haven't tried downloading in the background....
    Can we have background downloads MS??? PLEASE???!!!
  • Redstone.
  • Edge already have background downloading in official build
  • Still waiting for the login feature
  • Finally,an update came.
  • Why make ios port
  • Edge is space shuttle for this. Installed > Deleted.
  • He he... Same here
  • You should also try coc coc browser... Best browser ever found in store built for windows 10
  • My wife loves coc.
  • coc coc browser uses edge's chakra engine! its simply edge dressed up in a different way! if u wat a proof logon to from coc coc browser n u can c it there as u hav logged in from edge browser with d same html score too!
  • We need Opera Mobile. This Mini browser is useless.
  • If only they'd use the ios bridge and just port it over.
  • I have found that browsing websites via the MS News app in W10M already blocks all adverts, including the hateful Taboola links. Only disadvantage is that you can't sign in to any website or view comments. Still, quite a nice feature.
  • Wow, BritDad, great idea! I had no idea I could get by with that. I have some sites I'll have to use that for.
  • How to do this? I open msn news, going to an article does show ads still and if I open in browser option ads still show...
  • I'll use opera when built in vpn is available
  • Yes. VPN.
  • I don't like opera mini too basic. Prefer Edge on 10 mobile or Internet Explorer on 8.1 Phone.
  • Opera sync feature is most needed but it is not available in WP version
  • This feature make me to download it.
  • no thanks I don't want the data saver stuff ill stick to edge
  • I thought opera said they would be ending support for windows phone
  • Worst browser in windows store..improve the browser and then add new features.,
  • Still the page layout looks very bad.... I wouldn't use it.  There a browser called Coc Coc... The name is odd but works very well. Does not have many features but its fast. Its my second preferred browser after Edge.    
  • Sure it's weird since it's Vietnamese. I recommend it, very nice browser (the PC version is **** tho)
  • And u failed to mention it crashes alot
  • Not sure if that's Microsoft doing **** but when I type "Op..." to the search bar the store crashed immediately
  • It's a little jerky and it doesn't appear to be rendering some pages properly. I've tried turning down the compression but it didn't improve matters. I've only tested a few sites but I've seen enough to keep me on edge for the time being.
  • I was excited to try this, but reading the above comments, I'll pass.
  • Still can't download pictures and videos !
  • So far I like it. The data savings, if real, would be very nice when on cellular data, and I like the Speed Dial page. I'm not seeing rendering issues or slowness on my Lumia 640 so far, but I just downloaded it within the hour. I wish we could sync bookmarks with the desktop. The ad blocking could be very useful for some sites, which take forever to load or have intrusive ads. For example, it is almost impossible to use CNN on Edge due to pauses and delays in loading while it works in Opera, though the page isn't as good looking. Still under trial for me. 
  • Might have to give this a go. There's a few websites I'm unable to visit on Edge mobile because of their uncloseable full screen ads
  • No Opera here, as it's been acquired by a Chinese LLC. Security and privacy, I wonder????????
  • Woohoo! Thanks to this Opera Update with Ad Free I can now browse websites that's used to crash on my Lumia 630 (512MB RAM) device. Sites like AutoExpress and Den of Geek normally kill back to resuming screen on Internet Explorer (WP8.1) and Edge (Win10M) . Thanks Opera after 2 years my Lumia can experience the full web finally.
  • Too bad the browser is super slow. 
  • Oooooo, they added a feature to their super hot garbage? Greaaaaaaaaaat. Everyone was just begging for that! All of the 2 people that use their flipping terrible app.
  • Idk add blocker is cool but ie or edge are still better browsers for me
  • Try Caravelle browser.